[2016] TIME AIMCAT 1701 (24th November to 26th November)

This thread is to discuss scores, percentiles etc. related to AIMCAT 1701 of 2016.


VARC 82 (28C,3W) 

DILR 77 (26C,4W) 😞 

QA 67 (23C,4W) 😞 😞 

OA 226 (77C,11W)

Goddamn it TIME........ apparently I managed to reach the quant section without attempting any questions in verbal or dilr. Fix this problem asap. Anyone who has faced this same problem, do you get the marks afterwards?

After I was done with the test, I received a report saying "sorry you have failed". Wow what a great confidence booster just a weak before CAT. great job TIME 😢 

 So many vocab questions in va. Didn't even feel like giving the paper after such va. If such paper comes in cat, I'll be gone.  :(


VARC - 89 (30C,9W) a blinder :D
DILR - 62 (21C, 3W)
QA - 50 (18C,9W) as usual messed it up :(
OA - 201 (69C, 21W)

PS: paper was very easy

How is the overall difficulty level of 1701 as compared to 1702?

VA RC-44 (RC 10C 10W) (VA 8C 6W)

DI LR-84(28C 2W)

QA-39 (14C 7W) Quant Submitted around 10 minutes earlier

OA-167 (60C 14W) 3rd mock in a row

VARC- 81 ( 28C, 8W)

DILR- 69 ( 23C, 3W)

QA- 62 ( 21C, 4W)

OA- 212

Varc- 49 18/25

Dilr- 81 27/27

Qa-73 25/29 :(

oa- 203

40-30-30 or any similar pattern really makes my scores dip due to varc. During the first hour only people get ahead of me by 30-40 marks. 


Aimcat 1701

VARC - 104

DILR - 42 (7 QUESTIONS, 6 OF THEM MCQS wrong wtfffffffff ☹️ )

QA - 39 (As usual hoping to clear cutoffs)

OA 185

I'm glad there is one more AIMCAT can't end on this note really need to look at DILR

VARC-60 (22.13)

DILR-75 (26,4)

QA-65 (23,4)

OA- 200 

VA:22C/3W ( 65) DI LR :20C/3W (57) QA :20C/0W 60  OA:182  ..  My test concluded 13 minutes before .. And ofcourse "I AM FAIL "  .... Kya oddly programmed timer.. mfed... 

Sectionals diye ho kisi ne agar to suggest kar do kuch RC ke liye jo thode absurd jaise ho

@Apjoshua64  mere paise vapas kar . Nahi aya tera is baar ka installment 😸 😂 😂 


My test was submitted before 10 mins. Anyone else faced this issue?

VARC - 57 (wapas lag gayi ☹️ )

DILR - 68 (1 passage chhut gaya 🙈 )

QA - 70 (4 galat 🙈 )

OA - 195

CL predictor se jyada optimistic chij h kya koi dunia mein

Need some GENUINE advice ::

Even if i get 1/3rd of the questions, which I am getting wrong on an average in past 6-7 mocks, as correct, my score will be touching 185-210.

I am getting close to 18-25 qs wrong, spread across the sections (more in VA if it is vocab based, followed by RC and QA)

Accuracy Statistics::

Overall average accuracy 70-72% 

VA accuracy is 64%

DI accuracy is 79%

QA accuracy is 75%

Attempts range from 70-80 approx.

Can someone help me with some advice on how to fix it? If i am able to fix this in next 5 days, I can be assured of a safe score. Please help!

AIMCAT 1701 (my first AIMCAT)



QA 27 (disconnected after 11 attempts and when it reconnected, result was displayed without considering further attempts)

OA 155