[2016-2018] NMIMS CD/PI Experiences [MBA-HR-PGDM]

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Share your NMIMS-Mumbai/Bengaluru/Hyderabad CDPI Experiences here.

Share everything in detail in the format :

Interview Date :

NMAT Score : 

Program Interviewed for :

GD Topic : 

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Do not hesitate to share. It will be useful for present aspirants as well as future aspirants !! 😃

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CDPI date - 4th Feb


The day started with registration. Post that, we all moved to a room for CD.

Group members - 13

Topic - related to could computing and how it is affecting Indian IT companies which are based on outsourcing model. Clients are also asking for mobile technology and data analytics. What would you do as an IT company.

Frankly speaking, I couldnt understand the case that well. So waited for others to start. Spoke twice, not sure if they were relevant. There was no fish market scene. Everyone was decent. Although one panel member said they will intimate us when 3 minutes will be left, I dont remember any one of them telling us the time or she was too feeble to be heard!

Next the group again wait to the waiting room. PI started in a while. Average time per person was 10minutes.

My interview: 3 panelists - one old man M1, one lady L1, another lady L2

L1: (smiling) tell us about urself. Me: told

L1: what apps have you made (coming from my answer to first question)

Me: told

L1: what was the platform?

Me: answered

L2: you have 2.5 years of exp. Tell us where u began from to what are you doing now.

told her abt internship n then permanent role along with the project

L2: what was the project about?

 Answered (she seemed bored by the end n started checking her phone)

M1: u are already earning good. Have you calculated the opportunity cost of doing MBA

L1: exactly. Do u understand meaning of opportunity cost

Me: blabbered something.

L1: gave some definition

Me: started answering why i want to go for MBA. (Not sure if M1 was convinced)

M1: What do u do in leisure time ? Answered

L2: do u read newspapers?

Me: yes ma'am, whenever possible.

L2: tell us some news u have read in past one week.

Me: ( started with Rohith case of HU, she interrupted n asked for economic news) recent news on monetary policy where CRR n repo rate have been kept same. IMF has given the growth rate figures for the world n India. Reduced world growth rate n maintained India's

L2: thank-you n all the best!

Done in 10mins at the max. My speed of talking gets faster when I am nervous. That might create a negative impact. So as such a normal intrvw bt not sure about my chances.

I will post MBA-HR separately. Till then, feel free to ask ur queries. Will try to answer!

PS: do have your breakfast. Process goes on till 1PM n if you are at the end of the group, only breakfast can help you survive! :-D

CDPI Experience

6th Feb, afternoon slot, Core MBA programme.

CD - 13 People

5 minutes to read the case. 15 minutes to discuss. Buzzer at 12th minute.

Candidates need not keep track of time. It was being announced by the panel.

Topic: Very weird case. There was some data given about how corporations don't disclose data in the regular media and how the Internet helps.

The last line was "Discuss the power and influence of corporations in the 21st century"

Everybody discussed media and corporations. Panel didn't seem very convinced.


Three member panel.

Middle aged man M1, middle aged woman W1, Old Man M2

M1: Ohh so you work with ***, this is a great company.

Me: Yes sir it is a wonderful company to work for. Also one of the largest corporates in the world.

M1: So tell me why MBA?

Me: Gave the usual prepared answer. M1 kept nodding and gave a weird kind of smile. Seemed convinced.

W1: You have worked for four years, that is a long time.

Me: Explain that I had worked for three years, she misread the year.

W1: Are you still working?

Me: No, I have resigned, serving my notice period.

W1: There is so much time before admissions. Why quit so early?

Me: Wanted to focus on call conversion and couldn't travel with office responsibilities. Panel didn't seem convinced. Tried to argue my way out.

M1: Tell me about the biggest achievement of your professional life.

Me: Told. Had a long discussion

M1: How do you think your boss helped you out ?

Me: Told my boss' role, glorified my own 😁

M1: So did you get recognised  / awarded for it?

Me: Yes, told them the facts

M1: What has been the most challenging part of your professional life?

Me: Gave them the answer, had a long discussion. M1 gave another weird smile, didn't seem convinced.

M1: Did you never get a chance to visit onshore / foreign country? IT companies are famous for that

Me: Told him the offer and situation, had some discussion on Canadian visas.

M2 (finally): You have been working for three years now but I don't see any significant salary rise.

