[2016-2018] NMIMS CD/PI Preparation Thread

This thread is for preparation of Case Discussion/Personal Interview for NMIMS [2016-18]

Link for last season's CD/PI Prep thread :


Plse post previous gdpi experiences

Whats the difference between CD and GD?

Stuck at 209..'should i follow this thread ?' Is the only question on mind. 😛 😁

If anyone has the links of last 3 years' NMIMS CDPI experiences thread, kindly post them.

when will the gd-pi be held...in jan itself or in feb??

What is this SOP everyone has been talking about?

Is there any other group on PG for CD/PI prep for 2016-2018 Apart from this??

General GD/PI/WAT Gyan

Congratulations to all who have belled the CAT! It only gets challenging from here. So, the rejection process is over and selection procedure starts now. Harsh words but true!

1. Group Discussions - GDs happen in a less number of colleges now. Follow the basics - Body language, good temperament, be calm and composed and make 3-4 entries. These things are known to everyone but still 80% of the people get them wrong. For preparing, if you are good at speaking then cover current affairs so that you can quote some examples. Practise speaking also if you fumble a lot. Trick - Prepare a 20-30 sec point in your mind, wait for someone to fumble or everyone to get a little low. Shoot! Repeat the same process again. Start a GD only if you think you can lead one. Else it counts as negative

2. WAT - Read a lot. Quote examples in your essay. 

3. PI - Get the general set of HR questions. Should be around 50 questions. Write detailed answers for all of them. Quote your life instances and experiences in all the answers. Read your answers and predict follow up questions. Whatever you have done till now, write it down. Make an entire story how things happened one after the other and what were your driving forces that you ended up in a B school interview. Have a decent idea about your future plans. Never lie. Exaggerating and modifying the truth a little to your advantage is unethical too but helps a lot in PIs.

All other basic stuff you will know gradually. I have quoted the most important stuff that came to my mind in one go.

All the best guys! May the force be with you.

nmims conducts a CD instead of GD , that is for sure, right ?

the CD/PI session is separate for Mumbai and other campuses..or is it common?

I am a fresher. What kind of questions  should  I prepare for in the PI?? 

PI question set


how can one prepare for case studies ? is there some material available for it ?

How is cd conducted at nmims?Do we have to speak individualy or in group and if in group any 1 can interrupt others like in GD


I filled the form for nmat but forgot to fill for hyderabad and bangalore separately as I assumed the 7 choices thing was enough to send the scores.

The dates are far gone. Can anyone please help me out, is there any possibilty?

Any help is appreciated.


I have a score of 214 

but Lr - 57

Any chance for mumbai? 😞

EQL vs IMS vs Time   for CDPI in Pune .. please suggest ..

Time vs ims for cd /pi in lucknow?

has nmims given any format for SOP ?