[2019] IMS SIMCAT 10 Centre Proctored (20th September to 24th September)

 This thread is to post scores and percentiles and discuss test-taking strategies, doubts, and queries for IMS SIMCAT 10 [2019].  

Test link?

Test link?

VARC : 33 (Found RC and VA more difficult as usual) LRDI : 36 (all correct but a few sets took time) QA: 43 ( could have got 3 to 4 questions right , could have managed time better, medium) OA:112

VARC - 26 (found difficut than usual, gave my best but this is all i could manage)

LRDI -18 (worst choice of selection of sets, was able to attemp only 2)

QA - 58 (still could have done better, 70 is achievable here)

OA - 102

Need some serious tips for VARC, however hard i try ,not been able to do well.

please suggest

VARC - 57 ( Need to comprehend better) LR/DI - 24 (speed improvement needed) QA -25 (Need more accuracy and speed) OA - 106 (Below par performance)

this was my first simcat got 98,what percentile should i expect


 What a game changer it was. Just when I thought I was able to handle the RC part of the paper they destroyed me with it.

VARC/DILR/QA:- 47/20/50

OA:- 117

yes DILR was tough, maybe tougher than last time with only two sets doable straightway rest were indeed tricky. But what was unexpected was the VARC section, easy VA with really hard RC questions. They literally wrote two options in active and passive voice to make them indistinguishable. Really tough paper as a whole. 

OA: 69

VA: 32


QA: 28

Lowest score of life!

SIMCAT 10 (Aukaad dikha diya time to take OMETS seriously (kya Pata woh bhi na ho )) 

VARC 25 (Bring it on ek baar negative bhi aa jaa wahi Baaki hai ) 

LRDI 24 (Don’t know how people score well here)

QA 40 (Just pathetic ) 

Overall 89 (After a fluke of 99+ percentile in simcat 9 ,feeling useless disgusted frustrated time to accept the fact cat is not for me and try my hands on omets )

VARC - 72 (tough paper, pretty happy with this)

DILR - 12 (what. a. royal. screw. up.)

QA - 46 (been increasing off late - hope this trend continues)

OA - 130 - if not for the DILR gaffe - couldve had a 99+%ile score here. 

VARC - 46 (17/27) DILR - 43 (15/19) QA. - 53 (18/22) OA - 142 (50/68)

VARC :- 60 (was expecting around 50. Tough RC) DILR :-20. ( 3 sets should have been done) QA :- 20. (panicked a lot after DILR. Need to learn the art of detaching myself from previous section failure/success) After some 7-8 random 98.5+, I guess this time its going to be 80-85 :/ Not going to worry a lot about these marks.Had some shitty issue with mouse which forced me to do some random LR sets instead of doing calculation intensive DI sets.Same for QA

VARC - 28 (22/12)

DILR - 6 (6/3)

VARC - 40 (20/14)

My OA has fallen greatly in the last 2 simcats from 120 to this.

Need some material sources for VA

Also set selection in DILR has gone haywire lately.

OA 74


VARC - 43 (16/24)

DILR - 32 (11/14)

QA - 34 (13/19)

OA - 110 (Stuck in this range for long, need to cross 125 mark)

VARC - 51 (19/30) - Decent. DILR - 1 (1/6) - Not even funny anymore. QA - 49 (17/22) - Wasn't as tough as the score shows. Could've attempted 3-4 more. OA - 101 (37/58) - Very, very bad.

VARC - 53 :- Some close options in RC's. DILR - 29 :- 3-4 sets were doable. Don't know which questions I got wrong. QA - 33 :- Can someone help me out with this. Every question seems doable at first. Then, I end up taking a lot of time on 1 question, even 8-9 mins. for some. How do you figure out which questions to attempt and which to leave? I am able to solve most questions which I attempt, so concept is not an issue. Is there some method that can help me here? OA - 115 :- Huge scope for improvement. Easily a 140 -150 score paper.

VARC(30A/17C) -42 

LRDI(16A/16C)  - 48 ( last 20 min 0 attempt)

QA (23A/17C) - 47 (easily a 60+ paper)

OA- 137 

After a dismal performance in SIMCAT 9, glad to have recovered to my original levels. Need to push further now. OA - 130 VARC - 50 DILR - 28 QA - 52

VARC- 60 (22 C, 9 IC) : Toughest RC of the season, atm. VA was slightly on the easier side. Felt great for a second. Then I saw my LRDI score.

LRDI- 9 (3 C, 3 IC) : And I thought first 3 weeks of September were bad. No words for this. Hope the "Night is darkest before the dawn" quote is true. Will continue to put in the efforts like I have for the past few days. Hope is the only hope, other than the efforts. 

QA- 47 (17 C, 7 IC): Accuracy went for a toss yet again. Although LRDI hangover can be attributed to this score, who is to be blamed for it in the first place? 

Overall- 116 (42 C, 19 IC): LRDI delivers the KO punch yet again for me. At this point, Naveen Bansal from Pitchers is the inspiration: "Room me andheraa ho aur haath paanv switchboard pe maarte rahoge, to batti jal jaaegi boss." Whi karungaa.