[2020] AIMCAT 2121(6th June-8th June)

  This thread is to post scores and percentiles and discuss test-taking strategies, doubts, and queries for AIMCAT 2121[2020].   

Please do post an update whenever someone takes up the AIMCAT.

Lol I see loads of people has taken only SIMCAT this weeked as the AIMCATs course is not yet open to all,  but lemme post my awful scores just for the sake of creating this group.

VARC-52 (23A,18R)




I think the difficulty was surely a notch higher than the last AIMCAT, anyone else here took this one?

It's been a while since I touched cat syllabus.This is my first mock this year. I'm not sure if I am out of shape or the exam was tough. Quant and DI have some sitters. 

VARC - 37

DILR - 25

Quant - 38

OA - 100.

Can't judge my performance, since not many people have given AIMCAT this weekend it seems.

VARC - 52

DILR - 36

QA - 30

OA - 118

Tougher than AIMCAT 2122

VARC- 67

DILR -32

QA- 39

OA- 138

DILR was tough so was Quants.

Easier QA than previous AIMCAT but tougher LRDI , VA too seemed easier than previous : 

VA 66  34A/24C        

LRDI 4 5A/2C ( this section destroyed me , felt quite lost)

QA  22  11A/8C

OA 92  

 Quant Felt difficult or I'm just out of touch 

VARC-48  (27A,18R)

DILR-63 (21A,21R)

QA-36 (14A,12R)


VARC- 50(24A, 18R).........decided to reduce number of attempts and accuracy    increased....had really close options...

DILR - 24(8A,8R)........ test and students wala set...read it wrong .. end up wasting lot of time on that....

QA - 38(20A, 14R).... its been 15 long days since i practised quants....time to stop underestimating the QA section 🙈 


VARC - 49 

DILR - 34

QA -63

Total - 146

This Aimcat was a little more difficult than the last one, especially DILR.

Struggling with VARC accuracy too(28A, 19R)

VARC - 31(25A,13R) DILR - 29(11A,10R) QA - 44(18A,15R) OA - 104 I think DILR was on the tougher side in this AIMCAT How can I improve my accuracy in VARC? Any feedback would be highly appreciated.

Hey guys ,I purchased Aimcat test series but did not get any confirmation email from TIME. How will i be access AIMCATS? Do anyone have thei head branch helpline number ??

What are aimcats stamina builder test?

Aimcat 2121. 

VARC (24 A 13R/11W)  28. (I found this to be too tough regardless this is becoming a pain in the ass.)

DILR  (10 A 9R/1W)  27

Quant (25 A 18 R/ 7 W) 50 (hate this accuracy.).

OA 105 (Same as last time)

All in all another fuckall performance. 

Is there a seperate group for SAMCATs discussion? If so, please share the link.

Thanks in advance.

VARC-52; 98.44 DILR-21; 87.55 :( QA-32 ; 92.78 :( OA-105; 97.87

VARC 66; 99.85

DILR 4; 42.47

QA 22; 80.1

OA: 92; 95.26%Ile 

Need to improve so much in QA and DILR that it seems impossible :(

Hey can someone please tell me where to find the questions for the mock because in the answer key and solutions it just shows the answers with their explaination which is just absymal when you can't refer to the questions.


VARC- 67(99.89)

DILR-  32(96.82)

QA- 39(96.99)

OA- 138 (99.74)

DILR needs to be improved.

What's the difference between basic and enhanced AIMCATs? And which one is preferred amongst the candidates? Also, are the explanations at the end of the tests sufficient or would one need to buy the explanation videos part as well?