[2018] TIME AIMCAT 1912 (1st September to 2nd September)

Varc-49 Lrdi-38 Qa-48 electricity went off and I was left with 20 odd attempts. Easiest of all. Cutoff bhi kaafi high rahega, I guess. Oa-132 FML easily a 160+ test for average mortals like me. :(

Can anyone compare the LoD of the three sections of this mock to the actual CAT please?

How much percentile will 100 marks fetch in this aimcat?predictions?

VARC-- 63

DILR-- 36

QAUNT--59 (ye nai sudhrega)

OA --  158  below average score - 177+ mock

VARC  - 54 (19C/8W)  A welcome change :)

DILR    - 43 (15C/5W)  Plenty of room for improvement

QA       - 92 (31C/1W)  Just one of those days

OA      - 189 (65C/14W) 

VARC  - 35 (14C/8W)  Gayi accuracy firse.... :( DILR    - 43 (15C/2W)  Agr tum sath ho..... ;) QA       - 73 (25C/3W)  idr or push krna hoga OA      - 151 (54C/13W) need continuous improvement.. ek set upr to ek set neeche... See saw chl rha h..

Was anyone able to do 29-32 in LR/DI?

Pl someone help me in LR/DI strategy. I found the aimcat really tough. I was able to identify 3 doable sets: 1. 5-8 (arrangement of person-city-month). Did it completely well. 2. 29-32 (arrangement weight wise) Spent a hell lot of time on this one- could not crack it, idk why. :( 3. 17-20 (kingdom one) My answers did not match with the options. Again, idk why. :( Can someone tell, was my selection of sets correct? If no, why? If yes, what should I do to improve speed and accuracy. I am desperately in need of help. With 2.5 months to exam. Need to work on this particular section. My score in this AIMCAT : VA- 50 (18/24) (struggling hard with accuracy) DI/LR- 14 (5/6) (I feel like digging my own grave and bury myself in it.) QA- 65 (23/28) (Not satisfied at all. I was expecting 26 correct honestly.) OA- 129 :( :(

VARC :- 57 ( 21C,13W) .. FML This section is still screwing with me. Wan't too tough , was moderate to easy in my opinion.

DILR  :- 68 (23C,1W) .. Couldn't attempt two sets .. But my set selections were satisfactory. Most sets were lengthy but solvable .

QA    :- 58 (21C,9W) ... FML , accuracy went for a toss and screwed up the most scoring section , should have been above 70 for sure , was pretty easy .

OA :183 (65C,23W) .. Accuracy is an area I have to work on , In general was an easier paper compared to 1913.

VARC - 45 (16C, 6W)... :(((

DILR - 47 (16C, 1W) Improving slowly, need to pick up pace

QA - 55 (19C, 5W) ....FML and my touchpad. Very disappointed in this section :(

OA - 147 (51C, 12W)

VARC (24C/9W) 68. LRDI(15C/5W) 40. QA (25C/5W) 71. OA 179.

VARC - 65 (23C/6W) - Satisfied, more or less.

DILR - 39 (13C/2W) - Was very close to cracking the circular arrangement set - should have been 48 atleast, ideally.

QA - 50 (18C/5W) - Attempts are rising but accuracy is free-falling :(

OA - 154 (54C/13W) - average, at best.


DILR-28(13A/10C)--will not clear cutoff,3 sets were straightforward, wasted a lot of time on a single set!



How much percentile will 132 marks fetch?

Cat 2k17 vs aimcat 1912?

Why did less people gave aimcat 1913? Before 1913, around 15-16k used to take test. However, only 12.8k took aimcat 1913. Is it like number of test takers start reducing and by the last 5 tests only the most serious ones are left?


VARC - 60 (no complaints from my side)

DILR - 50 (17/18 correct for 3rd time in a row, should have solved 5 sets atleast, easy one)

QA - 47* (BC, kuch solve hi ni ho rha tha, patani kyun aur sab bol re easy tha compared to last time, need to work harder on this) - Lowest score this season

OA - 157 ( sanyas le leta hun bc, 170+ banta tha, but quant 😢 )

Was it easier than 1913? @ashwinhari @Praharsh_Hathi3 @abckl_123

QA speed tips anyone?

VARC - 36 ( 15C/28A )... No Improvement

DILR - 35

QA - 60 (21C/28A) ... Disaster, 80+ section

VARC - 63

DILR-14 (Yeah I know it is a disaster. has been this way for quite sometime now)



DILR tips please anyone :(