Me: My company is not a good paymaster. There is restructuring to reduce losses and increments have been held for past three years

M2: You should have changed sooner

Me: I wanted to learn first without just running after the money 😁

M2: What other calls do you have?

Me: Told

M2: God forbid the unforeseen happens and you don't even clear one of those, what will be your plans?

Me: Hope to convert at least one call otherwise will change, it is high time to change

W1: We're done with you. Would you like to ask us any questions

Me: Asked why NMIMS has such a large batch size when compared to other leading colleges

M2: Demand (and gave a big smirk)

Me: Thanks

Interview Date : 5th Feb, 1 PM

NMAT Score :  232

Program Interviewed for : MBA CORE(Mumbai Campus)

GD Topic : In the wake of growing pollution in the country's capital, how would yu rate the ODD EVEN implementation and the inconvenience caused  ? Chalk out a plan to improve this strategy by including measures which may help curb down the problem in hand.

Review : Since, it was a very debatable topic with everyone boiling to voice out their view, the CD very soon lost its vigor(although, I won't call it a Fish Market). The good part was that somehow we managed to arrive on the consensus. But before the final plan could get completely chalked out, the panel declared. "Time's Over'..!!!

I managed to START the discussion by referring to the similar plans that had been made in the past(Julius Ceaser being the first to implement it during 4th Century BC followed by the recent examples of Paris and Beijing) and the long term impact they had on the society and the environ of those places.

I pitched in a few more times with decent points. But most of the time I was paying attention to the points made by others. I knew that I had done my job. And was aiming to keep it calm and simple.

PI Review :

3panelist- Left, a man in his 50s (L); Middle, a lady in 30s (M); Right, a lady in late 40s(R)

Me: Greetings Panel

All three of them smiled in return nodding their head.

M(who was doing some paper work gave me a nod and asked me to take my seat).

M: So tell me about yourself in short.

Me: Myself (name)...from (hometown). After the completion of my graduation in Computer Engg, i worked for (IT company's name) as a Software Test Engg for Data warehouse Projects. I have done a white paper in "topic name" which was successfully published in an international journal(journal's name). Apart from this, I have a keen interest in motor cycle trips. I have done a solo trip from Bangalore to ladakh covering over 5k kms on my two wheels.

L: Did yu do this white paper while yu were in college ?

Me: No sir. I worked on it while I was working with my company.

L: So, how was this topic related to the area of your work ?

Me: (My topic was based on Opinion Mining for which I had made a web application. It involved the concepts of NLP and data mining.)

I explained him how my job being a test engg and data analytics revolved around handling data and realising its importance in nowadays with the concepts of Big Data and SMAC coming up so big. Moreover, while I was going through a white paper in which the author had tried to predict the mood of the shares just by analysing meaningful tweets(such is the power of social media), I got an insight of delving deep into the topic.

R: So what methodology did you use?

me: explained.

R: Is it just theoretical research or have yu worked on some stats also?

me: It is a web application wherein I used Netbeans as the platform. I have done my statistical research on the reviews for banks like Axis, HDFC and few others,

R: What kind of parser did yu use?

me: Stanford parser(explained)

R: why stanford parser, why not bagOfWords ?

me: Explained her the reason which revolved around the typical dependencies provided by the stanford parser.

(She seemed content)

M: yu are doing good in your It field, dont' yu think yu should go for mtech instead of mba(WHY MBA??)

me: Explained how being a test engg helped me in interacting with the clients..understanding the business scenarios and it was this aspect of my work which I loved the most. So Mba became an obvious choice of bridging this gap.

M: dealing with clients for a business scenario is different, and clinching or sealing the deal is completely a different scenario. How will yu survive it?

me: explained how when I was the vice chairperson of the fest, sponsorship fell in my bucket...how i lured the companies which had never sponsored for us b4...my strategies of negotiations...and how after the fest i sent a CD to those companies who had turned us down, capturing the good moments of the fest in...how the sponsor companies were benefited...

M: do yu read newspaper on a daily basis if yes then when do yu do it ?

me: I prefer The Indian Express and go through it during my leisure hours.

M: Tell me one recent news about your company?

me: told, how my company filed a request for going for IPOfew days back and recently it was approved for 2000 crore by SEBI.

M: What do yu know about CSR and how is yur company performing it?

me: explained CSR. Explained that last year my company had invested Rs 76 crore equivalent to near about 1.44% of its. Told about other initiatives taken by them and how they consider it more of ISR(Individual social resp) than CSR.

