[2018] IMS SIMCAT 7 Self Proctored (10th August to 13th August)

This thread is to post scores andpercentiles and discuss test-takingstrategies, doubts, and queries for IMS SIMCAT 7 [2018].

VARC: 45 DILR: 64 QA: 52 OA: 161 VARC and QA get worse, DILR gets massive improvement. Overall a bad mock :(

Test link anyone?

VARC - 17(10C/17W) Why does CAT have a VARC section? 😪 DILR - 62( 21C/3W) Glad I didn't ruin this after my VARC paper QA - 77 (26C/2W) Steady OA -156( 57C/ 22W) Not a great start to the weekend

VARC - 37 kyu Bhai? Kya Bhai? TIPS DEDO koi LRDI - 46 SCREWED given the LOD Quant - 62 average. OA - 144 DOOM :(( Tips dedo koi Yaar, VARC aur LRDI k

Somebody pls post the test link

Simcat 7 link anyone?


VARC : 21C/31A 57

DILR : 13C/20A 34

QA : 20C/28A 54

OA : 145

Any review for the same?

VARC 37 ( I'm sick and tired of IMS' VARC) DILR 42 (Did 5 sets though) QA 47 ( lot to improve ) OA : 125

VA 1   -_-


QA 58 

OA 101

Please help how to improve? Is it just me who found VA tough :’(

VA: 32 (15C/33A) :( (My strongest section lol)  . WTF from 99.70 in SIM6 to this. RCs were really bad to read especially for someone who doesn't have a habit of reading :P 

DILR: 54 (19C/22A) Improvement here

QA: 47 (17C/24A) Bad Speed as well as Accuracy(someone help me please)

OA: 133 . Again a Bad mock with so little time left for CAT

Varc - 41 Lrdi-68 Qa-56 terrible varc and qa, decent lrdi, too slow in qa didnt look at a few question, horribke accuracy in varc overall pretty bad oa-165

VARC  30

DILR   55


OA  153

Seriously yaar kuch naya nai tha iss baar bhi DILR mai , 45 min baad set karne ka man nai kia , left(bekar that Mock) useless

VARC - 33 (14C/29A) Weird RC's DILR - 56 (19C/21A) QA - 56(19C/21A) Overall - 145

VA - 14c/31a=31 lol accuracy toh! Dilr-15c/20a = 42 Pura ek set wrong lag Gaye laude. Qa-20c/23a=57 kabhi 60 ke upar nahi Jane wala Esa lag raha. OA=130 . From 99.85%ile in last mock to here. sab placement Ho janeka aur 24 ghante pubg khelne ka asar hai.





Any suggestions please

Comparison of LOD with respect to simcat 6.

 VARC:19A/9C - 17

LRDI:15A/15C- 45

QA:14A/8C   - 19


Please give suggestion for Quant.

Did not finish the syllabus yet.

using arun sharma.

VARC 35(16C, 32A) DILR 61 (21C, 28A) QA 78(27C, 30A) OA 174

Varc- 51 (Should not be attempted after a long gap 😑) Dilr- 66 QA- 60 (Attempted geometry for the first time and failed; atleast 10 short) Total- 177