[2019] IMS SIMCAT 1 Proctored (26th April to 2nd May)

This thread is to post score, percentile, doubts, queries, and discuss mock taking strategies for IMS SIMCAT 1 [2019].

Can anyone post the test link here?

;link please

Wish everyone all the best for the SIMCAT season :)

link please

Koi link post kardo Simcat 1 ki

What are the best first day scores?

Anyone link plzz.. Thanx in advance

Link guys

http://myimsv2.imsindia.com/simcat-1-2019 Link

although the mock looked easy...found the scores deceiving...esp LRDI...is it so or i am out of practice?

What are the scores in the first 2 days? Please tell.

How was your performance in the 1st SIMCAT of the season? OA (VA/DLR/QA)

SimCat 1 link

OA : 126 Couldn’t check the sectionals when the test got submitted, any other way to check that?

Simcat 1

VARC 29- continues to depress me(56%ile in cat 2018)


QA 43- 2 3 silly mistakes

OA 136- not happy to start the season with such score

put in a lot of efforts in varc just to prepare for simcat 1........was confident after submitting the section........still the results did not reflect it.......urgent help required...........TIA

Simcat 1

VARC-50(big improvement needed here)

DILR-33(will have to analyse because i thought went quite well)

QA-53( should have done 3-4 questions more)

total-136( should have got more)

please give your suggestions!!!

Not sure about sectionals but deciphered it approximately:

VARC - 39

DILR - 51

QA - 71

Total - 161



sed lyf

First mock of the season. Have a long way to go....

VARC - 53 (Straightforward. Short by quite a lot)

DILR - 22 (Four sets were there for the taking. Spent 30 minutes on a set which turned out to be wrong)

QA - 25 (Long long way to go. Need to reaffirm basics in this)

OA - 100 (A 150 paper for sure. Easier than cat 18 and more along the lines of cat 17. Have a lot to work on)