[2020] AIMCAT 2109 (18th Sep - 22th Sep)

 This thread is to post scores and percentiles and discuss test-taking strategies, doubts, and queries for AIMCAT 2109 [2020].   

What are the changes in AIMCATs because of the change in CAT pattern? How many mocks in the new pattern are they going to give?

VARC: 41 (15C4W)

LRDI: 28 (10C2W)

QA: 34 (12C3W) ---- (ashamed to be an engineer ffs)

OA: 103/198

I REALLY, REALLY dig this new exam pattern, damn. 

VARC - 47/69 (17/6) Easy section. Straightforward RCs with specific detail questions. Phir bhi accuracy humse na badhegi. DILR - 36/60 (12/0) Having limited number of sets makes it kinda easier in my opinion, or maybe it was in this case because of 2 easy sets. QA - 51/69 (18/3) Fairly easy. 2 silly mistakes. OA - 134/198 (145+ possible paper) Accuracy going to be the major factor in this format more than it was previously imo. I guess they kept the difficulty very easy for this test owing to the format change.

OA 137

Varc 54 (18C/2W) Never thought I would score highest in varc in some mock!!

Dilr 39 (13C/3W) Need to work on this, keeping in mind that now choices have reduced

Qa 44 (15C/2W) Somehow I found this easy section to be somewhat difficult... again maybe because of less choices

OA 171

VARC 42 (16C/7W) Easy section but messed up accuracy again

DILR 60 (20C/0W) Good quality sets

QA 69 (23C/0W) Can't get easier than this paper

I need time study material 2020 If anyone willing to sell kindly dm

Varc: 46 17c/6w felt the passage questions easy, but pattern wise, this suited me Dilr: 41 14c/3w had a very challenging set Quant: 53 18c/1w .Took too much time initially. Could not attempt 4 questions in the end. OA: 140

VARC 35 - i'll keep scoring in 30s only in this section, be it a 3 hrs mock or 2 hrs. So 2 hrs is good for me I guess lol DILR 27 - Did an entire set wrong. Shame. QA 49 - this was easy. OA - 111

52 41 60 153

23 || 30 || 50 - 103

(17 short in varc :( )

(10 short in dilr )

(2 silly mistakes in QA)

Posted  to remind myself , I am getting worse !!!!

Not too many posts yet to test waters, so floating the question here - What's the approximate score for 90, 95 and 99 percentiles? (Assuming 171 to be a safe 100).

Considering CAT 2020 to be of 200 marks and the LOD of the paper similar to that of cat 2019. If 150-155 is the cutoff for a 99th percentile in 2018/2019,  what would be the expected cutoff this year for a 99? 

  • 90-100
  • 100-110
  • 110-120
  • 120-130
  • 130+

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VARC - 51 (22A/18C) 

DILR - 39 (14A/13C)

QA - 31 (13A/11C)

OA - 121 (49A/42C)

I used to be really decent in quants (Almost a decade ago, though), don't know what will it take to get the muscle memory back.

OA : 146(65A/52C) VARC : 50 (23A/18C) DILR : 46 (19A/16C) QA : 50 (23A/18C) The bad phase in QA doesn't seem to end.... Could have been 160

VARC- 36 (14C/21A) 

DILR - 37 (13C/15A)

QA- 46 (16C/18A)

OA- 119   

OA: 127 VARC: 50 DILR: 29 QA: 48 Only positive is that I could achieve 100% accuracy in VA questions.

 Is there a way to purchase only the sectional tests of IMS? I have already purchased the full length mocks (without sectional tests). 

Quick question; if i register for the AIMCAT series now how many Mocks will i be able to take in the new format out of the said All india mocks in the packages for 14( BASIC)  vs 20 (Enhanced) . How much will the extra paid for Enhanced actually convert in terms of new pattern mock numbers. TIA.

47 28 55 130 40min dilr section is not for me.