[2018] TIME AIMCAT 1907 (5th October to 8th October)

This group is to post scores and percentiles and discuss test taking strategies, doubts and queries for AIMCAT 1907

Overall - 128 (73/49)

VARC - 63 (32/23) shouldn't have attempted so many

DILR - 44 (20/16) probably got a whole set wrong

QA - 21 (21/10) DISASTER. Need some serious help with QA 

VARC-44(16C/20A)..Lengthy Rc and teicky option. DIlR-33(11C/13A)...for me it was on difficult side.8 sets were new to me. QA-51(18C/22A)..very difficult for me OA-128..decent mock from time

VARC - 74(32A/26C)

DILR - 24(15A/9C)

QA - 26(20A/11C)

OA - 124

VARC - 54(27A/20C)

DILR - 48(18A/16C)

QA - 57(30A/21C)

OA - 159

Varc-53 Lrdi-54 Qa-35 aaj public lynching Ka fatwa niklega Mera Oa-142 Below average hi hai :( Qa ne Lanka laga Di :(

VARC : 64 (22C / 3W) DILR : 24 (8C / 5W) ☹ QA : 41 (14C / 2W) OA : 129

Varc 54 saving grace DILR 40 not good not bad.. 50 pohch jana chahie tha ideally. QA 34 Wtf...😮 Jyada aasan ki aadat pd gyi h... Anyway, it can come back anytime.. OA 128 Hell of an aimcat anyway...

VARC 54 (20C/27A)

LRDI 60 (20C/21A)

QA 51 (18C/22A) :( 

TOTAL : 165

VARC__64 DILR__33 QA__43 OA__140 Nothing to say.

VARC 79, Only saving grace DILR 24, Disaster QA 33, Messed it up bigtime OA 136...!!

AIMCAT 1907 ...

VARC - 58 (26A/21C) ...

DILR - 43 (19A/15C) ...

QA - 32 (20A/13C) ... :( ...

OA - 133 (65A/48C) .... Eye opener Mock for QA section  :/

VARC 81 (32A/28C) DILR 39 (14A/13C) QA 37 (15A/13C) Overall 157 (61A/54C)

VARC-58 (31A,21C) 

DILR 36(15A, 12C)

Quant 30(17A,11C) 


VA: 87 (33A, 30C)

DILR: 39 (18A, 13C)

QA: 38 (20A, 14C)

Total: 164

** Longish post below looking for honest feedback**

TLDR: Are AIMCATs sufficient for CAT prep?

I am a first time CAT taker (GEM, work-ex: 2yrs), having started my prep with AIMCAT 1914.  Though initially VA was my area of concern (scored 19 in AIMCAT 1914), however in the last few AIMCATs I am really woried about DILR and QA. I require advice regarding prep for all the 3 sections since I am not attending classes and seem to have hit a stumbling block.

VA: I have read multiple times that the actual CAT does not consist of extremely long passages but hard-to-differentiate answer choices. Are the AIMCATs good in that regard? I have read praise about CL mocks in this regard though but not keen on taking their package this late before the exam. 

QA: I have spent the last 2 weeks only with QA but it's not showing much improvement. One reason could be ego, since I am not able to easily skip questions (I have never been able to get to the end of a QA paper). How do you advise to simulate exam atmosphere for QA? I am currently just doing TIME sectional tests. How good are the previous AIMCATs (1913 and before) and all the SAMCATs?

DILR: Here, I would be like to know more about the different types of questions and where I could practise them. For example, were the questions from today's exam from a specific category or a mix? For DILR, I have just been watching some Youtube videos which have improved my problem solving. Is the TIME material good for this section? If yes, then which booklets (since there isn't much time till D-day)?

General: How is the level of this year's AIMCATs wrt CAT? If I just take all AIMCATs and SAMCATs along with previous CAT papers, will it give me a decent idea of the actual examination? I know this is a pretty subjective question, but if you could advise any particular topics which are being missed by AIMCATs, that would be of great help.

VARC : 56 

DILR : 20 (Worst attempt at dilr ever)

Quants : 31 ispe kuch comment karne wali halat nahi h meri. 

OA : 107 

VA 66 (31A 24C ) Dilr 34 (15A 12C) QA 39 (18A 14C ) Total 139

VARC - 62 (22/7) Found RC to be very easy..Need to work on VA

DILR - 32 (11/1) Got stuck on a set...zzzzzz could have solved one more set :(

QA - 30 (10/2) I don't know what to say...FML :(

OA - 124 (43/10) So low score so close to CAT :(

VARC :- 33A/25C  - 71 .. Was pretty easy .

LRDI  ;- 27A/21C   - 57 .. Arey .. Damn I must have messed up a set. Is a notch tougher than previous aimcats.

QA :-   25A/21C  - 60  .. Was of a much better level compared to the last few aimcats , though I felt I wasted a bit of time initially or might have solved a couple more.

 OA :- 85A/67C - 188 .. Should have crossed 200.. Messed up QA and DILR.

VARC - 91 (31 C, 3 W) Easy lag raha tha, par itna bhi easy nahi lag raha tha. :P Really happy with the score! DILR - 37 (13 C, 3 W) Pehla AIMCAT jiska DILR, CAT level ke barabar tha aur usi mein itna bekaar score! Really disappointing. QA - 45 (15 C, 0 W) Happy with the accuracy but should have attempted more. Couldn't attempt many questions because I didn't know some simple formulae. OA - 173 (59 C, 6 W) Overall score is decent because of VA, but not at all satisfied with my perfermance in the other 2 sections!