[2019-2021] OFFICIAL IIM Sambalpur Admission Queries

Greetings from PR and Media Committee of IIM Sambalpur! Inviting all the aspirants to join this group for admission related queries.

To get added into the group of all call getters, you can send the screenshot of your call to any of the below numbers:

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could u please share the last admitted percentile for general category candidate last year..

Hi, I have 86.2/93.17/82.5 in 10/12/BE As per the prediction from multiple sites and with my performance I'll get 75-80 percentile in cat with sectional 57/92/93 in VA/dilr/QA and belongs to obc nc and has 30 months of experience Do I have a chance?

Slot 2 OA 124 43/33/48 in va/di/qut OA percentile 95.94(as per Time)in VA it is showing 83.5(area of concern) 88.67/92.8/68.25 in 10/12/b com General. Fresher male Any chance of IIM sambalpur and other new and baby iims help

10th- 88%, 12th-82%, Btech 7.39/10 Cat 2018 slot2 123-125 (59/27/37) Should I be expecting calls from New/baby iims.? Also what will the scaled score's percentile amount to.?

10th- 80.17 (state board)

12th- 86.67 (state board)

b.sc physics hons.- 62 (delhi university)

CAT 2018 Slot 1



LRDI- 24



Work ex- 0

SIR, shoul i expect call from new 'or' baby IIMs

please reply me sir..

10th - 10 CGPA Or 95% ( CBSE)

12th- 86.83% ( commerce - cbse )

B.com ( general )- 80.58% ( Kurukshetra University )

CAT 2018 SLOT 1



LRDI- 49

QA - 24

Overall - 115

Work Ex - 0

Can i expect calls from baby iim's ?


Hi team , CAT OA- 96.05(87/95/97) Acads- 88.71 (state board)/90.17(state board)/79.2 GEM fresher..chances of call?

NC OBC Oa- 90.99 VA/lr/Qa- 76/69/98 X/xii/b.tech- 84/83/76 Work ex- 6 months Any chance?

Hi Palash, You say that the admission criteria is not released. The CAP notification according to IIM Ranchi says 80 sectional and 90 over all for CAP participating colleges. Now since you say that admission criteria is not released so do we expect changes in cut offs both sectional as well as overall ? Thanks.


CAT; 82.6ile



10/12/btech 90.5/65/72

no work ex.

what are my chances?

OA: 96.38 VARC: 97.1 DILR: 76.29 QA: 96.62 GEM 10th/12th/BTech: 9.8/90.4/8.97 Work Experience: 2 years Any chance of getting a call?

OA-94.25 VA-95.65 LR-86.86 QA-89.xx GEM Fresher X/XII/B.TECH - 89/90.6/93.84 Any chance of getting a call? Plz help!

10th-7.2cgpa 12th-85 grad-63.69(B.com hons) Cat oa-93.11 va/lr/qa- 91.91/86.18/91.79 2018 pass out with 7months workex in family business. Any chance of getting a call?

 OBC-Female CAT %:varc:80.14; Dilr:92.22; Qa56.99;;; Overall:81.1 Engineer Grad:7.45 12th:77.6 10th:83.8 33 months of it workex What are my chances? 

By when can we expect the admission criteria for this year? Can you share the cutoffs of last year?

CAT 81.05 percentile

Q 81 DI 55 V 89

10th 80.55% 12th 70.83% BE 7.33/10 Points

2 yrs experience

NC OBC Female

Chances @ IIM, Sambhalpur?



17 months work ex

OA: 95.86

Verbal: 98.6

Dilr: 89.5

QA : 85.5

10th: 87.4

12th: 85.2

enggineering: 77

what are my chances?

NC-OBC CAT OA 88.86 VARC 92.84 LRDI 77.28 QA 81.98 10th 86.6 12th 79.5 B.TECH 71 NO WORK EXPERIENCE MALE ENGINEER What are my chances of converting ??

Hi, any chances of call CAT OA 98.11 QA 92.35 DI 99.06 VA 96.19 Acads X 77.60 XII 58.00 Grad 63.25 Work ex 25 months in SBI as probationary officer GEM