[2020] AIMCAT 2111 (5th Sep-9th Sep)

This thread is to post scores and percentiles and discuss test-taking strategies, doubts, and queries for AIMCAT 2111 [2020].

45 + 49 + 55 = 149

Disappointed with VARC. Felt this section was easy but got 12 incorrect.

Speed reduced drastically in QA section. Was tired maybe...

Hmphhh! Overall an easy test but still could not score higher.


OA  - 106

Tired for the day, dont know when I am going to improve in quants. Need to start realising my mistakes and practise more.

VARC - It was as usual, I could have scored more.

DILR - It was moderate, four sets easily doable.

Quants - It was easy, but I messed up.

OA - Good test, can score a 150 easily if you are all focused throughout.

71 48 72 191

48 53 55 156

VARC --- 20C 9W --- 53 DILR --- 20C 6W --- 56 QA --- 23C 3W --- 68 OA --- 177

OA 153 43/36/74

VARC: 17C9W - 44 (2 incorrects in VA and 7 in RC so this is a first..)

LRDI: 14C4W - 40 (2 silly errors including one ascending/descending order error lol)

QA: 14C5W - 39 (Again kaafi silly mistakes, this was a relatively doable QA section)

OA: 123

Kaafi balanced scores this time, but all are lower than I'd like in each section. 123 is pretty low, considering the number of silly errors I've done. TIME ka VARC on the next level continues :) IDK what's the point of seeing just one RC in the Medium category and all the rest in the D/VD range. Pure BS IMO.


OA: 162. (VARC Always pulls me down)

OA - 126 (45C/62A) VARC - 34 (14C/28A) - Yeh kaise improve karu? Sim 9 me bhi same score. DILR - 42 (14C/16A) - 4 sets were easily doable but 2 silly errors QA - 50 (17C/18A) - Felt trickier than Sim 9...Good Accuracy though. How to improve VARC? This one section is pulling down my entire OA. Despite reading religiously from different genre not able to do well. QA - Speed Issue need to increase with sectionals.

OA 173

Varc - 54(20C/10W) yayy!

Dilr -  57(20C/4W) poor accuracy

Qa - 62 (22C/5W) got exhausted, could have scored atleast 15 more

Would have crossed 190 had I not lost focus during quant.

 OA 176 


OA - 115 (41C/55A) - Need to get into 140s by EOM VARC - 36 (14C/23A) - Need to touch 50 by EOM DILR - 43 (15C/17A) - Improved a bit but need to be consistent with this for a month and look to touch 50 by EOM QA - 36 (12C/15A) - Dropped from 54 in SIM 9, again need to touch 60 by EOM Any suggestions are welcome, anyone working at ZS and preparing for CAT, please dm, we have a group for discussion Only onwards and upwards from here

VA - 24 (31A 13C) LRDI - 45 (20A 16C) QA - 44 (25A 17C) OA (113) Not doing well in VA, as expected LRDI and QA seemed easy and yet I did not score as well as I should have, got to work a lot on my accuracy.

VA: 50(20/32)

LR: 63(22/27)

QA: 67(23/26)


I am effing done with this streak of horrible accuracy in VA RC. 

VARC  - 72

LRDI - 9

Quant   - 14 

Total - 95

Will more SAMCATS be available in the future for the enhanced AIMCAT mock series? now there are only 9.

VARC - 52 (33A/20C) DILR - 33 (13A/11C) QA - 29 (17A/11C) OA - 114 (63A/42C)

How effective is the GEJO varc1000 ? Should I opt for it?

VARC- 39(30A/16C)


QA- 73(31A/25C)

OA - 168

Accuracy suffering very badly.

Was surely a 190+ paper, but I somehow mess up AIMs.