[2020] IMS SimCAT 10 Self-Proctored (25th Sep to 28th Sep)

This thread is to post score, percentile, doubts, queries, and discuss mock taking strategies for IMS SimCAT 10 [2020]. 


OA - 101

I guess I'll need time to get used to this format..

OA - 89 Speechless :(

VARC - 17

DILR - 37

QA - 35 

22/17/33 60 days until d-day. It really hurts. We move.

VARC: 6C13W - 9

LRDI: 7C2W - 20

QA: 7C5W - 19

OA: 48 :)))

If this were Facebook I'd actively urge y'all to throw in some haha reacts for this.

I've hopefully found the global minima of my mock performances.

21/9/36 - 66 Was literally shouting at myself during dilr. This new pattern really got me panicked.( I am generally above average at dilr) After all the 140s in old mocks, it is sad to get a 66. Hope that this is a temporary phase.

VARC 24 LRDI 23 QA 32 OA 79 Sad life hours:((

23/14/26 63 ✌️✌️

varc-18/ di-24/qa-41 total-83

It really hurt VARC - (16A/6C) = 10 😢 LRDI - (11A/11C) = 33 (somehow managed to do 3 sets) QA- (14A/11C) = 31 ( my strongest section betrayed me today) OA- 74 Lesson learnt : Restart again...My next mock will be better and CAT will be BEST

VA - 25

DILR - 30

QA - 30

OA - 85 (Was expecting lesser, got a bit lucky I guess.)

VA - 37, DILR -19, QA - 14, OA - 70

Lol, DILR trauma and expectedly dismal Quant. PTSD


LRDI - 11 

QA - 29

OA -59

4 RCs in 40 mins is taking a huge toll. Added to the woes, were majority of CR questions in this test.

2nd Innings of the 2nd Season : First Over

VARC (22A/11C)- 26 : LOL, 50% Accuracy, FML

DILR (8A/8C)- 24 : Happy with Accuracy but could've done at least 1 more set.

QA (10A/10C)- 30 : Hoping to keep the accuracy in place and increasing the attempts, hopefully. Doing Geometry helps.

OA (40A/29C)- 80 : Lets see what the percentile says, will need time to get accustomed to the *new pattern*

Need to pull up my socks and press the accelerator in full motion till the finish line.

2 innings and first mock of new pattern VARC - 10R/0W 30 DILR - 10R/ 2W. 28 QA -14R /0w 42 OA - 98 Bura lagta hai bhai ,dil se bura lagta hai.

42- 4th mock of the season. Took 3 months off. restarting again, lets gooo

VA- 6/10- 14

DILR- 4/4- 12 (solved 2 sets, marked one,lol.)

QA-  16 (no idea why, how, what happened)

Idk what to say. Worst mock of the season. after all the effort and improvement from 120 to 150s :(

VARC - 13 (17a 7c). 4 rcs in 40 min itself is a huge task.. This was so bad

DILR - 21 (8A 7c). This is a pain as always

QA - 37 (16a 13c) . big let off.

OA:71 with only 60 days this is so demotivating :(

Can someone tell me that sectional cut offs of SIMCATs are at what percentile ?

Seeing everyone in the same boat, gained some strength to post my lowest ever score in SIMCAT, and no energy for analysing left whatsoever. Feeling completely demotivated. VARC - 22 DILR- 20 Quant- 29 OA : 71 As said earlier, I donot feel like analysing. Would be happy if some kind soul actually helps to gauge my performance. PS: I gave the mock on Friday, but was completely demotivated to post then.





Horrible accuracy in varc.