[2018-20] IIM Shillong Admission Queries

What are the timings of getting mails??who all got the calls can you please comment below?

What is the sectional cutoff for IIM Shillong General category ?

For general category, what was the CAT score and percentile for those who got the mail!!

Hi @IIM_Shillong CAT-98.02 VA-94.15 LRDI-86.55 QA-99.02 10th/12th/grad-91.7/86.50/7.73(69.8) Workex 31 months.. GEM I didn't get call/mail . Is there any specific reason??

Are all the calls out or are they still coming?

When are the interviews going to be scheduled? On my page it is stated that my interview is going to be from 11th to 24th April. Is it true?

Delhi folks. What are your interview periods?

Cat %ile 97.07 10th/12th %age - 87.4/72.5, no mail. Is it because of my 12th marks ?

What was the lowest  at which a GEM  has got a call from IIM-S???

Shortlist out???

How much is the cat weightage given in the final selection process?

Guys, have all the mail's been received? Or are people getting shortlist mail's in batches?

Guys, it's saying my interview will be between 18-2-2018 to 27-2-2018. When will the final date be given ?

OA 96.91 10/12/engg 89.83/84/78 GEM Anyone in this group with similar score and acads received a call?

Guys want to know the cut off percentile for GEM anyone between 98 and 98.5 received a call from shillong?

bula liya re 🤣🤣

Any one got mail after 8 AM?

I had entered wrong email id while filling up cat form. That's why I haven't received any email regarding GDPI. As there is not link provided on their website. How to check whether I have been called or not? Please help.

Cat-98.3 10th-92.60 12th-88.60 B.Tech-74.78 GEM -No call 😐😐

does IIM shillong consider Grad score?

for initial shortlist?