[2017] TIME AIMCAT 1801 (18th November to 19th November)

This thread is to post scores and percentiles and discuss test-taking strategies, doubts, and queries for TIME AIMCAT 1801 [2017].  

Test Link for AIMCAT 1801 provided by TIME as there site is facing server slowness issue


VARC- 66 (28A, 5W) (extremely easy passages, should have scored more)

LRDI- 52 (24A, 6W) (again, very easy sets, got one set entirely wrong -_______-)

QA- 40 (23A, 8W) (isne dhokha de diya iss bar :( ...overconfidence kills. Have to buck up, bas yahi sahara hai :/ )

OA- 158 

I am pretty sure there will be many many 200+ scores 

VARC: 59 

DILR: 29 (Worst performance! Got two whole sets wrong)

QA: 48 

OA: 136 -_-

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Site is still not working properly :( Never thought TIME will betray CAT aspirants 7 days before the actual exam. 

VARC 48 (28A 18C) DILR 48 (17A 16C) QA 42 (16A 14C) Overall 138 Quite balanced this time :)

VARC 35 (24A, 14C) 

DILR 41 (15A, 14C)

QA 48 (21A, 17C)

OA 124

RC ne duba diya phir se :(

VARC - 54 (20C-11W) This section was very easy. LRDI- 69 (23C-1W) QA-51 (17C-4W) Total- 174.

which is tougher 1802 or 1801?

VA-47(27A,17A) LR-43(23A,16C) QA-69(24A,23C) OA-159 Strong areas hi bekar gye. :/

AIMCAT 1800 ayega kya?




QA 75

Any clue where can i find additional high quality sectional tests which were there in yellow box at homepage before site went down ??? 

Anybody able to login to the website ? The page time4education.com is opening but on entering credentials it either says 'Invalid Username and Password' or shows a blank page. 


DILR   50

QA     63

OA-    167

Posting here because it's the latest thread. How to be get better at solving DI sets which are of difficult level ? e.g., 1) The set of bus tickets and passes for different types of buses, from AIMCAT 1802. 2) The set where A, B and C worked at 3 different companies for different number of years, from SIMCAT 14. Any tip/advice/strategy welcome, for better and faster calculation aspect and also for a better interpretation of the data given in tables, clues, etc. Thank you.

VARC 31 (26A/13C), kaun keh rha tha ki VARC bhot asan hai :/

DILR  52 (21A/18C)

QA     47 (20A/16C) bhot kam hai, this section was way to easy

OA-   130 (67A/47C)

I gave AIMCAT 1801 using the link which TIME had provided. But after the exam, the page said 'Generating Result' and went blank. Do I need to give this exam again??

VARC 29 u are not supporting me DILR 42 not good . puzzled a lot can be done better QA 55 OA 126 not satisfied not more days to do anything


VA - 65 (Easy passages)

DI - 45  (Got 1 set wrong somehow, analysis not done yet)

QA - 42 ( could have been higher)

OA - 152 (Well balanced for me)

Feeling comfortable with my marks after a long time!

@playaa @mayur_arora Guys your tips were quite helpful and helped me perform better in my lacking areas.