[2017] TIME AIM-NMAT-MT1001652 Discussion and Scores [18 September to 20th September]

A group for discussion on the TIME mock for NMAT-1652

NMAT 1652

OA 336

Looks like every question was for 4 marks. Is this a change from the usual format or the scores are scaled later on ? 

LS- 84 LR- 112 QA- 156 OA- 352 The questions have been marked +4 for a correct answer. In NMAT's marking scheme, this score would be 264.


QA-128 :(

LS- 52 shitty


LS - 60 :(

QA - 116

LR - 136

OA - 312

VA 60 kuch to rehm kar liya kar Dilr. 136 Qa 140 kam lage those OA 336 decent


LR-96/160 poor QA-140/192 average  LS- 64/128 poor  OA-300/480 :/ 225/360(NMAT's scale)

LS - 80(20R) LR - 92(23R) QA - 148(37R) OA - 320(80R)

where can i take these mock tests?

Will the actual nmat be tougher than aimnmat?

I am not able to see REVIEW FLAGGED option in NMAT TIME mock tests. can anyone help me out?

how to maintain speed ?

Has anyone taken oliveboard nmat test yet? Was it at par with nmat?

OA- 328 Lr- 100 Qa-140 Va- 88 No idea how the Sectional and overall score is