[2017 - 2019] IMI Dehli (or) IMT-G (or) XIMB (or) SCMHRD?

Could I please have this ranked? Also, the fee and the Average salary of them?

I'm interested in Marketing and my second preference is HR.

I know the disadvantages of these institutes:

IMT-G - the batch size

XIMB - location

SCMHRD - Marketing not as good as HR

Please help.


XIMB: Safe bet,  could easily land in 12LPA packages as the batch is usually inclined towards systems and consulting

IMT: Batch size of 660, most marketing. Good option if you can outperform them.

SCMHRD: Again safe bet, because Pune.


SCMHRD any god damn day.

XIMB will make you choose between HR and BM, which means you can't take marketing and HR at the same time.

In IMT HR guys will be in single digits.

If interested in both, I would probably join SCMHRD. Average salary really depends on how you perform in these colleges. Fee is on the higher side in XIMB. Slightly lower in the other two, but not enough difference to really base your decision on that.

Good luck.