[2018] TIME AIMCAT 1913 (24th August to 27th August)

This thread is to post scores andpercentiles and discuss test-takingstrategies, doubts, and queries for TIME AIMCAT 1913 [2018].

VA : 30 (12C 6W) (Yeh kab sudhrega ) 

LR/DI : 43(15C2W) (poor perfomance could have easily attempted 6 sets) 

QA:44(16C8W) (accuracy damn)

OA:117 (Poor show) 

VA/RC: 68 

LR/DI : 36 (messed up big time, The questions were pretty easy)

QA : 37 (even bigger blunder. Questions were slighly tougher though IMO)

OA: 141  :(  Need to work on LRDI and QA


VA/RC: 63 

LR/DI : 41 

QA : 55 

OA: 159 Poor show, need to work on accuracy.

Guys can anyone post the link of this aimcat 1913. Please

Hi guys, I'm aiming 99.8+ in CAT 2018. My aimcat 2018 score is 59 VA 44 QA 23 DI-LR Overall 126 How much do I need to score to actually get 99.8+ in cat ?

 Hi, I have joined IMS test series. If there's someone who has bought the AIMCAT test series and wants to use mine just to refer to the questions, you can ping me. I would expect the same in return for your TIME test series. Would like to just refer to the questions. 

I don't know if I should even bother now. VARC: 50 DILR: 25 QA: 64 OA: 139 Going on a break.

VARC :- 27C/3W - 78  ----- Having a good VARC section after a long time , the section was much easier than previous aimcats.

DILR :- 15C/3W - 42 ---- FML , got stuck in a set and wasted wayy too much time , was tougher than aimcat 1913 , but wasn't too tough , its a 60+ paper for sure. I just messed up ... (Got less than half my 1913's DILR score) :(

QA :- 21C / 8W - 61 - My worst QA in a while , don't know why i made so many mistakes , will be interesting to analyse .

OA - 181 (63C/14W) --- easily a 200+ paper with an easy VARC section and moderate to easy QA and a lengthy DILR.

I just realized that at the centre I went to to give this mock today, my mock went from 10:00 to 12:00. Realized when I reached home, ate my lunch and rested and then saw the time as 12:50. But the timer on the screen in all the three sections went from 60:00 to 00:00. But it did feel like quite fast today unlike all other previous mocks. Kya karun iss situation mein ab? Anyone else jiske center pe timer 2 ghante mein 3 hours dikhata hai? XD

VARC- 49 pakad mein Nahi hi aayega kya? Lrdi- 30 (last 75 se yahaan- mast chal Raha hai BC) Seminar ki instructions ne le li QA- 56 (Shittin' all the way) OA- 135 aukaat dikh gayi :((

VARC - 46 (17C/22A)...Felt the section was very lengthy.

DILR - 37 (13C/16A)...Messed up an easy set. Should have got time to solve one more.

QA - 45 (16C/24A)...As always, atleast 10-15 short. Also, the accuracy is down this time.

OA - 128 (46C/62A)..Atleast 20 marks short.

VARC(23A/19C) 53. Losing concentration Midway..scary experience.. DILR(11A/8C) 22. Shit is getting worse.... Koi help krdo yha yr please..... QA(26A/21C) 60. Engineer kehte h khudko... accuracy kb aaega... OA (60A/48C) 135 Sapne hi dekhunga Kya 180+ ke... Anyone kind soul who can help in DILR, please come forward.... Serious help needed...





VA : 55 ( Supremely lengthy paper. There was no way I could attempt more than 26-27 questions) DILR : 36 QA : 49 ( yes! 49 only! ) OA : 140

VA: 42  (14C/14A)...Lengthy paper(surprised by the accuracy)

DILR: 38 (13C/15A)....last 30 mins 3 attempts



VARC- 66



OA 150 , Average score ....


VA: 59 (27A/21C) .... Some improvement at last.

DILR: 30 (19A/12C) .... Horrible accuracy :(

QA: 38 (20A/14C) .... Something is going wrong here :(

OA: 127 (66A/47C)

Want to forget this and move on...

was the QA section tougher than 1914 one?

VA: 59 LRDI: 36 QA: 20 (lost concentration + panic attack) OA:115