[2018] CL MOCK CAT 17 (All India Open Mock 2) [26th October to 28th October]

This group is to post scores and percentiles and discuss test taking strategies, doubts and queries for CL Mock Cat 17

VARC :- 27A/17C = 44 (Tough. Was cautious. Expected better accuracy here)

LRDI :- 25A/20C = 56 (Repeated sets. But still tough. And lengthy. And the accuracy kills)

Quant :- 31A/26C = 75 (Not tough. But again, accuracy)

O/A :- 83A/63C = 175 (Worst CL Mock performance. Tough, yes. But I guess afternoon slot ko used to hone mein time lagega. These many incorrect are not acceptable. It is going to be a fight for the next month)

VARC - 37 (25A/15C)- Tabiyat itni kharaab thhi ki saale RC k questions hi samajh nahi aa rahe thhe. Still should have done better. Only VA was difficult. DILR- 32 (19A/12C)- I thought it was easy. But apna result and logo ka dekhkar lag raha h difficult hi hoga. QA - 82 (31A/28C) - only positive from this mock. Accuracy pehli Baar itni achhi rahi. OA- 151 (75A/55C) - viral ne VARC dooba diya Varna iss baar 170+ score would have taken me to Top20 again I guess.

VARC 36( Toughest VARC till date) LRDI 30 QA 67 OA 133( Average score)

VARC 45 (22A/16C).... Very Tough

DILR  49(20A/17C)...... Moderate

QA    90(34A/31C)...... Very Easy 

OA 184

VARC 37 (31A/16C) thought I did well, guess not! DILR 34(14A/12C) QA 77(28A/26C) OA 148

When will the percentiles and solutions be available

Guys , How do you find the difficulty level of the various session of CL all India mock -2?

Difficulty comparison of LRDI All India mock cat 2 vs CAT 17 (more difficult):

  • AIMC2>CAT 17
  • CAT 17 >AIMC2
  • similar level

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Is analysis out?

Hello friends , What's your views on all India mock ? Percentile vs marks , is it in accordance with actual CAT ?

Yaar Career launcher waale toh beizzati krne prr utar aaye. Before u click anaysis, u have to click "Start B-School Selection" aur list mein ek bhii IIM nhii. Lovely ke liye settle krnaa pdega kya? Can anyone share whether this is just coz of my bad performance or did no one see any IIMs in the list?

how many students appeared for this mock? Doesn't CL provide the ranks? :-/ 

Varc 41 Di lr 24 improvement required Qa 65 130.

Comparison for QA CL All India Mock  2 and QA 2017

  • QA (CL All India Mock 2) = QA (2017)
  • QA (CL All India Mock 2) < QA (2017)
  • QA (CL All India Mock 2) > QA (2017)

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