[2017] TIME AIMCAT 1805 (20th October to 24th October)

This thread is to post scores and percentiles and discuss test-taking strategies, doubts, and queries for TIME AIMCAT 1805 [2017].   

VA- 71(37A,25C) LRDI-9(15A,5C) From 99.8 and 99.93 to this! QA-40(20A,14C) OA-120 Another mock wasted.

VA - (27A, 11C) score: 28. Please help what strategies to adapt while going towards VA. I'm not able to push beyond 35 (absolute score) in any of the mocks. Please help!

Why they keep on messing up with the pattern of the paper? 

VARC 52 (35A, 19C)

DILR 31 (18A, 12C) (Were they even passages that could be asked? First 15 minutes were dedicated just to skipping the passages to find any doable passage)

QA 40 (19A, 14C) (And the saga of low scoring continues)

OA 123 (72A, 45C)  

Aimcat 1805

varc 46

dilr 19 karam kaand!

qa 49

OA 114

4th consecutive bad mock!

AIMCAT 1805 VARC 55 LRDI 11 QA 47 OA 113 Lots to improve

 AIMCAT 1805 VARC 55(33A, 21C) LRDI 24(12A, 9C) QA 58(24A, 20C) OA 137

Verbal was easy. LR/DI had a couple of easy ones but the rest took a lot of time. Quant was the most balanced section.

Hey! Sorry this is unrelated to this thread as I couldn't find a thread for my query here. Did anyone give TIME's AIM-SNAP? What is the expected score to get into SIBM or SCHMHRD in SNAP generally? I have no idea. (i scored 70)

I called my time centre, booked a slot for friday, but now they say they cant give the access code, can someone tell me what to do?


VA - 54 (30A/21C) -- Easy RC. Should have scored higher. Low accuracy

LRDI - 14(6A/5C) -- Nice Accuracy :D Identified the two easy sets, but couldnot concentrate because of pressure to do better.

QA - 54 (25A/19C) -- Accuracy bkl :(

OA - 124

VA - 74

DILR - 29  couldnt mark 3 questions at the end

QA - 19   isne zindagi kharaab kar rakhi h

OA - 122

I dont get it why are they experimenting so much with the mock...I didnt want to even attempt it when I saw the pattern in the instructions. 

VARC 49 DILR 17 (Khatra) QA 54 (28A 20C) Cat 16 ki yaad aa gai DILR dete time OA 120

VARC- 60 (21C/4W)  

DILR- 24 (8C/0W)  {Maut tha maut..reminded me of CAT 15. First 30 mins 0   attempts _/\_ }

QA- 45 (16C/4W) 🙌 Easily 10 short

OA- 129 (45C/8W)

VARC (25A, 19C) 52 decent laga muje DILR (12A, 10C) 29 Got stuck at 2 sets very badly. Aur better ho sakta tha ye! QA (22A, 15C) 43. Iska to TITA doob gaya poora! OA: 124 (59A, 44C)

VARC (40A, 28C) 80

DILR (14A, 6C) 12

QA    (26A, 8C) 11

OA (80A, 42C) 103

QA accuracy unimaginably low. 

VARC (40A, 24C) 66, DILR (13A,10C) 29, QA (22A, 17C) 48 OA - 143. Need to improve Varc accuracy and QA attempts... Dilr was of good level, with innovative questions

VARC 41(15/20)

DILR 30(10/11)

QA 54(18/23) tita all out😫

OA 124(43/54) 

VARC- 70 LRDI-30 QA-17 OA-117... My Cat 2016 percentiles were 96,93,68. Overall-93. I had left preparation in October but such a QA score was not at all acceptable. Though i feel more confident this year, my QA scores are still on the lower side. With just a month left, what should be my approach to score atleast a 90%ile in QA?

Can someone please post the link? I have my test code but link is not active yet. TIA!