[2020] AIMCAT 2105 (22nd Oct - 26th Oct)

This thread is to post scores and percentiles and discuss test-taking strategies, doubts, and queries for AIMCAT 2105 [2020].       

AIMCAT 2105:

VARC: 17 (21A/9C)

DILR: 41 (16A/14C)

QA: 41 (17A/14C)

OA: 99 (54A/37C)


-VARC: Well, I gotta go through my RC strategy, lots of negatives here. Found it really hard. Sigh. VARC scores seem to be going down.

DILR: Wasn't bad but definitely time consuming sets. 

QA: Was okayish, had no idea how to solve few questions so need to work hard out here. Can't afford 'no idea' with almost a month to go. 

VARC 25(11/9) LRDI 20(8/7)(I knew what to do in each set but didnt know how to do it ,Bottom line :-Easier said than done.) QA 35 (13/12) OA 80 Eternal perdition (sigh)!

VARC - 39 (14C/19A)

DILR- 38 (13C/17A)

QA- 46 (16C/20A)

OA- 123

 Compared to SIMCATs , why do my scores suck in AIMCATs? Does the difficulty level differ for each section? 

Were RCs difficult in real or was I the only one? Definetely shattered my confidence within first 5 mins. Somehow managed to make sense of them but wasted lots of time. Please can anyone suggest a good strategy for VARC? 

OA: 117 VARC: 26 (11C, 9W) DILR: 45 (15C, 0W) QA: 46 (16C, 4W) VARC :((( Quoting MSD, "Process is more important than the result". This is all I have to say. Keep Learning, keep moving forward.

VARC - 18 DILR - 45 Quants - 34 Overall -97 VARC behaves like a kid that can go high or low real quick for me.

Varc - 35

DILR - 7 ( A DROP from the score of 46 !!!!!  and It really broke me )  

Qa - 39  (Pata nhi Accuracy ka kya hua :( , paper was easy)

OA - 81 :/

Around 35 days left and  I am like WHY ???!!!??

VARC - 41 (21A/15C)

DILR - 33 (13A/11C)

QA - 45 (19A/16C)

OA - 119

44/30/41 - VARC/LRDI/QA 

OA - 115

31/37/37 OA: 105 Gg dilr and quant. 8 wrong. Hell


VARC-48  (17C/6W)

Tough RCs. Not much fun to read. Just grind it out.


Missed out on a few sitters. Relatively easy 

QA-44 (15C/2W)

Tough QA. Solve the sitters first.


All in all, a tough paper. Loads to improve.

Posting yet another disappointment

VARC - 15

LRDI - 30

QA - 26

OA -71

50(99.93)/37(97.2)/28(92.19..smh) OA - 115 (99.63)

AIR - 45

QA has just been going downhill in AIMCATs...

VARC - 26 (11C/20A) Bhagwan maalik h

DILR - 45 (15C/15A)

QA - 27 (9C/11A) WHAT?????

OA - 98 (35C/46A) - Found this AIMCAT to be tougher not sure if it was only me



QA-28(16A,6W) No idea what went wrong here .


VARC- 43 (15C/21A) 71% accuracy

DILR- 30 (10C/11A) I think   it would be better if i go in with the mindset to solve just 2 sets so that anxiety doesnt kick in incase i put 15 mins and still not done with a set.. at least  2 sets will get a decent score.

QA- 23 (9C/15A) 60% accuracy.. had to keep it above 75 but i ended up attempting just for the sake out of frustration.. got to give more sectional mocks..

 OA- 96 (34C/47A)  72%

It's always good to bring something new to the table. So I am coming with the lowest score in the thread 


LRDI  12

QA    33

OA  68

31/18/21 OA:70 terrible score. marks fluctating all over.. Should focus on accurracy in quant. 0 attempts in first 30 mins in dilr. terrible