[2018] IMS SIMCAT 8 Centre Proctored (17th August to 21st August)

This thread is to post scores and percentiles and discuss test-taking strategies, doubts, and queries for IMS SIMCAT 8 [2018].

SIMCAT 8 test link.

VA         55 (30/21)  Was on the easier side

DILR      22 (10/8)    Was tough

QA        43 (17/15)  Easy but I am too slow

OA        120 Long way to go 

Link for SIMCAT 8??

Simcat 8 test link please. TIA

Can someone kindly help with the simcat8 link??? 

http://myimsv2.imsindia.com/simcat-8-2018ldfgjb80578mndsf84ynflk/   mock link

VARC 28A 18C-46(easier than the last one but could not cross 50)

LRDI(20A 16C)-46-tough one

QA-26A 19A-53(worst of the season-probably after such lrdi mind got choked)

OA 145(another average performance,with varc under control it seems I can start preparing the other two now)

VERBAL    61

DILR  42

QUANT 53 again average score in quant

OA 156  ,overall slightly above average score.

VARC - 42 (16C/7W) Happy with a 40 after last 2 sub 20 performances :P

DILR   - 36(12C/0W) Tough,tough one. Just couldn't solve any more

QA     -  61(21C/4W) Though it was not very difficult, the questions were very time consuming

OA     - 139(49C/11W) Caps off a not so great weekend



QA 11

OA 81

Please help me! I'm not able to do better in QA consistently! DILR was tough, spent too much time on one set and screwed it up, but I know I can do better there. Not able to take QA scores up for some reason! Any help will be greatly appreciated please!

VARC: 46: after 99.8 and 99.23 in the last two days, this 46 is sad DILR: 22: Apna DILR toh waise hi kharab rehta hai, uske upar aise sets doge toh yahi hoga QA: 55: Easily 70+ aa sakte the, but was very tired and had lost interest because of the horrible DILR OA: 123: First <99 percentile in SimCATs this season

SIMCAT 8 - and in latest news, the plane that flew above the clouds last week comes crashing down! 

VARC : 55 (easier than simcat 7, should have been above 60) 

DILR : 25 (My Achilles heel, pata ni kya hi ho jaata hai iss section mein😭😭) 

QA : 50 (ab ye bhi dhoka dene laga hai, need to brush up on my numbers and geometry solving skills) ye bi na rha toh kya hi rha😭😭 

OA : 130 (Aise toh na ho payega kuch) |50 marks short| 

Need urgent help in DILR.


VARC-(27A/17C):  44

DILR-(18A/16C):  47

QA-(20A/15C):  43  Poor Speed and Accuracy

OA-(65A/48C):  134






VARC - 45 (17C/25A) - Too slow in an easy section. Need to work on increasing speed...

DILR - 39 (13C/17A) - Satisfied with DILR for the first time in this mock season...

QA - 50 (17C/21A) - okayish. should have solved atleast 3-4 more questions from the familiar question types.

OA - 134 (47C/63A).. Hoping to cross the 97pc barrier in SIMCATs. ( it definitely looks better than 136 in SIMCAT 7 ).

Simcat 8 VRC - 70 LRDI - 29 QA - 70 OA - 169 (Any idea about approx percentile ? )

VARC - 65

DILR - 21


OA - 146


someone suggest some tips for LRDI 

I'm able to solve every set when there is no time limit just not able to solve them in mock window :( 

And the run of bad performance performance continues Varc-58 Lrdi-41 Qa-53 (biggest disappointment as i didnt even solve a few question because of time mismanagement) Oa-152 (afraid it will be even worse than simcat 7 rank)

VA 25c/33a =69 finally accuracy back to normal DILR 6c/7a =17 worst ever. I don't know when it'll start improving. QA 22c/23a = 66 satisfied but could have reached 70s OA 152 it was a tough mock but somewhat of a relief after a disastrous aimcat. Please Any tips for Dilr!