[2018] TIME AIMCAT 1905 (20th October to 22nd October)

This group is to post scores and percentiles and discuss test taking strategies, doubts and queries for AIMCAT 1905

VARC:- 36A/21C - 56 Damn , way too many VA questions . It screwed me over .

DILR:-   30A/22C - 61 ... Dissapointed .. too many mistakes in a relatively easy paper.

QA :-  27A/24C - 71 .. Again was an easy paper .

OA :- 94A/67C/27W - 188 .... 40 questions in VARC and 30 each in DILR and QA meant that this is another lopsided exam against people weak in verbal. Overall made wayy too many mistakes in VARC and DILR in an otherwise was pretty easy paper.

Varc-50 (18c/6w) itne low attempts Lrdi-40 (14c/3w) aise ho Gaya apna Qa-61 (21c/4w) new lows, Kahan kata pata nai Oa-151 below average again. Kab bsdk achce aayenge :(

VARC 46 DILR 41 QA 0(Did not Attempt) Gave the test only for DILR section.But was pretty disgusted seeing 40 qs even after the announcement of pattern remaining same.

VARC  - 40 (28A/15C) No matter what the number of questions are, my score refuses to improve :(

DILR    - 53 (20A/18C)

QA      - 76 (28A/26C)

OA      - 169 (76A/59C) Continues to disappoint

Someone help in VARC ,scored 29 today😓😓😓😓. Its going down day by day. Any suggestion on how to improve ? Should we practice va parts other than summary pj and odd one out?

VARC  -  48 (tough)

DILR   -  43

QA      -  62 (could have done better)

OV- 153

Varc 56 dilr 39 qa 58 Oa: 153

VARC 39 (16C/33A) Horrendous :(  The last couple of RCs had pretty difficult questions 

LRDI 46 (17/22) yeh bhi gya :( 

QA 68 (23/26), only decent score from a very unpleasant mock.   

Overall 153 .. too many wrong attempts in VARC. yeh le doobega :(

Inki nautanki samajh nai aati. Harr saal jab pattern announce ho jata, yeh apna experiment karke dikhate hai! Content developer high rehte hai kya?

Marks bahut kaam aaya iss mocks me Kya karu. Bahut jaada fluctuations ho raha hai score me , 133 se direct 72 paar gir pada hu.

VARC 50 (31A/19C)

DILR  53 (25A/19C)

QA    76(30A/26C).... eghhhh!!!! silly mistakes yet again.... a 80+ section

OA 179

Where can we get the solutions to the official mock?

Varc - 55 (29A/19C) I found the section pretty tough, 40 questions in an hour in this difficulty is not a matter of joke. LRDI - 36 (19A/13C) Paper was kind of on the easy side. Even for someone with a weak LRDI like me, 45+ is definitely achievable. Quant - 72 (27A/24C) I found it somewhat easy. Overall : 163. Need to level up the game. Expecting quite a few 190+ scores.

How long does it take for the solutions to get uploaded after the test window?

AIMCAT 1905 ...

VARC - (25A/14C) = 35 ... Khatarnak pattern tha iska. Actual CAT me itna VA aaya toh lag jayenge... :( ..

DILR - (20A/18C) = 53 ... Statement I/II waale aur attempt ho sakte the....

QA - (23A/20C) = 59 ... Speed in this section is reducing day by day. Kuch karna padega iska ...

OA - (68A/52C) = 147 ... Could not capitalise on the easy QA section in this mock ...

VA/RC - 34 (33A/15C) (VA m bohot galat hua hai) DI/LR - 47 (24A/17C) (Too many errors, should have attempted the statement questions) QA - 55 (22A/19C) (Wasted too much time on unattempted questions in the beginning) OA - 136 QA and DI/LR was pretty easy but couldn't put up good scores.


VARC: 63(22C/32A) (such useless pattern in this mock)

DILR: 45(16C/19A) (Again, unneccesary tinkering with the pattern)

QA: 55 (19C/25A) (was on the easier side but my scores don't reflect the same) QA was feeling like a cakewalk but this score is a shocker! horrendous.

OA: 163 (57C/76A) Yet another bad performance with just a month to go. Need to work upon my QA.

Do you know if CAT had ever deviated from the sample mock pattern? 

How many of you want this kind of pattern in real CAT? :P 

  • Yeah, I want something new.
  • Hell No!

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