[2017] TIME AIMCAT 1810 (16th September to 17th September)

This thread is to post scores and percentiles and discuss test-taking strategies, doubts, and queries for TIME AIMCAT 1810 [2017].

 VARC - 32 (12C/8W)

 DILR - 32 (11C/5W) wtf wtf wtf, lag to aisa rha tha ki 4/4 set sahi honge :/

 QA  - 35 (12C/3W)

OA  - 99 (35C/16W) - 99 percentile dekhni thi, total marks nhi... I do not know what just happened with me 

 VARC- 49 (18/28) 

DILR- 21 (8/14)

QA- 25 (9/17) 

OA- 95. How can i transfer the CAT form fees to next year's form? 🙈 

VARC 40 DILR 30 QA 29 OA 99 What was that? :-/

Oa- 92..... 😑😑😑

VARC - 17 (8/20). All-time low. Plunged into an abyss called depression. 

DILR - 36 (12/12). 100% accuracy - the only silver lining in this test.

QA - 25 (9/15). Accuracy has been going down. :(

OA -78. Dismal performance. VARC and DILR keep taking turns to sink me in every AIMCAT while QA remains a constant spectator, laughing at end of the show.

Didn't read instructions. Fir test start hone ke baad 2 min tk refresh krta raha page ye sochkr ki pura load nhi hua h kyunki sirf 28 ques dikh rhe the 😂 

VA -39 

DILR- 32


OA- 101 

Thanks to common cold...Isee bura kya ho skta h

VARC 47(17R/10W) DILR 37(13R/2W) No attempts in the last 20mins QA 31(11R/6W) too lengthy OA 115(41R/18W)

for those who gave cat last year how many data sufficiency questions were there in the exam? I mean is is worth doing the DS quentions on the 2nd set of TIME material?


VARC- 29 (12C,9W) DILR- 28 (10C,2W) QA- 22 (9C,7W) OA- 79 Never thought i'd stoop down to such low levels. From 99.5percentile 2 mocks ago to this. Seems like the more i practice a particular section, the lower i seem to score in that section in the mocks. Could a good soul please help me out with some VARC tips?🙈 this is depressing.

VARC: 16 (24A, 8C) Hahahahahahahahahaha WTH 😂😂 

DILR: 34 (16A, 12C) 

QA: 29 (14A, 10C)

OA: 79 😂 

Ye zakhm kya bhr paega cat tak ? 💢💢🤒🤕


LR:24(even LR was time consuming..couldnt solve a single lr que in first 20 mins)



AIMCAT 1810 -

VARC: 20A/19C = 57 :D 

DILR: 15A/13C = 37 (kaafi time lag gaye ek set pe.. hua bhi nahi end mein)

QA: 17A/12C = 35 :'( (iska dukh sabse zyada hai.. pata nahi kya ho raha hai)

OA: 52A/44C = 129

Short of 15 marks atleast..

VARC 47 (25A, 17C)

DILR 33 (17A, 12C) (How!!!)

QA 31 (17A, 11C)  (Couldn't concentrate ) 😢 😢 

OA 111 (59A, 40C) (New job is really taking toll on my performance)   😢 😢 

This might have been the last AIMCAT for what was supposed to be the last CAT.

Score likhne me bhi sharm aa rhi hai :( 🙈 


VARC - 27A 21C - 61 - VA my weakness...

DILR - 16A 15C - 44 - Change karne hi vala tha ek option ko ki time khatam ho gaya

QA - 18A 14C - 41 - damn! auto-submit.. 

OA - 61A 50C - 146

VA  67 (23C/28A)

DILR  35  (13C/19A)

QA  32  (12C/18A)

OA  134

Hi can invigilated aimcats be given from home?If yes,can someone tell how?


VARC: 34 (14/28)

DILR: 59 (20/21) Only thing probably worth mentioning

QA: 33 (12/17) Couldn't finish

OA: 126 (46/66)