[2018] IMS SIMCAT 15 Proctored (31st October to 4th November)

This group is to post scores and percentiles and discuss test taking strategies, doubts and queries for SIMCAT 15

VARC - 76 (27C/32A) - pretty manageable 

DILR - 57 (19C/19A) - really easy section, if someone like me is solving 5 sets - scores will flood in this section this time 

QA - 47 (16C/17A) - Only section that disappointed me in this mock. 

OA - 180 (62C/68A) - Good accuracy but attempts should have been way higher (especially in quant)

VARC - 45 (16C/5W) (tried a new strategy by starting off with va. spent 25 minutes on that due to which ended up missing out on 2 passages...need to be vigilant about this in the future)

DILR - 27 (10C/4W) (such an easy section it was. wasted half an hour on the first set. huge mistake... should have let go after 7-8 minutes max. hopefully such a catastrophe doesnt take place on the d day. at least 20 marks short here.)

QA - 21 (8C/5W) (what do i have to do improve in this? the more i try to be accurate,the worse it gets. need to get at least 15-16 correct consisitently)

OA - 93 (34C/14W) 


VARC- 56 (33A/21C) Thoda aur khichna h isme DILR - 65 (24A/22C) Surprisingly easy ! QA- 54 (24A/19C) Let down :-/ OA- 175 (81A/62C) ..Many will score 200 plus.. Confidence booster from Ims :)

VARC :- 32A/25C = 70 (Yeh kya ho raha hai 😂  Easy, yes. But getting a 70 in a SIM is no less than a miracle for me 😂)

DILR :- 29A/29C = 87 (Abe yaar. Misread some information in a set and wasted time in it. 96 hona chahiye tha yeh toh)

Quant :- 20A/18C = 53 (Give up kar diya difficulty dekhke. Didn't even complete the section. Round 1 karke submit. But good to see a tough Quant section. Yeh CL de deke easy ki aadat ho gayi hai. This was an unpleasant surprise but a much needed one. Eye opener at the correct time)

O/A :- 81A/72C = 210 (DILR ka 9 & Quant ka 12-15 milake at least 20 short here. Expecting the top score to be in 240s)

PS: Still awaiting the day jab teeno sections ek saath achhe jaaye. Hopefully 25th November will be that day.

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VARC    52 (34A, 21C) (Isme bhi bura performance)

DILR   59 (22A ,20 C)  ( Isme  Topper ka 96/96 hi aayega)

QA     51 (19A,17C)  ( Submitted 15 minutes earlier,give up kar diya seeing the difficulty,  TIME and CL QA ka bad habit ho gaye,jisme khoon chusne nhi padhte itna laane k liye, but nevertheless an eye opener )

OA    162(75 A,58 C)  (Below par,considering the difficulty level)

SimCAT 15 ...

VARC - (32A/23C) = 62 ... Gajab ho gaya. SimCAT VARC me itna kaise aa gaya...

DILR - (24A/23C) = 69 ... Itna easy to nahi aane wala CAT me...

QA - (21A/19C) = 55 ... Started the section well. Was drifted away by 2-3 hard questions in second half. Should have skipped those questions...

OA - (77A/65C) = 186 ... Crossed 180 for the first time. Many people are going to score 250+

VARC- (25A/20C) - 56 DILR- (24A/24C) - 72 QUANT- (16A/14C) - 41 TOTAL - (65A/58C) - 169

VARC - 42

LRDI - 70

QA - 54 

OA - 166

53/65/54 Teeno section mein subpar marks... :((

VARC - 75 (Looked easy, should've been better given the LOD)

LRDI - 66 (The second half hour was shambolic. 15 marks short here at the very least)

QA - 67 (Again a bit short. Most difficult of all 3 sections)

OA - 208 (The demands are such that without a 220+ score, things don't look that good. Also, morning slots suck)


LRDI-73(25C/28)...Super easy..

QA-42(15C/19A)...Dhoka dediya dost ne..


VARC -  73 

LRDI - 71 

QA - 62 

OA. 206 

Second last mock should have had a proper lrdi difficulty 

Can the level of quant be compared with the actual cat 2016?

VA/RC - 47(33A/20C) (People scoring high in this section could help)

DI/LR - 81(28A/27C) (Wasted a lot of time after misreading a statement in the Dice question, was short of a minute due to that in the last set)

QA - 67 (26A/23C) (Couldn't complete the first round, got stuck on 2 questions, Got to get over this ego issue 😂 )

OA - 195 (Was deinitely a 210+)

VARC 70 DILR 67 QA 52 OA 189

Varc 77 (34A, 27C) Dilr 60 (20A, 20C) QA 28 (20A, 11C) OA - 165 Urgh, the abusive relationship with Simcat Quants continues! Was the difficulty a notch higher or was it just me? Ps- This was a bittersweet one as OA it’s my personal best but I doubt I will be clearing the Quants cutoff.

VARC 75(26/30)- ridiculously easy options in RC and an easy VA.

DILR 48 (16/16)- Was an easy section but it's my achille's heel... Even then ~20 would have been a plausible attempt even for me!

QA 37 (13/17)- Was unwell and absolutely wanted to get up at this point so I am judging myself lightly here, still this section was slightly tougher.

VaRc 69 DiLr 72 Qa 55 (last 10 minutes, 0 score, loved the LOD) OA 196