L: tell me about yur bike trip..(4-5 back to back questions from all three of them)

me: I started..they intervened...and asked specific questions on my trip itinerary which one could answer only if someone had actually made it...'which route did yu take manali- leh of srinagar- leh and why'...'starting and end point for a biker(zozi la and baralacha la)'....talked about the tunnel that is being built on that route..its connectivity..and stuffs...

M: Whats the most imp lesson that yu derived from this trip which yu will bring to the class..??

me: I thought for a while...recalled few lines ..."The most difficult part is to start. Once we start something...we realize that we are smart enough to figure out things on the go. It is not that intimidating as it appears"

L: So why did yu leave yur company on 22nd December?

me: My last client was supposed to visit us and me having a good rapport with them was asked to accompany them for coming 15 days which would relocate me to Bangalore for this tenure. However, I was having my XAT exam on 3rd Jan, which I couldn't afford to miss. So I had to choose btwn my job and the exam and i having made my mind to go for the MBA this year, I stuck with my later choice and decided to take this risk.

L: So did yu get a call from XLRI?

me: Yes Sir..!!!

All of them smiled together...!!!

PS: This post is just an attempt to reflect what I went through. Please try ignore the grammatical and spelling mistake if any...!!!

Interview Date : 10th Feb

NMAT Score : 222

Program Interviewed for : MBA Core

GD Topic : In 2012 Facebook conducted a massive psychological experiment for a week. The experiment used user feeds and some other points were mentioned. Facebook conducts such experiments routinely without the knowledge of the user and makes changes to its formatting structuring etc. There was something mentioned on how it is having a emotional effect on the user. Critics argue that it is wrong on the side of Facebook to collect such data without the consent of the user with such permissions buried within the terms and conditions. Facebook has given a public apology for the use of data but maintains its stand that this is mentioned in their terms. There were two parts in the question.. Whether it is right for Facebook to make use of the user data? and for all such experiments?

Review : The team was very nice. Everyone spoke. No fish market. Reached a conclusion. (We had interacted and decided beforehand that we WILL reach a conclusion and would give everyone a chance to speak atleast once.)

PI Review : 3 panelists - Middle aged lady L1, Old man M1, Old man M2

M1: Briefly describe what you have written in your SOP.

Me: Told them the points I had focused on while writing the SOP - why MBA, short terms and long term goals, work-ex, acads and why Nmims.

M1: What is your role at work.

Me: Answered

M1: How can you grow with your current role.

Me: Answered

M1: If you have such opportunities then why MBA.

Me: Answered

M2: Have you lead a team.

Me: Answered

M2: Have you developed people.

Me: Answered

M2: How do you keep yourself updated with the current happenings. Me: Through newspaper and Internet

M2: Tell us about a recent economic news

Me: Started on declining oil prices and its effect on the global economy

M1: Interrupted and asked but how exactly it is affecting

Me: Tried to answer

M2: Interrupted.. but the falling oil prices shd be beneficial and not otherwise

Me: Again tried to answer

M1: Give us an example of a country eg. Saudi Arabia

L1: Take one exporter country and one importer

Me: Started with the example of Venezuela

M1: Interrupted and asked for exact figures and details in percentage based on my earlier answer

Me: Sorry sir I do not know so much detail

M2: Said something about the oil prices

L1: Do you know about BRICS

Me: Told them about the countries constituting BRICS

L1: What is the purpose of BRICS? How are these countries related. Me: Tried to answer. Told them these are all developing economies. M1: something about Recently BRICS collected a fund

Me: Sorry sir I don't know about it.

M1: Okay. Thank you.

Special Advice : Stick to the point. Don't try to give elaborated answers. Do prepare well on one recent economic news.

