[2018] IMS SIMCAT 16 Proctored (16th November to 20th November)

This group is to post scores and percentiles and discuss test taking strategies, doubts and queries for SIMCAT 16

Test Link please

Test Link please

Link Please

Overall - 181 (78A/63C)

VARC - 83 (34A/29C)

DILR - 49 (22A/17C)

QA - 49 (22A/17C)

Was there negative marking for TITA quesions ?

Link Please?

Link anyone?

55/36/49 OA 140

Test link anyone?

Can anyone share the link please..

link please?


Koi link kyun ni de rha iss baar:-(


VARC: 66 (24/32) Poor accuracy :(

DILR: 55 (19/23) called for a 60+ score 😢 

QA: 61 (21/27) Blunder! 6W at this point of preparation is unacceptable!

OA: 182 (64/82) It was easy and I spilled the milk, need to do better than that! Hope D day won't be such!

SIMCATs done, last AIMCAT to go!

VARC :- 32A/27C = 78 (Hope I can replicate this a week later)

LRDI :- 32A/30C = 89 (Ridiculous level of paper so close to CAT. Completed the section with ~5 minutes still left on the clock. And yes, repeated sets continue to appear. I remember seeing at least 2 sets before)

Quant :- 30A/27C = 80 (This has stagnated in the 80-85 range)

O/A :- 94A/84C = 247 (Wasn't even in the right frame of mind while attempting this mock. Even for this difficulty level, the score seems to be beyond me. For sure. Wrote the entire test on auto-pilot mode. Cannot even call this a confidence booster)

PS: Completely unrelated to this, but I would like to say it. CAT is just an exam. Yes, it can play a decisive role for career paths, but life is much more than that. Life is short and unpredictable. Have learned it the hard way this week. So my advice to everyone would be to enjoy this time and not stress themselves out too much wrt CAT. Yes, future should be in our focus. But not without leaving sight of the present. Cheers & Good Luck to everyone out here!  

please share link

VA - 84 

LRDI - 52 

 QA- 68 

OA- 204 

Last mock of the season. Had great fun discussing various things with everyone. 

All the Best for D-Day 

How is this mock compared to CAT 2017 or 2016 ?



dont know what went wrong is QA ,,, a 160+ paper for sure

VARC 83 DILR 70 QA 89 OA 242 All the best to everyone for CAT :)