[2018] IMS PreCAT (28th October 2018)

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Guys the DILR set on Countries and ranks, it said a person got all the ranks right apart from NZ, how is it possible?

Please comment on the section-wise difficulty of slot 1. Also mention how many questions u guys attempted in each section?

SLOT 2? How many attempts in QA, DILR?

Scholarship Set in DILR SLOT 2 ate up my DILR whole......

Anyone has any idea regarding the number of applicants for this pre cat?

Hey guys. Anyone interested in buying Time's Aimcat series? I have plenty of Aimcat's left unattempted. There are also mocks for other exams such as IIFT,NMAT etc. I'm looking to sell it at a low price. Please DM me for more details.

Just saw a post on fb that all Pre-CAT questions were from 2015 Simcats. Had to check myself. Don't you guys think this it sheer negligence by IMS?

For accessing score card - https://g21.digialm.com/EForms/configuredHtml/2145/58431/login.html

Where can we find the solutions for this test? 

Guys post your score and %ile in this thread. 

my score - 80%ile @ 114

Slot 1

VA 85.58 (99.35)

DI LR- 48.63 (95.04) (Attempted 12 in this)

QA - 43.68 (88.29)

OA - 177.89 (98.22)

Seems like Slot 1 DI LR got scaled up massively.

Slot 1 Varc - 73.85(96.34%ile)(some next level scaling 😂) Dilr - 13.08(40.57%ile) (shit) Qa - 20.12(58.92%ile) (Kill me) Overall - 107.06(76.62%ile) Some miracle needs to happen in order to turn this around in 19 days...

58.24/41.14/67.72 = 167.09 = 97.3% Slot 2

Pdf no. 2801 :/

Bhai Shouldn't we get our Raw scores? How will we evaluate? I don't remember all the answer I marked

Slot 2 Varc 54.72 (81.10 %ile) Dilr 56.27 (97.81 %ile) (Attempted 14!) QA 32.25 (77.06 %ile) (Dont know what happened here) OA 143.24 (91.85 %ile)

 Slot 2   Varc 80.53 (98.29 %ile) Dilr 20.33 (57.89 %ile)  QA 56.97 (95.58 %ile)   OA 157.83 (95.52 %ile)

 lage raho

40 60%ile 48 95%ile 48 91%ile 136 89.5%ile (Slot 1) Looks like LRDI score is scaled up to 1.2-1.3X

Hi guys, Could you please help me out - Where can we find the solutions? I am not able to view the same in the portal. 

51 77%ile 32 81%ile 35 79%ile Overall 118.61 82.51%ile 1st shift Pdf no. 1235