Interview date : 9th feb Score :210 Programme interviewed for : MBA core Panel : Old man 1 (M1), lady (L), old man 2(M2) I entered the room, the lady smiled and the panel asked me to sit. L and m2 started together, asking me why name isn't spelled as malvika, why is it ca, this is different, you are different told them why L :for how long has it been like this Told them, L: has it been useful? I said I'm can't really say Meanwhile, M1 was constantly talking about kalidas and malvika Tried my best to pay attention to both :| L : favorite subjects? Me: hrm and marketing, I like organisational behavior as well L : name a very well known marketing guru Me : philip kotler L :tell us the p's of marketing Told L: what is the fifth p as per philip kotler? Told her I didn't know L: what is hrm and some departments Told M1: why do most of the people like ob? Told him how it's about psychology and getting to know others and stuff M2: why do we say "we" in an organisation, instead of "I"? give us three reasons Started with focus on organisation, got constantly interrupted Talked about not promoting your own motives, m1 argued how the organisation's good will lead to our own good, so it's selfish anyway Tried arguing that it's not necessary, there have been cases where there has been some greater good but no personal benefit He argued some more Asked me if I have been placed, I said I haven't He said it's okay L asked M2 to ask M2: why didn't you go for ca, cfa or icwa, everyone else goes for it. I said that's precisely why I didn't want to do it M2: so you want to be different? I said no, I just didn't want to do it and the more people talked about it, the stronger my decision was M2 asked why not? Me : I didn't have an interest in it, so I wouldn't have been able to do justice with it He started talking about how my acads have been great and I could have easily pulled it off I explained him that's not how it works (didn't say this obviously) M2: so malvica, with ca and not ka, what would you bring to the class, why should we select you over others? I said because I'm different, you said that yourself They got annoyed I guess and asked for some other reason Tried giving a sane reason M1 started talking in between again saying maybe the capital factor I couldn't understand and thought he was referring to the human capital, with me being a girl and all And he clarified that he meant the country's capital (I'm from delhi) And I said I don't really think so, mumbai is the business capital anyway And that was it While I was leaving, M1 asked me if I'm going back that day, I said no sir tomorrow so he said okay, enjoy

Interview Date :11th feb

NMAT Score : 210

Program Interviewed for :MBA (HR) 

GD Topic : a bus suffers with an accident at a place that is very far away from any human existence.You managed to get out of the bus but now you have to save lives.Rank the order.10 people: 2 month old baby,5 year old child,father and mother of the kids, teenage brother,weight lifting athelete,doctor, bus driver(who is the only one who knows how to drive), bus tour guide,one old lady.

Review :Since I was sitting at the center I got the chance to moderate both the sides and put my points across as well.Make sure you come to a group consensus and rank according to the group majority.

PI Review :  2 panelists,a young lady and a guy in the 40s.A very chilled out interview with questions like tell me about yourself, why HR,what vertical you want to opt for in HR,is HR your first preference or not.

Special Advice : HR interview for me was basically driven by what I answered in tell me about yourself. As I mentioned the Art of Living,80% of my interview was based on that.So prepare well for that part.Also if you do not have HR as the first preference,be honest about it.

anyone who already had cd pi in bangalore?

If anyone with no work ex. or in final yr could share his/her experience of PI, it would be quiet helpful. Thanks in advance!

NMIMS, FTMBA Core Mumbai

CD PI Date - 12th Feb

CD -
Topic was regarding ethical dilemma faced by a Milk Producer in Madhya Pradesh with ambitions to export its products to European markets. We needed to discuss whether company should sacrifice its ethics, as advised by a consultant that they can bribe and get the clearances faster, for business gains. As the topics revolved around ethics, the points raised by group were almost similar and we ended up arriving at a conclusion in stipulated time.

PI -
PI lasted for around 15 mins. Started with 'tell us something about yourself' and revolved mostly around work ex. No stress questions, panel included 3 ladies, all smiling.

Reporting time was at 1PM and everything got over by 3:30PM. Good management by administration in organizing the CD PI.

is the merit list fir HR same as that for CORE? or do they publish a different list for HR?

Interview Date : 6th Feb Morning Slot.

NMAT Score : 210

Program Interviewed for : MBA Core

CD Topic : An antiques collector has a very important artifact which is believed to be bringing good luck to a tribe in the Amazon. But there is no scientific proof. If you are the collector, would you give the artifact back to the tribe? 

Ethics based CD.

