[2016] IMS SIMCAT 16 Self Proctored (25th November to 30th November)

This thread is to discuss scores, percentile etc. related to SIMCAT 16 of 2016.



VARC 67 (24C,8W) 😞 😞 

DILR 86 (29C,3W) 😞 

QA 95 (32C,1W)

OA 248 (85C,12W) Paper jab itna easy ho itne mistakes bahut bhari padte

Akhri SIMCAT. Post toh banta h.. 

VARC 73   (26C/34A)

DILR   81   (27C/27A)

QA     78   (26C/27A)

OA     232 (79C/88A) 

Sabko IIFT ke liye All THE BEST!! Macha ke ana. 😁 😁 

My token id is not working.. What to do?

VARC-37(15/25)  Some miracle should happen on D-Day




Someone please shed some light on improving accuracy in VARC


VA RC- 50( decent)

DI LR-74 ( oh yes gotcha)

QA-54 (decent)

overall-178 ( taking a lot of confidence from the last SIMCAT to the D-DAY)

Guys letme know as to which forms should i fill. I have been scoring between 85% to 90%  and ocassionally flirting with 95. Since its my first attempt I dont have much clue about the correlation of SIMCAT and actual CAT score?


VARC 80 (28C,6W)  

 DILR 86 (29C,2W)  

QA 71 (24C,3W) :-( 

OA 237 (81C, 11W) 

Best score of the year for me!! Really an easy paper!!

Let's get back to CAT :)




QA 56 :(

OA 185  

So this marks the end of the mock season for me.

What i take from this mock is a bit more VA n a lot more QA would b good.

Best of luck for CAT guys!!!

SimCAT 16

VARC - 81 Aisa VARC aye CAT mein!

DILR - 68 .....

QA - 78 2-3 Qs more would have been better

OA - 227 Last mock, best mock!

With this mock I end the CAT season on a positive note. A lot of ups and downs have taught me how to persevere and work your ass off until you see the light from the other end of the tunnel. Though I felt low after a few consecutive dismal performances, a quote from 'Think and Grow Rich' gave me courage to not give up:

"When a man really desires a thing so deeply that he is willing to stake his entire future on a single turn of the wheel, he is sure to win".


VARC 45 'VARC bewafa h !' 😜 😜 

DILR  75

QA    72 

OA  192 😌

Hope to see many of you awesome people in IIMs 😄 

(mera wait karna, mai bhi aaraha hu peeche peeche 😄 )

u.n.d.e.r.s.t.a.n.d.i.n.g   m.i.s.s-

Last LR Set=

1. The number of students specializing in Finance and Operations both is two times the number of students who are specializing in General Management and HR both, but was one-third the number of students specializing in Operations and HR both.

2. The number of students specializing in Finance and Systems is two times the number of students specializing in Marketing and Systems, but is four less than the number of students specializing in Operations and HR.

In the above question, the bold part in statement 2 refers to Union of A and B or Intersection of A and B ?

In statement 1, it is clear that  "specializing in Finance and Operations both" implies intersection of Finance and Operations and not union, however in statement 2, "both" is missing. Shouldn't it mean Union in statement 2?


VARC: 63   :( 

DILR: 86 

QA: 79   :(  (Should have solved 2 more questions)

Overall: 228 (15-20 marks short)

Mock after almost a month

Happy with the score


VARC 72 

DILR 96 :)

QA 80

OA 248 :)

Query: Since I have not been preparing in the last month, ab bache kuche 2-3 din ko kaise utilize karu?? 




QA 49 (Submitted 8 minutes early, Samsung Sevice wala aa gya tha :P) 

OA 183

Final Mock of the Season. Best SIMCAT Score of the season.

All geared up! All the Best for CAT. PHODKE AAYENGE :D 

Jai Mata Di! 


VARC: 27A 22C = 61 (happy with the accuracy)

DILR: 24A 21C = 60

QA: 22A 19C = 55 (very bad considering that it was not tough)

OA: 73A 62C = 176

Not a very good ending to the mocks, but still better than the way AIMCATs ended. Also, I'll take the low marks in QA. Content with VARC and DILR atleast.


VARC  -52  (34A/ 20C)  - ese hi last mock mein pura 34 krne ka chul tha

DILR    -70  (26A/24C)   -ek or DI set krna chahiye tha...lazied out 

QA       -43  (20A/ 15C)  -ppr kitna bhi easy kr do, mere itne hi ane h :(

OA        -165  (80A/ 59C)

Last mock...hopefully last-est of all mocks....

no offense...but hey bhgwan ppr itna asaan na aaye bcoz moderate, easy, vry easy...my score doesn't spike up like mny oders xP  🙈 🙈 


VARC 60 :( 


QA 83 

OA 227