[2019] AIMCAT 2008(27th September-30th September)

This thread is to post scores and percentiles and discuss test-taking strategies, doubts, and queries for AIMCAT 2008 [2019].

VARC : 51 DILR : 40 QA : 37 128 Shameful

VARC 40 (16/27) - Need shit loads of improvement here LRDI 52 (18/21) - easier than previous Aimcats - could have had better accuracy QA 50 (17/20) - Seemed really difficult but could have done better OA 142

VA (15/33) - 31 DI (11/17) - 29 QA (13/21) - 36 OA - 96 Thought I'd score better in the first 2 sections. Any tips to improve my performance? P.S. Averaging 90 percentile in mocks

VARC - 44(32A/18C) DILR - 57(19A/19C) QA - only 42- Hunger can literally stop your brain from working OA -143


VARC - 30 (13C/13W) [ my humble nemesis ] 

LRDI -  48  (16C/3W)  [ should have done 1 more ]

QA -    42   (14C/5W)  [ dafuq happened here ]

OA -    120    [ this is 95 percentile I feel ]

VARC - 64 DILR - 50 QA - 59 OA - 173

VARC:24 (felt like crying after seeing this attempt. 22A 11C 11W)

LRDI: 47(easily 5 sets excluding the prime number one which could or could not have been done. But since most sets were calculation intensive. The selection got confusing and ended up with 4 and a half set).

QA: 44 Easy start then the horror began after 3rd question. pretty tough but 50-55 manageable.

OA: 115 (very dissapointed will fetch an approx of 95 percentile)

Anybody help with varc ? i got 47s in last few mocks 

VARC- 37 (16C/15W Nightmare!) DILR- 50 (17C/3W This is something new now) QA- 57 (20C/4W Accuracy:( ) OA - 144 Desperately trying to break into 160+ region Any suggestions?

VARC: 46 DILR:25 QA :27 Overall:98 Absolute disaster.

Va-52 Dilr-54 Qa-39(guess couldn't calm myself after such DI attempt ) OA-145

VARC__44 DILR__48 wasted 20 minutes on a set that didn't get solved in the end QA__didn't give FML



QA 44

OA 89

Getting good marks (around 45) in TIME VARC advanced sectionals, but in full length mocks, nerves are getting better of me. Any suggestions?

With less than 2months for the D-day, VARC is scores aren't increasing and on top of that they are decreasing when I'm writing TIME/IMS mocks. I've been doing RC practice and TIme VARC sectionals. And I got good scores in those sectionals. But in full-length mocks, my practice is not visible in terms of marks. Please tell me, how you guys have been increasing your VARC marks, I'll be thankful to you.

VARC - 29 (12/10W) Nightmare. Worst of the season. 

DILR - 45 (15R/1W)

QA - 22 (8R/5R) Absolute Disaster

OA - 96

VARC - 24 DILR - 58 QA - 51 OA - 133 P.S: I was comfortable reading the RCs but I don't know what exactly pulled my score down. Any feedback on improvements will be highly appreciated.

varc - 50 

dilr - 51 (flunked 1 set 😔 )

qa - 43 @FranklyCAT could relate better. I thought I was imune to hunger 😂 , guess I'm not.

OA - 144  (20 more needed in qa)

VARC - 76 

I thought it was a decent score or that the VARC was very easy like AIMCAT 2011, but coming here and looking at the scores tells me it is a different story altogether. I do not think I got lucky, maybe the VA pattern experimentation did not affect me as much as it affected the others. Bhagwan bhale kare AIMCAT walon ka, IMS walon ki tarha VARC par se bharosa todne pe nahi tule hue.

LRDI - 47

Another easy LRDI section. Will not be surprised if I see people cracking 70 here. I myself managed to attempt 20+ questions but obviously accuracy took a big hit. It did so even more because the SimCAT 11 I gave yesterday offered me only 14 marks. LRDI is going standard in AIMCAT but drowning in CL and IMS. Perhaps some of you here can tell me whether I should be worried about this divergence. CAT 17 my LRDI was 95.74 and 18 it was 96.15. Looking at 99 odd this year. Any help appreciated.

QA- 45

I thought I had forgotten a couple of concepts. What a section. Good thing is that I am scoring in the 45-55 range irrespective of difficulty in the past few mocks across test providers. Bad thing is in an easier paper this will hurt me as I am not used to ramping up even though my attempts have gone as high as 28-29 at times. Accuracy remains an issue. Going to go back to the drawing board with my weak concepts and brush them up till a 60+ score becomes the standard. 

OA: 168

Looking at this thread, seems like a good score but after a 99.95 in one of the SimCATs this season, a good score does not keep me happy anymore. Already hurting a little about the LRDI accuracy and the speed in QA looking at the guys scoring 170+ and even one with 190+. So close. Maybe next time. On we go. :)

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VARC: 62 DILR: 47 QA: 46 OA : 155

Any suggestion for increasing speed in DILR and QA sections?