[2020] AIMCAT 2107 (01st Oct - 5th Oct)

This thread is to post scores and percentiles and discuss test-taking strategies, doubts, and queries for AIMCAT 2107 [2020].     

Managed to score 33 in LRDI. But Quants went horrible & managed 5 questions only. Was it the toughest till now?

does anyone know when does the solution for samcat 2102N be avaliable , generally the solutions of the samcat are readily avaliable but is not so in new pattern samcat?

VA: 35(14/24)




I am effing done with AIM's VARC section. Would give them props for quality QA and DILR but their VARC is just beyound me.

VARC:13C5W: 36

LRDI: 3C5W: 5 (Lol, what the ..)

QA: 9C4W: 24

OA: 65

Not my day, I suppose. Second lowest score of the season - days after SimCAT 10 blew me away.

varc- below average 



dilr above areage  


 quants- average 

score 85 and stagnant.....

2nd attempt..... should i leave

VARC : (8/16) 19 DILR : (7/8) - 20 QA : (7/12) - 18 Net : 57 Fuck my anxiety. DILR wasn't that difficult. Could've done better but continuously choking in Aimcats. VARC was meh. QA, will have to wait for analysis about the stupidities I must've done. All in all screwed the paper. Anybody who was in a similar situation and got out of it? Suggestions on how not to be a choker?

VARC: 47( this supported, for a change) DILR: 41 QA: 33(never thought about getting the least marks here. 16 attempts. Quant ignorance can be the reason) OA: 121 improvement, but only because of varc. Need to get my quant game up, or else forget iim. Simcat tomorrow. Will come back strong💪

Anyone here attempted all aimcats till now? please do reply

Maybe not worth posting with these toppers here but nonetheless!

Varc - 36 ( 13R, 7W) seems like lost all marks in VA :/

Dilr - 18 ( 6R, 4W)   REALLY need to improve set selection!!

QA - 25  (9R, 3W )  This section was SOOO weird this time!!

Overall - 79 Need to push further!

VARC- 35 (13C/7W)

DILR- 28 (10C/6W) Easy section messed up

QA- 43 (15C/2W)

OA-106 :(

VARC : 38(14C/22A) I am losing out on my only strength. DILR:23(8C/10A) Low attempts because nibba can't read "Distinct" in a sentence. At least 13 marks short here. QA:26(9C/13A) Working really hard in QA for the first time. Hope this improves. Overall: 87(31C/45A) Neither happy nor sad.

Does anyone else feel that difficulty level of QA has been increased in the recent couple of AIMCATs? Just tryin to find out :)

VARC-> 10/16  26

DILR -> 13/13  39

Q.A -> 7/12   18

O.A -> 83

Messed up Q.A I was getting over confident in q.a i need to revise and practice regularly

DILR -> Happy will try to solve one extra set and do more time based practice of 6 sets.

VA.RC -> I am happy that i atleast crossed 20,but need to keep up the regular practice to improve.  

New pattern Mock-5 VARC:25 LRDI: 38 Quant : 11 (Aisa kaise ho gaya) OA:74

Walk of atonement OA: 103 VARC: 39 DILR: 32 QA: 32 Unacceptable QA. Irrespective of the type of the paper, it should be 40+ atleast

Did you guys gave the same mock as I did? It don't feel like it.

varc 41(21/15)

lrdi 34(16/12)

qa 36(18/13) easily a 45+ paper

OA 111 :(

tired of this BS accuracy man. 

Hi guys , these are the details of 07. VA- 33 11 attempted 11 correct Mannnnnn!!!! Seriously , I just couldn't believe this. :p 100% accuracy. Hardwork finally paying off. LR- 20 A-8 C-7 didnt expect 1 to be wrong here. And also I could easily solve the 3 rd set. Guess you guys would have definitely. QA- 11 A-7, C-4 Really need to do something. This Aimcat was difficult atleast to me as far as QA is concerned. Damn what should I do. Hope to solve mysteries in this set until D-day as my target is sheer 99. OA- 64. Its good like it is basically a process. Atleast there is some to be seen in 1 or the other section. And when VARC of Time gets you a ride over the clouds. Yes! Its hell of an experience.

VARC: 35

DILR: 28

QA: 33

OA: 97

QA was 45+, dont know how i got so many incorrects. Need to check