[2017-19] IIM Shillong Admission Queries

Greetings from the Public Relations Cell of IIM Shillong!

This is the official thread for all candidates seeking admission to the 2017-19 batch of IIM Shillong.

PS: This page is an initiative by students of IIM Shillong, all updates need to be confirmed with the Institute's Admissions Office before holding IIM Shillong liable.


PR Cell, IIM Shillong

What will be. It off for gd pick call for general category ?

What was the CAT cut-offs for General category students last year? Do I stand a chance at 97.75%ile?

 OA   77.03 (nc-obc)

VA      60.08,  DI LR   74.26,  QA   88.86


work ex-33 months(project management and operations  and senior analyst in IT consulting)

is there any chance? i am not on whats app please respond.

cat %ile 98.41

12th - 75.6 (below 80)

is there no chance that i get call ?

cat overall 98.32 quant 98.44 dilr 99.83 varc 71.36

10th 84 12th 77 grad(eng.) 68.1

work ex 18 months

is there any hopeof getting call from IIMS?

CAT- OA- 95.19, QA-97.35, LR-96.55, VA-77.33 10th: 89.6 12th: 80 Grad: 74.81 Wrk ex: 36 mnths.. GEM... Chances of call and conversion?? What are the sectional cut offs...

OA 97.62 (VA 84.27 LIDR 99.49 QA 94.85) class X 91 class XII 87 B. Tech CGPA 9 /10, Fresher. What are my chances?

CAT percentile: 93.81 ( QA: 94.10 , VA: 94.11, DILR: 78.12 )

GEN Category

X: 92.00 

XII: 92.50 

B.Tech: 86.60 

Work Ex- 0

Is there any chance of getting a call?When does IIM Shillong usually declare their shortlist? Thanks.




QA 99.4 

 10th 93.7  

12th 87.4  

Grad-85.2  engineer

work ex -1.5 yrs . 

chances of call?

VERBAL- 93.78 
QUANT- 80.02  
OA : 92.19  

10th -88.83 (Assam Board)  
12th- 80.80(Assam Board)
Grad - 81.58 (State university)
Work Experience -2.5 yrs
Category - General Female

Please tell me my chances of call and conversion 

  97.86-oa lr-95 ls-98 qa-92 general non engineer male fresher X-9.0 XII-82 grad bsc math stats-63
what are my chances of getting a call and if i do cnoverting it?

OA 98.13, VA 99.95, DILR 83.63, QA 90.54, X 91, XII 91, B. Tech 81, General, Male. What are the chances for the shortlist? Thanks.

OA 97.62 (VA 84.27 LIDR 99.49 QA 94.85),class X 91 class XII 87 B Tech CGPA 9 /10,Fresher. If i get a call, what are my chances of converting it, given that I perform average in later stages and PI?

 CAT OA - 93.06

VA - 75.23, DILR - 97.65, QA- 92

X - 90.4,  XII - 88.4, B.TECH - 74.3...Work Ex- 41 months, Gen, Male

Please let me know any chances of getting a call. 


cat percentile: 94.83

VARC: 88.86

DILR: 96.36

QA: 93

Xth: 93.1

XIIth: 89.4

B.E. : 73.6

Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Sir, is there a chance to get call? 

Since the calls are out, could you please give us an idea about when the second round takes place ?

On following the link in the mail for admission, I entered the user Id and a password. It said invalid username/password. How is that possible? I entered correct CaT user id and also logging in first time. Please help. @IIM_Shillong  

I love IIM Shillong. Low sectionals :*

Link is not working. While setting the password it shows " SOMETHING WENT WRONG". Anybody else facing the same issue?