[2018-2020] OFFICIAL IIM Sambalpur Admission Queries

Greetings from the Media Cell of IIM Sambalpur. Inviting all the aspirants to join this group for admission related queries




10th - 85.6

12th - 78.16 %

Graduation - 76%

Overall - 89.92

Quant - 90.98

LRDI - 89.94

VARC - 78.04

Workex - 18 months in Infosys (Developer)

Don't have good acads, but have good extra curriculars 

P.S - Unexpected percentile (Slot 2 victim) 😂 

Any hope of call ?

Cat OA-91%ile ( sectionals above 80) X/XII/BTech 83/81/78 NC OBC Fresher acc to cat form Can I expect a call? Wat are my chances for conversion if I have a decent pi

OA CAT PERCENTILE - 81.05 ( NC-OBC) [ VA-74, DILR-84, QA- 79] X- 88%, XII-78%, B.E- 80% (WILL PASSED OUT IN 2018) .... MALE.. FRESHER..   WHAT ARE MY CHANCES?


CAT OA - 79.80   


VA - 65.70 DILR - 93.10 QA - 74.35

X - 90.6%,  XII - 83,  GRADUATION - 64.7% male/engineering student  DO I HAVE CHANCES OF GETTING A CALL?  

My profile : CAT Oa : 95.85. Va,dilr,qa all 90+ X : 90.76 XII : 77.5 GRAD : 66.7. 2 years experience in IT (till Feb 2018)..What are my chances ?

What was batch strength of 2017-2019 batch... and the expected batch strength of 2018-2020 batch?

My profile: CAT Oa:96.06 ,VA:89,DI:94.7,QA:95.7. 10th 92.5,12th 95.7 and B.E. final year present percentage 76.5(73 when applied). What are my chances to get a call? please let me know.


CAT OA-95.16,







work ex - 24 months,

Chances of a call or conversion for that matter?

 I am NC-OBC candidate My cat score is  oa-72.12 va-66.52 dilr-60.39 qa-78.95 10th 75 % 12 th 76% , btech-72% work ex (it): 25 months Is there any chance to get a call from iim sambalpur

till which month does iim Sb calculate the work ex?

is the shortlist out? if not, when is the expected tentative date? 

I have been selected for pgp course for IIM Lucknow Admission policy in IIM Sambalpur states for people selected for older IIM scores will not be taken and only CAP scores will e considered for final merit list. Will I have to appear for CAP process? Can someone please provide some clarity

Check out shortlisted candidates for WAT/PI in this link https://cap2018.iimrohtak.ac.in/

@admins won't there be any EML calls this year?

Dear Admin, I have got 21 months experience as a Research Assistant at West Bengal University of Technology. In CAP online form its been mentioned that we need to bring all payslips but we have been paid in check, no payslips has been given. So what should I do ?

Hi, I have got OA:94.08, General. Above 90 in all three sections. Didn't get through the shortlist. Any idea about how much was the cut-off for this shortlist?

CAT OA 86, VA 94, QA 76, DI LR 69, 10/12/B.COM- 95/96.4/81, FEMALE, OBC. No work ex. Age 21 years. Chances of final conversion? How are the opportunities at IIM Sambalpur for Freshers in the specialisation of Finance?

Is IIM SBP shifting to a different campus(Sambalpur University campus) this year?


Guys please update this tracker will help us all in tracking calls and in decision making at later stage..TIA


and do share as much as you can..