[2018] TIME AIMCAT 1916 (22nd July to 24th July)

This thread is to post scores andpercentiles and discuss test-takingstrategies, doubts, and queries for TIME AIMCAT 1916 [2018].

Kya tha Bhai level iss paper ka. Dilr god level lagi. Eye opener

VARC -35 (14C/11W) Being my nemesis again. Wasn't as tough as my score suggests DILR- 21(9C/6W) A harsh reality check.Freaked out during the paper. QA - 86 (29C/3W) Only solace, in an otherwise forgettable paper. OA - 142 (52C/20W) Miles to go before I sleep.

VARC-22(11C/27A)...expected a bit more but may be the options were tricky!

DILR-24(9C/15A)..was sure about sets i attempted,but donno what went faulty

QA-72(25C/32A)..was a very straight frwd paper,still couldn't reach 80s.


VA 47 Don't know how good or bad is that DILR 20 was a pretty chill paper. 2 sets k baad hilaane k liye kuch tha hi nhi. (Not in the question paper, I mean to say. 😆) QA 48

Am I the only one who f'ed up in quants ?





I am generally very good in QA...Don't know how I screwed up in such an easy paper

LRDI preparation back to square 1

VA - 31A / 19 C   -  49

LRDI - 9A/ 2C - (-1)  💩 

QA - 29A/23C  - 66 

OA - 69A/ 44C  - 114 

Nothing clicked at LRDI. Went blank! :| 

VA 47 17/7 DILR 29 10/2 Quant 54 18/5 I manage to get the balance correct but not managing to score very high in single section so far :(

Varc 56 dilr 30(did anyone else feel that the level increased sharply from last two papers) quant 62 overall 148..sad performance..ill be grateful if someone can give me tips to increase my quant score to 80+

Varc - 57 (21 C / 11 W) :/ Dilr - 38 (13C / 1 W) QA - 48 (16C/ 2W) OA - 143 :/


VARC: 38 (16/29A) (bc, jo accuracy 80% tak le gya tha, roti roti waapis niche girr gyi)

DILR: 25 (9/11A) (Ye toh dubna hota hai har baar bc, koi help kar do yr isme)

QA: 62 (21/24) (should have been above 70 with such a straight forward paper)

OA: 125 Ye VARC aur DILR, har baar hi le dubte hain 

|75 short this time around|

Need to buckle up. Any help in DILR will be most appreciated! 🙌 

VARC 44 


QA 13

Dunno how I got so low in QA. Will there be a solution to this paper later on ?

VARC - 43 (17C/28A) - was expecting more here 

DILR - 42 (14C/14A) - looking at the scores here, I guess I got a bit lucky

QA - 39 (14C/20A) - pata nahi kya hoga quants ka, jabki sirf quants hi practice kar raha hoon

Overall - 124

Please someone help me with Quants :(


VARC - 34 (26A - 14C)

LRDI - 24  (8A - 8C)

QA - 86   (32A - 29C)

OA - 144

haggu again, dont know what happened in VARC 

This will be the first and only AIMCAT I will give this season as I am only eligible to appear for CAT in 2019 (and as such haven't registered for any test series yet).  

VARC- 62 ( 33A 23C )

DILR - 20 ( 17A 08C )

QA- 47 ( 22A 16C )

OA- 129 ( 72A 42C )

I am an absolute beginner as far as CAT is concerned and I have a few questions. If any one could help me out it would be great.

(1) DILR was an absolute nightmare, how do I prep for it?

(2) Is it actually a good idea to start my prep as late as next year or should I start earlier (my focus is on my college acads right now)

(3) Is it a good idea to join regular CAT classes and what would be a good time for that?

Thanks in advance 

VARC 59 (30A, 22C) DILR 25(11A, 9C) completed solving a set in the 60th minute, couldn't put in the answers FML QA 81(28A, 27C) OA 165

can anyone plz provide answers for DILR set-2..????  delhi-bangalore-chennai


VA - 27

LR - 45

QA - 64

OA - 136


First AIMCAT VA (13/34) 24 LR (08/27) 09 QA (15/30) 35 OA (36/91) 68 Casual attempt on mobile amidst breaks and disruptions. 3 hours too much to concentrate.

V - 63 was on the easier side Dilr - 18 was medium a couple of more sets should have clicked Q-65 (80 wala paper tha) OA - 146. It was the first aimcat I gave so a long way to go.

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