Review : 12 candidates to a group. I was 10th. But the seating arrangement was such that I was able to look at everyone and was not at a corner. CD progressed smoothly. Everyone got a chance to speak. Everyone started with 'He should give it back' vs 'He shouldnt give it back'. I was the first one to weigh pros and cons and verbally explain my thought process to the panel and group. A number of people were looking at the panel while saying their points. Whereas the norm is to look at everyone in the group. I looked at every single person while giving the points. I started speaking after the first 3 minutes as everyone who were eager to speak, finished and there was a lull. I seized the opportunity and spoke for a good 2 minutes. Another thing i did was to listen intently by looking at the person speaking and giving facial and verbal confirmations like 'hmm, yes, exactly' and smiling when a valid point was made and/or when anybody supported my statements and even when they contradicted my statements. On every valid point, I would jot down what was said and took note of what was said and what was left. This helped me streamline what I had to say instead of just rambling on random statements. In the middle, say about 8 mins into the CD, I gave a new point which was kind of an inference from a statement. And that was my star line as the CD got a new point to ponder over. I would definitely count that as a brownie point. Towards the end, everyone got a chance to conclude and was the second to last person to speak and I said, given everyone believes what we have discussed, we can conclude xxxxxx.

Special Points for CD : Smile. Smile when the panel arrives. Smile when they look at you. Say thank you when they give you the CD paper. Donot attack anybody, you will get a chance to speak. Say valid points. Look at the group while speaking. You are discussing the case with the, not with the panel. Listen intently. listening helps not to repeat important points which have already been said once or twice. Be original. Say original points and give original inferences. The CD is meant for you to display your analytical, people, vocab and public speaking skills. Being polite gives brownie points too.

PI Review : I entered the room after knocking and asking permission. I was told to sit. I only remember a few questions as there was a barrage of questions from go time.

Panel of 3. M1 55+, F1 55+, F2 45+

F2 - (on my internship) Is this a family concern from which you have done your internship? Said - Not immediate family, its my Mama's firm. Its an NBFC registered with RBI.

F1 - What is Mama called in english? Said Uncle. F1 - What uncle? Said Maternal Uncle.

F2 -  Walk me through what you did after graduation. Explained - First studying for MBA entrances. Didnt get through. So uncle offered an internship as I was a finance student. Did internship for 8 months. The started an import export firm. (All eyebrows raised) So then explained what all I did in the company. Why shut down. Reasons - Bureaucracy and bribery.

F2 - Bureaucracy and bribery will be everywhere. What makes you think doing an MBA will take you away from all this? Said - No it wont. But I wont compromise on ethics and moral even if it means shutting down a profitable business.

F2 - What do you think about the current prices of dal in India? All the price rise? Said - I think it is because of hoarding. In 2009 it was around 60/kg and now its shot upto 150/kg. Input costs have not risen so much. Fuel has risen about 20%. So its the middlemen and hoarders that are responsible.

F2 - Do you think dal can be hoarded for so long? How long can it be stored before rats infest. Said - Our regular basmati rice are aged for 2-3 years before consumption. So yes, dal can be stored too. You need proper medication/box units to prevent insects and rats.

F1 - So walk me through what next. Said - I shut the business and started pursuing finance full time. Learned technical analysis of stock markets, started a consultancy where I advice clients on stock buying/selling. And I completed FRM from US.

This is when M1 came in, who until now was out of the process.

M1 - Oh! so you completed FRM. You are certified? Said - No just finished exams in consecutive attempts, not yet certified so cant call myself an FRM. Just cleared FRM Exams.

M1 - Tell me what is Negative duration? (Didnt remember and tried to say in my own words. Said something about negative interest rates) he again asked - What is it related to. Said - Fixed income, bonds or fixed income funds.

F2 - So why MBA? You should do CFA instead. Said - I am doing CFA. I want to do MBA because it will teach me the skills needed in an organization. It will help me relearn basics and its like a finishing school for business skills. This is where I can hone my existing skills and acquire new ones from the diversity. The diversity is another factor. Our group has 3 IT ppl, 4 Civil Enggs, 3 doing CA and me. This type of diversity is what attracts me towards an MBA as it will help me gets skills and knowledge from all of these people. Networking, Re-learning and Diversity.

F2 - So about your consultancy, how does it work? Said - I focus on technical analysis. So at end of day, I do my research and email to clients wit a buy, sell, hold, target and stoploss figures who then trade accordingly.

F2 - Do you trade? Said - No, I only provide advice, clients trade in their own accounts. But I do trade in my own account.

Then was asked about trading, I said trades can be punched in microseconds. Some more talk on trading.

F2 - Elaborate on technical analysis. Said - I specialize in trend following, dow theory, trendlines and RSI.

M2 - What is bollinger band? Said - It is like standard deviation. A volatility indicator. He said no its not standard deviation. I explained I dont know how its derived. but it is a volatility indicator, Explained how its drawn, etc.

