[2018] IMS SIMCAT 6 Proctored (27th July to 31st July)

This thread is to post scores andpercentiles and discuss test-takingstrategies, doubts, and queries for IMS SIMCAT 6 [2018].

simcat 6 link please

VARC - 23A/19C - 53(Taking too long to read RC)

DI LR - 16A/16C - 48(Must learn to pick the right sets)

QA    - 23A/21C - 62(Wakeup call. Might have been complacent)

OA    - 163(Should only go up from here)

can someone please share the test link? TIA

VARC - 43 (17C/13W) Still figuring out ways to tackle this DILR - 45 (16C/6W) Got a full set wrong, probably. QA - 75 (25C/1W) Too many geometry questions reducing the attempts :P OA- 163(58C/20W) Work in progress

Was it a particularly tough one? I found dilr to be really tough this time around. Varc seemed easy and quant was easy if well versed with basics (haven't revised quant yet, have given the mocks based on what i remember from last year).

 Oa- 130 


Dilr: 19 (consistently poor performance in dilr, can't do anything but practice) 

QA: 53 ( my egotistic ass wasted 15 mins on 3 questions and still was able to solve just 2 of them) could have been over 65 easily 

Any suggestions on what to do for DILR except practice more and more sets? P.s. will be completing my quant revision by tomorrow.

Link please anyone ☹️

simcat6 link .. ??? this does not have take home option

VARC: 49 ab toh varc bhi gaya DILR: 33 QA: 61 OA: 143 What the hell?

VA  31

DILR  37


OA 124

Varc- 51(33A/20C) terrible Lrdi - 61(25A/21C) Qa-66 (28A/23C) OA- 178 ( again average performance just cant seem to be able to improve beyond i)

VARC 59 (31A, 22C) DILR 57(20A, 19C) QA 65(24A, 22C) too much geometry and bad time management OA 181

VARC 25..Getting carried away by trickier options or...?

DILR 33,wasn't dat tough as few previous simcats.

QA 77 Too much of geometry,which is not required as far as cat level is concerned.

OA 135

VARC- 52 (20C/30A)

DILR- 60 (21C/26A)

QA- 68 (24C/29A)

OA- 180 (65C/85A)

VARC - 58 LRDI - 1 (I dont know what's happening 😭) QA - 66 OA -127

Can anyone please share the link. There is no link available for people who dont have option of take home mode. Please share link. Thanks.

VARC 53 (20C 30A)

DiLr 22(9C 17A)  (From 62 in SimCat 1 to this)

Qa 56(19C 21A)

OA 131 

VARC- 55. (33A/21C) (Too hard) DILR- 35. (14A/12C). (Poor performance continues. Just can't get speed in this section) QA- 58. (23A/20C). (Maths bhii doob gyee ab) OA- 148 Aise toh na hogaa kuch

People scoring 50+ in Varc please tell me how u all approach an RC , means passage first or questions , time taken ,and other things u do... Please do comment , really in need 🤒

VA/RC - 24 (34A/13C) (no comments 😢😢) DI/LR - 32 (20A/12C) (don't know what went wrong) QA - 83 (31A/28C) (the saving grace in an otherwise terrible mock)) OA - 139 (need to work upon a few strategies)