[2018] IMS SIMCAT 10 Proctored (7th September to 11th September)

This group is to post scores and percentiles and discuss test taking strategies, doubts and queries for SIMCAT 10

Link please



QA 53

OA 122

RC batao koi! 😢 

Link please


Hey everyone !! I have a query, if someone could clear this up for me, it would really help a few people like me who are out there.

So can someone explain the scaling that occurs in the CAT exam ?? Is it a scale up or a scale down ?? Or neither ?? Is it true that there are people who attempt more and their scores get enhanced by a large margin ?? By large I mean anything beyond 7-8 marks.

There's a testomony by a guy online who says he attempted all his questions in DI LR,in cat 2017 slot 1, got 24 correct and 8 wrong, but a scaled score of around 80. He has his scorecard to back up this fact. and he's not bluffing ppl.

Is there some secret formula for scaling that I am not aware of and others are ?? How does difficulty level play up in this scaling thing ??

Can someone shed some light on this ??

thanks in advance !! :)

 VARC 34 (I used to be good at this section Aukaat dikha di hai IMS walo ne :( ) 

LRDI 48 (Should have been easy ~60 but in last 15 mins couldn't crack that fruit set where prices where consecutive integer...though I know the logic and most probably answer too because it came last year's Simcat too :P but life sucks)

QA 53 (got stuck in many speed breakers but still it's improving bit by bit) 

OA 135. Another below par performance

VARC - 4 (this is worst score I have ever got in VARC, no clue how to improve) LRDI- 55 (I think I made mistake in one complete set) QA- 57 ( could have been better, but it's okay)

VARC - 24 (this was the toughest that I have come across

LRDI - 69 (some sets repeated from previous years)

QA - 50 (poor accuracy)

VARC section was just above my aukkat. do let me know if someone else also feels the same :(

Anyone who attempted simcat 10 please tell how many sets in DILR was doable and was attempt ones. I found the set selection very hard and could complete 2 and 3rd set partially. I need to improve on my set selection. Please tell which sets you did to cross 3 or 4 sets

VARC - 23 (10C/11W) Nothing is working here 

DILR   - 71 (24C/4W)   4 wrong kidhar ho gaye :(

QA     - 60 (20C/2W)  Has the difficulty of QA been on the rise or have I started becoming complacent?

OA    - 154 (54C/17W) :(

VARC - 43(17C/13W)

DILR - 55(19C/3W)

QA - 46(17C/10W)

OA- 144(53C/26W) :( 





VARC 28(28A, 13C) DILR 63(24A, 21C) QA 74 (26A, 25C) OA 165

Link anyone?

Don't know why my SIM scores are going a steep downslide.

VARC    39  (24A,16 C) (Don't know what's going wrong these days)

DILR     31  (13A,11C)

QA      33   (17A, 12C)  ( 5 mistakes in this type of paper is unpardonable,that too,at the closing stages)

OA  103(54A,39C)

Pretty much below par performance.

VARC 33 (15C, 16W)

DILR 52 (18C 6W)

QA 57 (19C 0W)

OA 142 (52C 22W) 

VARC - 38 

LRDI  - 60

QA - 50 

OA - 148



qa- 39


I don't know what's happening..... LRDI seemed too easy today... Attempted 31 (didn't solve a set so 3 question of that were understandably wrong) but man.... 19 correct only... 2 whole sets gone wrong somehow.... Same disappointing accuracy in other 2 sections... VARC 30 LRDI 48 QA 54 OA 132 STATUS: Disappointed

VARC- 34 (15C,14W) I swear to god I hate this section. You can score 72 in this on one day and next day, you see this 😫 Scored 34 in Simcat 9 too. IMS waale kyaa gandii le rhe hain, confidence kii dhajjiyaan udaa dee. I honestly don't know what to do :( DILR- 63 (21C/4W) No complaints, it was an easy section, probably should have scored 10 more, but this is good enough QA- 57 (20C/4W) Aaaah! This section is still underperforming. But it is a work in progress. Atleast it's not fluctuating like VARC. OA- 154 Well below par, easily a 175+ paper but VARC had other plans today :(