[2018] TIME AIMCAT 1901 (16th November to 19th November)

This group is to post scores and percentiles and discuss test taking strategies, doubts and queries for AIMCAT 1901

VARC - 73 (25C/31A) - Accuracy got screwed up a little. Otherwise, a very good paper and extremely similar to CAT 17 - easy RCs, tough VA. more or less satisfied DILR - 27 (9C/9A) - I found it to be on the tougher side.Regardless could have done another set, but for a stupid mistake i made while solving one set which cost me (a lot of) time. Not sure if I'll clear the cut off but it's fine. Just a not-so-good day. 16+ attempts should yield an excellent percentile on this paper imo QA - 50 (18C/22A) - very easy paper; disappointed with my score here. 75+ easily achievable. OA - 150 - Bittersweet end to the AIMCAT journey. Would've been nice to end on a high, but I guess I'm keeping my best for the last. just hope all of us here have the best mock on 25th. Good luck!

42/36/72-150 (lrdi should have been 48 :( ) Started with 140 Net improvement 10 marks raw. FML

VARC - 61 (28A/21C) Easy RCs and a difficult VA

DILR   - 44 (16A/15C) Faced some time management issues. Had to redo a complete set because I'd misinterpreted some data

QA     - 92 (32A/31C) Simple and straightforward

OA     - 197 (76A/67C) Feels good to end the AIMCAT season with a decent score. Hope to carry this till 25th. All of you guys have been great fun to interact with. It's been a fun filled journey and I genuinely hope all of us give our best shot on 25th November. All the best to each and every one of you :)

Guys, this is not related to this Aimcat. But I want to ask you one thing. Those "Additional high quality Cat Level Sectionals" that Time has made available, I tried giving their VARC's, and found them neither Cat level, nor high quality. The passages were far lengthier than the norm: 3 question passages are the length of 6 question ones, and 6 question passages were twice as long as they come in Cat. Plus majority of them are really taxing on the mind to read. Opinions?


  • 120-140
  • 200+
  • 180-200
  • 160-180
  • 140-160
  • <100
  • 100-120

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Aimcat 1901 is really demotivating before cat. ..

Can anyone please provide SIMCAT 16 Test link...

VA/RC 45 LRDI 32 QA 45 OA - 122, quant mein attempt hi nahin badh rhe 😐

AIMCAT 1901 ...

VARC - (29A/24C) = 68 ...Good to get my highest VARC score of the Mock season 8 days before CAT...

DILR - (23A/18C) = 52 ...Attempts were OK, but wrongs should have been less...

QA - (29A/26C) = 77 ...85+ was possible. But still a good one to end the AIMCAT season...

OA - (81A/68C) = 197 ...Good to end the AIMCAT seson with my highest score till now...




oa-126( just sad to end this aimcat with this scores :( )

All the best to everyone , May you all get your dream B-school 😄 

Started with 192... Ending with 168....! 1901 felt very Easy.... I don't think CAT 2018 would be this Easy but I couldn't score well Bloody disappointed.... Demotivated..... And Sad! QA which was my strong zone.... Well that's the scenario.... It was..... Varc... Was never good at it.... Dilr is as incosistent as Ranbir Kapoor's relationships!! Varc 50 Dilr 46 Qa 72 Oa 168.... Ending it on a very sad note! And I'm losing hope that I could make into top 5 B-Schools. All the best Everyone!

Varc : 65 (28A/ 23C) DILR : 44 (16A/15C) QA : 56 (21A/19C) OA : 165 (65A/57C) Could've been better. A happy ending, nevertheless. Wishing everyone all the luck. I hope none of us require posting scores here, ever again. . Chak de fatte!

OA - 200 (68C/77A) - Looks fine on the top but cracks are there inside. easily a 210+ mock. Confidence toh vaise bhi high h but targets are even higher isliye ye score isn't enough. :| VARC- 81 (28C/34A)- Huge confidence booster. Just before the exam. DILR- 33 (11C/11A) - Achilles heel does it again. Found sets to be really tough but also made a really silly mistake and had to leave that set completely. Easily 45+ section. :( QA- 86 (29C/32A). Silly mistakes at it again. Easily 90+ section. And thoda revision is needed.

VARC 67 DILR 38 5 incorrect attempts making matters worse QA 93 OA 198 could have done better...but doesn't really matter

VARC 37 Back to square one

DILR 42 (9 wrong !! - could have been a high scoring one)

QA 82 

OA 161 

I don't know what to do now, so close to CAT and I'm scoring like this. 

Any advice to maintain the stability, coz lately I've been literally shitting in one of the sections but now it's 2 in this mock.

Hi, were the passage length of RCs on the same lines with past CAT year exams?


VARC- 41 (17C/27A) (What did I do!)

DILR- 68 (23C/24A) (Happy)

QA- 77 (26C/30A)


VA - 66

DILR - 40

QA - 89

OA - 195.

All the best friends. 

I hope everyone nails CAT.

Adios amigos :)

VA/RC - 62 (32A/23C)

LR/DI - 36 (23A/14C) ( felt confident doing the sets dont know what went wrong)

QA - 73 (33A/26C) (It was a pretty easy section, seems like I made too many blunders)

OA -171 (Again VA/RC is the only positive I could take from the mock)