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Question 200.A programmed stored in a higher memory that can be used repeatedly as part of main program is known as

हाई मेमोरी मῖ ῖोडῖ ῖोῖाम जो मेन ῖोῖाम के भाग के ῖप मῖ बार बार ῖयोग िकया जा सकता है ।


a) sub program

सब ῖोῖाम

b) micro program

माइῖो ῖोῖाम

c) sub routine

सब ῖटीन

d) library


Correct Answer: library


Question 16.Fundamental rights in the Indian constitution have been taken from the

भारतीय संिवधान मῖ मौिलक अिधकार कहाँ से िलए गए हῖ ?


a) Russian constitution

ῖसी संिवधान

b) U.S. constitution

अमरीकी संिवधान

c) British constitution

िῖिटश संिवधान

d) Act of 1935

1935 का संिवधान

Correct Answer: British constitution

िῖिटश संिवधान

Question 43.Light year is unit of

ῖकाश वषῖ इकाई है :


a) Light


b) Time


c) distance


d) Velocity


Correct Answer: Time

Question 78.Thermal runaway in BJT will take place if the quicent point is such that

बीजेटी मῖ थमῖल रनवे होता है यिद ῖूसῖट पॉइंट इस ῖकार हो :


a) Vce>1/2 Vcc

b) Vce

c) Vce<2Vcc

d) Vce<1/2Vcc

Correct Answer: Vce<1/2Vcc

Question 148.The effect of an inductance is such that current flowing through it

इंडῖῖस मῖ फलो हो रहे करῖट पर इंडῖῖस का ῖभाव यह होता है िक


a) can not change instantaneously

तῖाल पῖरवितῖत नहीं हो सकता है

b) can change instantaneously

तῖाल पῖरवतῖन हो सकता है

c) can not change

पῖरवतῖन हो सकता है

d) is opposed by the inductance.

इंडῖῖस ῖारा ῖितरोध होता है ।

Correct Answer: can change instantaneously

Question 160.Amp. Hour is the unit for measuring

एमपीयर घंटा ________ की इकाई है ।


a) Power of the meter

मीटर की शῖῖ

b) Energy


c) Capacity of a cell

सेल की केपेिसटी

d) None of these

इनमῖ से कोई नहीं

Correct Answer: None of these

Question 178.What are level Triggering interrupts ?

लेवल िटῖगῖरंग अंतरायन (इंटरῖ) कौनसे हῖ ?



b) RST6.5 & RST5

c) RST7.5 & RST6.5

d) none of these

इनमῖ से कोई नहीं

Correct Answer: RST6.5 & RST5

Question 185.Specify the range of char type data

Char टाइप डाटा के रῖज का ῖौरा दῖ


a) 127

to 128

b) 128

to 129

c) 128 to 127

d) 128

to 128

Correct Answer: 128 to 127

Question 188.The 8085 MPU can address

8085 एमपीयू ________ को एडῖेस कर सकता है ।


a) 28 memory locations

28 मेमोरी लोकेशन

b) 212 memory locations

212 मेमोरी लोकेशन

c) 216 memory locations

216 मेमोरी लोकेशन

d) 232 memory locations

232 मेमोरी लोकेशन

Correct Answer: 28 memory locations

guys...aur bhi koi Ques hai to plz share.

Light year is unit of 



Fundamental rights taken from



2 . i have no interest in painting is correct answer.

53. Dimensional formula of Force is wrong . currect option is none of these.

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96. A 4­bit synchronous counter uses flip­flops with propogation delay time of 25ns each. The maximum possible time required for change of state will be

currect answer is 25ns since it is synchronous so clock is same for all flip-flop.

Question 105.How many full adders are needed to construct an m­bit parallel adder?

currenct answer is m-1  since it is required m-1 full adder and 1 half adder.

118.For Higher Voltage ranges ______________ Transformers are used.

currect answer is core type.

131.The difference between phase and frequency modulation

currect answer is Lies in the definitions of the modulation index.