[ 2019 ] TIME AIMCAT 2013 ( 23-26th August )

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Where to get auth token for AIMCAT? I haven't got any mail for the same


was this paper really difficult? or i just performed really bad

VARC 32 (26A/14C)

DILR 17 (12A/7C) I think TIME is preparing us for the worst

QA 61 (27A/21C) Accuracy :(

OA 110 (65A/42C)


Hello friends,

Greetings. I am a current 1st year student in PGP-HRM, MDI Gurgaon(You can verify this from my pagalguy profile). Me and a group of friends have decided to form a telegram group, where the doubts of CAT aspirants can be solved by us. Some important points about the group are:

1. For some time(we have summers), we wont be allowing CAT questions(sums or some content) on the group. The groups will be purely meant for career questions(Yes we are from HR), and you can also ask about colleges, their programs, mock strategies, how to prepare any subject or topic or anything, except specific sums or questions. We are planning to allow all types of  questions in future once we have some time on our hands.

2. The questions wouldn’t and cannot be answered instantly, but we will try our best to answer them as and when we get time. The maximum time we expect which can lapse is 24-48 hours, sometimes more than that, in cases when we have extreme work load.

3. Strict rules will be enforced in the group and people not following them would be removed with or without a warning.

4. We are studying Human Resources, and thus can help you with CV building and Interviews in future. All decisions in this regard would be taken after our summer placements. Specific services provided in future may be monetized, but for now everything is free.

5. We plan to create  a platform for people to clarify their doubts. All of us have seen and understood this MBA Admission process in totality, and each one of us has between 97-99.7 % ile in each exam, NMAT, IIFT, CAT, XAT etc.

6. People are expected to read all questions and answers and avoid asking similar questions repetitively.

7. Guys, any relation is symbiotic in nature. We would be spending some time to help you. We also work on various projects, which require survey data, or in same cases Facebook or Instagram likes. Any of that wouldn’t take more than 1-2 mins(filling a survey form or liking a post). We expect our group members to cooperate with us in all of that. We can promise that it wont be more than once or twice a week, which means you wont be spending more than 5 mins a week doing all of that.

8. Any and every question will be entertained, but the group members have to maintain decorum. You cant talk to each other in the group, you can do so privately if you want.

9. We would be open to helping you in any way you want. But you cant message us in DM. You can write an email to us at an email id to be given.

10. https://t.me/joinchat/Ha4DnQ_GS0Tbq_TSlsF-oA This is the group link. Please join the group only if you agree and will follow all the points mentioned. We hope we can provide some value to the members of the group.

VARC: 36 (14/24) Out of context and summary questions seemed difficult DILR: 33 (11/11) Couldn't attempt more sets. Somebody help me get more marks in DILR. QA: 53 (19/24) I am stuck at this level. Overall: 122 (44/59)

VARC: 51(27A/19C).... Felt lengthy!

DILR:  31(13A/11C)..... Man was that DILR tough! couldn't do a single set in the last 35 minutes.

QA:    71(30A/24C).... Felt very easy.... but score doesn't show the same.

OA:  153! 

VARC: 57 (28A/21R).. 2-3 passages were tough to read as well as questions were time consuming. DILR: 16 (9A/ 6R)..Its my weakest section and today it threw me out of the ground. QA: 55 (23A/ 19R)..Very balanced section. I missed some seaters and wasted time on some tough questions. OA: 128

VARC: 51(20C/31A)

DILR: 23 (9C/14A) Absolutely no clue about this... felt overwhelmingly tough

QA: 49(17C/20A) Dissapointed... shoul,d have attempted more questions

OA: 123

VARC - 38(No improvement!) LRDI- 23( no words!) Quant-65(was a definite 75+, lost my cool after LRDI mess up) Total 126

VA - 56 (20C/26A) Not bad DILR - 12 (4C/4A) Though my weakest section, but never expected such abysmal performance :( QA - 33 (12C/16A) My lowest ever, only the second time I haven't been able to go through all the questions, all thanks to the DILR section, I guess. OA - 101 (My worst performance ever !) I was continuously getting 98% for quite sometime, this mock has made sure I don't get complacent and taught me not to panic even if a single section doesn't go as per expectations.

VARC-60 DILR-32(matlab kuch bhi) Quants-57 OA-149

I am in an absolute dump. Don't know how to get out of this mess. 

OA: 113




Getting screwed over in LRDI for the last 4 3 mocks now. Before that scored 99+ many times and also 93-95+ was a given regular. Decline started from SimCAT 7 but I scored 99 in AIMCAT 2015, then the disaster continued to the CL All India and then the SimCAT 8 yesterday and now this. My lowest EVER score in LRDI. Someone get me a drink man. This is gonna be a long road to redemption.    

VA/RC - 60 LR/DI - 21 QUANT - 67 O/A - 148

VARC: 49 (suddenly seeing an accuracy decline)

DILR: 28 (was it just me or everyone found very few sets simple)

Quant: 61

OA: 138 (99.76)

Scored lowest ever inthis AIMCAT. Heard AIMCATS are way too tough than cat, thinking to join another test series beacuse I had taken basic package having less tests. Should i go for IMS ? please guide people!

VA 50 DI 9 [WTF] QA 56 OA 115

Some days are bad, some are worse, but on some days you feel like quitting. Just one of those days. VARC 59 LRDI 3 (Extremely tough but 2 sets were still manageable. Wasted way too much time on a few sets) QA 58 OA 120 (Will come back stronger)

How easily they bursted my bubble Varc-46 Lrdi-13 Qa- 38 OA-97