[2018] IMS SIMCAT 4 Proctored (6th July to 10th July)

This thread is to post score, percentile, doubts, queries, and discuss mock taking strategies for IMS SIMCAT 4 [2018].

Is the website/api down? Iam unable to book a slot!

Is there anyway to give simcat 4 from home , since in slot option only test centre booking is being displayed??

Post the link of the test here tomorrow

Link please

Link anyone!

Can someone share the test link? TIA

SimCAT 4 reviews people?

VA 42



OA 165 


VARC 59 (34A, 23C) DILR 50 (18A,17C) QA 73 (28A, 25C) OA 182

VA/RC - 34 (29A/15C) ( one kucch nhi ho Sakta) DI/LR - 62(23A/21C)(was about to finish a set) QA - 72 (28A/24C)(should have attempted 2-3 more) OA -168 (80A/60C)

VARC 34 DILR 69 QA 60 OA 163

Kisi ke pass 2IIM ke videos ho to please message me.

VA/RC :- 30A/16C : 37 (The passages seemed doable, but the score was a surprise. Would be an interesting analysis)

LR/DI :- 27A/27C : 81 (Wow. One of those days when everything I did, turned out correct)

Quant :- 30A/26C : 75 (Same score as AIMCAT 1918. Don't know what to make of this)

O/A :- 87A/69C : 193 (Another Verbal letdown. But happy with LR/DI progress and Quant consistency)

Simcat 4 : OA 77 (26/1/50) . Totally dejected. Don't know what to do

What is the best source for practising Verbal Ability questions?

VARC 43 (such a lengthy paper) DILR 30 (slow) QA 51 ( slow) OA 124 (slow and steady)





Simcat difficulty level relative to cat17