M2 - Do you know stochastics, MACD, SAR, Parabolics? I said I donot know them. He said How do you follow trends then? I said - I use dow theory, and trend lines. He was not happy with trend lines.

I had to explain chart types like bar, candlesticks, line etc. Explained how trend lines are drawn. But they didnt understand. So I offered to draw on the whiteboard and show, but they refused.

F2 - You said about technical analysis. Explain the process. Said - I think technicals work best in short term to medium term. Not so much in long term. She asked what is short term. I said - anywhere from 5 minutes to 3 months.

In all F1 only asked me the english word for MAMA.

F2 did most of the talking about my CV

M1 must have been a finance prof because all he was concerned with were technicalities in finance.

In spite of the stress interview setting, I composed myself. Used body language wherever possible. Looked at everyone while explaining. Smiled when I didnt know an answer (twice). No umms and aahs. Because every question was factual and related to life after graduation, all answers were ones without abstract reasons.

Overall decent PI in my opinion.

Please post your views, Any chance of conversion?

Some people, while sharing their CDPI experience are mentioning that questions are being asked from their CV. I mean, do we have to carry CV for the interview? or is it something else? Can somebody please clear this out?


Received an e-mail that I have been shortlisted for CD/PI as the seats are increased in the benguluru & hyderabad campuses. Cut off has come down to 190 which was 196 earlier..Anyone else received the mail?

Guys, I have the PDF of the admit card but I don't have the admit card which was signed during the NMAT exam day.. Any suggestions please since I need it for the phase 2 interview?

Got a call for phase 2, because of increase of seats... My experience: CD topic: The youth today do not go for high paying jobs and are entrepreneurs. Discuss what is different in them, and what can we learn from them. Panel: Two gentlemen, one lady The moment the panel said 'start' the room turned into a fish market. Three to four talking together at the top of their voices, same repeating points, same people talking, the cd had to be controlled by ourselves. I have seen better parliamentary sessions. Did not reach to a proper conclusion. The panel was happy- because it was over!!! I just said only two points which I feel were different and I was calm whole time. My tip and advice:You will know your groups before the CD, even if you feel shy, speak up to everyone and get the group focussed. This would be a good time to set down rules that all agree on, please let them know to not raise voices at any cost and let each complete their point before jumping on them with your points. This tip worked on the four I befriended and we all were calm but were assertive. I still think I could if I had spoken to others as well, our CD would have been much better. Personal Interview was way better!! I have a 3 year experience in IT company working for an American TV network software. Panel 3 Men: They greeted me and asked me to sit, 1M: Oh you're are veteran working in ___ , three years huh? and smiled Me: 3 is a small number sir, I have just started. 2M: So, would you resign? Me: Yes, I will if I get a seat in NMiMs. 3M: ___ provides sabbatical right. Me: Yes. 3M: You should take that because this is a great company. Me: I agree.( 3 M did not participate after this) 1M: Why not Emba? Me: Answered 2M: Asked me about my typical day at work. Me: Answered. This went on for good 3 4 minutes. 2M: There is very important 3 letter word in Indian Television. Me: TRP.( These were relevant to my work) 2M: What is marketing? (from my SOP) Me: ( I asked if it would be okay If I could explain in my own words) And answered. 2M:Would you market a premium product in a place for other markets? Me: my answer was no, i wanted to keep it premium, unless the company is seeing declining profits. 2M: Give 5 places in mumbai, where you will open Rolex showrooms. Me: Colaba.. 1M interrupted: What about Nalasopara? Me: Emm, no. Rolex in nalasopara doesn't sound good to me. We all laughed. 2M: What is inflation? Me: Answered with an example. 2M: Two important aspects to curb inflation. Me: I said I didn't know that, but I said I know RBI governor tries to bring down the buying capacity of the people. 2M: That is fair. Thanks. I thanked the gentlemen and left.

I can see the result link for the nmims phase II PGDM on nmims.edu which happened on 27th March 2016 in Mumbai but I cannot access it. It is showing invalid ID DOB or code. Is anyone able to access and see the result ?

i am a bsc maths hons graduate from DU with good scores and zero work ex.

 anybody who had a similar profile ? can you please share your PI experience for nmims mumbai MBA

does nmims mumbai have a second list for call-getters ? My score is 207.