2020 aimcat 2114


I'm not able to score with more than 75% accuracy in any AIMCATs so far. Though my speed is good and I attempt around 28-32 questions everytime, but I get no more than 21-22 questions correct. Any tips?

I scored 51+41+60 = 152 in AIMCAT 2114.

AC 2114




OA-135(69A/49C):Challenging VARC & easy QA/DILR. OA is suboptimal.


VARC - 27 (10C/4W)

DILR - 49 (17C/3W)

QA - 28 (11C/9W)

OA - 104

Finally some Improvement in VARC ! A great downfall in QA as that used to be my strength ! Have to buckle up now.

Aimcat 2114 Mock number 9 Varc - 34 ( improvement in rc accuracy .. just focus on accuracy this time so does less attempts but atleast able to see the accuracy going up even in this hard paper I think) Lrdi- 55 (some were hard some were sitters overall okayish paper decent performance in this section) Qa - 50 ( paper was moderate should have scored atleast 65+) OA - 139 (QA disappointed me this time 😓 175+ paper for those with decent varc and 155+ for those who lag in varc)

😂😂😂😂 What the heck happened today? I legit can't stop laughing. VARC used to be my forte ffs.

VARC: 14 (19A/7C) WTF

LRDI: 44 (16A/15C)

QA: 58 (23A/20C)

I have zero idea what happened to me in the VARC section - rightfully so, I gauged most questions were difficult and got my attempts low by spending time on each one of them. IDK.

Apart from that - I'm improving in LRDI! My attempts used to be single digit at best, and today I closed 4 sets - this makes me so happy! 

And the QA section (which was moderate-difficult today) had a better number of attempts and accuracy too, which means the strategy of picking questions and going in rounds is working!

To be honest, I'll disregard today's VARC as just one of the bad sectionals. I'm really happy with LRDI/QA and I'll just work more on QA speed and LRDI variety.

Shit the bed very much V 34 ( Attempted less ,a new strategy) Di Lr 24( Worst ever for some reason,idk what happened) Quant 55( Pathetic again ,easy paper atleast 70+ was ok the cards) OA-113

OA - 143 (63A/50C) VARC - 46 (27A/17C) DILR - 53 (19A/18C) QA - 44 (17A/15C)

OA - 95 - pretty terrible but lets see where I land up at the end of season

VA - 35 (bad accuracy, need to leave questions appropriately)

DILR - 35 (very low compared to others but its a personal improvement from scoring in 20s)

QA - 25 (attempted only 13 that too with garbage accuracy - biggest area of improvement personally)

65 46 66 177 

(DILR down the drain after a long time, and QA, as someone pointed out, is an addition to the litany of <80 scores, will have to work on these - basically back to 2019 :/ )


VARC 24 (11C/11W)

DILR 21 (7C/0W)

QA 30 (10C/1W)

OA 75

VARC which was once a savior is goin down the drain.

DILR need to speed up with the same accuracy.

QA looks like need to practice more and more, accuracy seems okay.

Posting this for myself and for those like me who are still struggling to cross 100.


String of low scores in AIMCATs continues...

Was atleast 180+ paper 


DI LR: 48(16/16)

QA: 57(20/24)


F*****ing hell was that VA RC. I mean it felt super duper tough. 4 mistakes in QA when aiming for high accuracy is just plain demoralising. Pretty dissapoinitng outing this time usually these kinds of performances were reserved for SIMCATs but seriously wtf was that VA RC paper.


VA: 66

DILR: 53

QA : 55 

OA: 174

varc : 26 dilr : 53 qa : 32 OA : 111 Insanely tough VARC, so not very unhappy with that, but my performance in QA has been going only down since last few mocks, and thats worrying since that used to be my only strong section. And what is with these Time mock setters, giving insanely hard VARC and a very easy DILR ? I didn't cross dilr cutoff in cat 19, and have scored my highest dilr scores in last 2 mocks.

what do you think will be 90ish percentile for VARC and overall?

Varc 17 Dilr 36 Qa 20 I understand that varc was difficult,butto score so low!!!! Can anyone plz help me with the VA section?

 AIMCAT 2114

VARC- 15



OA- 82

Found VARC very difficult. Those who scored above 40 in this mock, please guide me about your approach and preparation for VARC

45 46 57 148 Varc was super tough,overall paper seem really tough.

VARC 56 DILR 60 QA 50 166 OA I can't seem to catch a break