2016 SIMCAT 1 Proctored(10-13June)

Scores and discussions of SIMCAT 1


@raghu.vinay Aap hi apne scores ke saath shubhaarambh kijiye  


VA and RC : 55 (34A/21C)

DI and LR : 57 (26A/20C)

QA: 83 (30A/28C)

OA: 195(90A/69C) Accuracy :/



DILR 28 Need to turn the focus here now

QA 63 (100% accuracy :P)

OA 135 DILR ne naiya dooba di

Terrible start to the SIMCATs, well not too surprising to be honest given I took this mock without any practice ( still reeling from a disappointing 2015-16 season which was already my 3rd attempt at cracking CAT :( ), my scores for SIMCAT 1 are as follows :  

OA : 112 (52A,39C). It really needs to be atleast in the 150s if not more from the very beginning IMO, I really expected around 150 to be honest :(

VARC : 34 (20A, 12C). Woah, can't believe I made so many mistakes in it. Also should have solved atleast 25 questions in this section.

DILR :  25 (12A, 9C) Need huge amount of practice, could only solve 3 sets and still made mistakes, mind was simply not trained enough to solve those quickly. Need to be attempting atleast 20 questions in DILR if not more.

QA : 53 (20A, 18C) Should have solved atleast another 5 and not made any mistakes, waiting for the solutions to come out.

Will take this mock as a warmup one, hope to get into the 150s from the next mock onwards. :)


shit happens!!

VARC 61 ( 32A/ 22C ) -- d only gud thing to have happened...

DILR 19 (9A / 7C )

QA 24 (9A / 8C )

OA 104 ( 50A/ 37C)

m a freshie on CAT prep n this was like d worst test I have ever given...DILR I wasted time left and right...need more prac with tricky LRs

But QA I m suffering as course isn't done in my coaching, but I would like to know if anyone can tell me a comprehensive material for higher maths n quad eqns....I had such low attempt in QA only bcoz dre weren't enuf ques from d stuff I know.. Please advise


VA- 55 (30A 20C 10W)

LRDI - 53 (19A 18C 1W)

QA - 44 (18A 15C 3W) 

OA - 152 (67A 53C 14W)

How should I improve further? Any suggestions?

q.3  rc 1, 'cats who could do calculus' implies??

Q7, quant, regarding numbers less than 2016. Is the solution wrong? don't we need to consider 2013, 2014 and 2015 also ?

i wont be able to take the test in centre next week, can i take it in home? i dont want to attempt it outside  the testing window..

IMS website crashed again in between the simcat.@OfficialIMS  its happening frequently now

SimCat 1

VA RC-38

DI LR-52


OA-145 really poor performance specially in va and qa

Simcat 1- DI- qn 14. Answer should be 4 right? 12 to 15 April and 8 to 11 April?

For SIMCAT1, question8 related to silk road passage, they say:

"In the second paragraph, the author states that the history of the

Silk Roads tends to be omitted from the history of ideas spanning Ancient Greece to the modern US, and suggests that historians are responsible for this omission. So [1], which talks about 'people' in general, not historians, is incorrect. [4] is too extreme, and does not directly relate to the topic of the Silk Roads. [3] is incorrect, as there is no suggestion in the passage that the history of the Silk Roads links Ancient Greece to the modern US. Only [2] correctly states the author's point in the second paragraph. Hence, [2] "

But in the passage there is mentioned as :

#1. "For most of us",.... and not historian. #[3]- there is a link between the ancient Greece and modern US..

Can someone tell why answer is not 1 or 3..

Ques no 13 in Quant.

area's ratio are proportional to squares of side's ratio right.?

Isn't the solution wrong..?

SIMCAT-1 VA 99.07

DILR 97.4 same story

QA 99.9

OA 99.9


Eight boxes – A, B, C, D, E, F, G and H – each of different sizes, are stacked one inside the other such that the smallest box is kept inside the second smallest box, which in turn is kept inside the third smallest box, and so on. The following information is known-

1. The number of boxes inside G is more than the number of boxes inside A.

2. The number of boxes outside H is more than the number of boxes outside B.

3. The number of boxes inside E is more than the number of boxes inside D.

4. The number of boxes outside C is more than the number of boxes outside F.

5. The number of boxes outside H is more than the number of boxes inside it.

6. The number of boxes inside D is more than the number of boxes outside it.

7. The number of boxes between D and H is equal to the number of boxes between D and B.

8. The number of boxes inside G is one more than the number of boxes outside A.

Can anyone share the approach for this question? I am not able to understand from where to begin this question. Is it all Hit and Trial?