[2017-19] IIM Shillong Final Converts

Greetings from the Public Relations Cell of IIM Shillong!

This is the official thread for final converts to the 2017-19 batch of IIM Shillong.

PS: This page is an initiative by students of IIM Shillong, all updates need to be confirmed with the Institute's Admissions Office before holding IIM Shillong liable.


PR Cell, IIM Shillong

Hi everyone. 

Congratulations to everyone who has converted their calls to IIM Shillong. We look forward to seeing you here.

You may post your queries here or directly on Synapse. We would be more than happy to answer.


Public Relations Cell, IIM Shillong

@IIMShillong I amhaving waitlist 212 and i have to resign from my job right now.please tel me is there any cances or possibility ?

is there any whatsapp or facebook group for the final converts ?

Are the students given single occupancy rooms or double occupancy rooms? How big is the campus and is there any chance of getting personal vehicles? (Inclusive of bicycles or bikes)

Kindly shed some light on the student exchange program (if any) or the international immersion program there in IIM-shillong for PGP. Would be grateful to you @IIM_Shillong

What are the chances of WL5 conversion in DA category

Does the fee structure provided include the mess and accommodation also ?? If not please let me know the amount 

Will we get a hard copy of the offer letter?

 Hi, I am GEM Fresher CAT Score 97.86; X/XII/B.Tech ECE ->92%/93%/9.02 CGPA; Converted IIM Shillong; didn't get calls from top 06. I do have a job offer from Latent View(Big Data/Analytics). Should I join IIM-S or Can attempt next year and try my luck in ABC through additinal weightage of 01 year work experience in Latent View?

Could anyone tell about how good is the finance faculty at IIM S? I have heard that IIMS is good for marketing but not that good for finance. TIA.

Hi, I am GEM Fresher IIM-S Converted. What If I am not given Course Completion Certificate from College? If I don't submit the course completion certificate(Annexure-I as per PGP-2017-19_Registartion_Brochure), will I forfeit my admission? What is the alternate?  I see IIM-S registration guideline stating "Those of you who are yet to obtain their Bachelor’s Degree certificate are required to submit a certificate from your College/Institute. Use Annexure I for this certificate. In such case, you will have to submit the original mark sheet and the actual/provisional passing Degree Certificate of the Bachelor’s Degree on or before December 31, 2017 along with attested true copies." 

 NC-OBC people, please update OBC tracker 2017-19 with your converts so far


Hi Guys.. I am a CA with over a years work ex post completing CA.

CAT 2016 = 99.61

Converted IIM Shillong and MDI.

Other calls = A, C, K, FMS.

I want to proceed in Fin.

Any suggesstions?

  • Drop the plan & look for a Job
  • Join MDI
  • Join IIM Shillong
  • Try CAT 2017

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@IIM_Shillong The reporting date mentioned on pgpformistry is 22nd June. Will we be provided hostels that day onwards ?

The remedial classes are for everyone? 

Basically, when should we reach there wid full samaan 😂 😂 

Can we get our vehicle to the campus? 4 wheeler/2 wheeler

Do I need to take permission to visit college from home? We might shift to Shillong if I join. How far away are the hostels from the institute main building? And is there a trekking/ travel enthusiast club?

Will we be assigned mentors? 

How and where can I avail loan once I am done paying the first term fees from my pocket? Will there be loan assistance at the institute when we come for registration or should I approach the banks near my place?

@IIM_Shillong In the registration document, windows is the recommended OS, will there be a problem if i have a Mac?

and what are the software that we will require during the whole course?

is there a library with novels at IIM-S?

Does amazon/flipkart deliver to campus?