[2016-2018] NITIE GD PI Call Getters Discussion (PGDIE.PGDPM & PGDMM)

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The placement highlights of the batch 2014-16 are presented below: Average: 15.87 LPA Median: 14.87 LPA Highest Package (Domestic): 37 Lacs Highest Package (International): 52 Lacs

Average: 15.47 LPA
Highest: 27.39 LPA

Average: 10.83 LPA
Highest: 15 LPA

Average: 11.34 LPA
Highest: 23 LPA

Sector-wise split of jobs offered:
Banking & Finance: 13.66%
Consulting: 23.20%
E-commerce: 9.28%
FMCG: 13.66%
IT: 8%
Manufacturing/Process: 14.69%
Others: 17.27%

Anyone getting interview cal?

kab tak aaegi interview call?

I got interview call from GATE application . anyone else got the and having interview on 27/4/16 ???

 Me & my friend got the call for 27th april. Will they be providing the accommodation for the stay ??? also would the whole process be completed in one day or not ??? 

During the presentation one of the seniors told us that the session normally begins in June 1-2 week. Due to Sihansth in MP our examinations will probably end around the same time. Will it cause any problem if session starts before my examinations end ?

PGDIE Merit Number


PGDMM Merit Number


PGDPM Merit Number


Categ. GEN gate 713

GRAD cgpa 8.2

4 months work ex in Cognizant


Any chance in any course?(specially PM)

Ny 1 got Nitie call

Will there be one more list from NITIE, I want to cancel my admission in NITIE but now I am afraid that if I cancel and seat goes vaccant, NITIE will not refund me a single penny. Please help seniors from NITIE what should I do....Or what is the last date I can cancel my admission and will surely get my refund : (


Comparison of NITIE with IIM Indore and SJMSOM for a guy with 3 years IT work ex 

These are the three institutes which fall in the same category and makes the students go through a lot of surveys and rankings on what to choose. So here is a comparison of NITIE with IIM Indore and SJMSOM for a person with 3 years of IT work ex. The work profile of IT is chosen as this is the work ex background where majority of the students come from. So now the question is how does NITIE stand different from the above mentioned institutes? 

The major problem of a person coming from IT background is the heavy competition with the students having same work profile. The batch strength of IIM Indore is approx. 600, NITIE is 400 and SJMSOM is 120. So IIM Indore having greater batch strength the competition would be huge. SJMSOM has an advantage here over NITIE but we also need to acknowledge that the number of companies visiting it are also NITIE, hence there is no such apparent advantage.  In this aspect NITIE > SJMSOM = IIM Indore 

NITIE is a 50-year-old institute with a strong alumni base and has industrial connectivity. SJMSOM and IIM Indore both started around 1995 and are way behind NITIE in terms of alumni base. Alumni Base is one such parameter which is very critical for any B-School to maintain its contacts with industry. IIM Indore with its IIM tag is able to maintain good relations with the industry.  

In this aspect NITIE = IIM Indore > SJMSOM 

The location is also a major factor in deciding the B-School. NITIE and SJMSOM are both located in the Financial capital of India has an advantage over Indore. One such advantage of being in Mumbai is the opportunity to get to work for startups in the form of weekend projects. This is good opportunity for a person having IT work ex as majority of the startups are based on e-commerce so having prior work ex on web designing, data analytics and coding skills to gain an edge over others. Hence the IT guys while working for startups can diversify their profile by learning and working on the core business model of startups. 

In this aspect NITIE = SJMSOM > IIM Indore 

The ROI is another important factor to choose a B-School and it becomes more important for work ex guys because of their opportunity cost. NITIE and SJMSOM with their low fee structure have this advantage of higher ROI as the average packages of all the three institutes is more or less the same. 

In this aspect NITIE = SJMSOM > NITIE 

NITIE and SJMSOM have a unique advantage over IIM Indore because of their comparatively less rigorous academic schedule. Because of this the students of NITIE and SJMSOM can actually invest their time effectively in pursuing their interests compared to students of IIMs. It is not only in academic point of view but also in extra-curricular. This again is an opportunity for a person with IT work ex to diversify his profile. 

In this aspect NITIE = SJMSOM > IIM Indore 

Infrastructure is another parameter to choose a B-School and IIM Indore and SJMSOM enjoy a slight advantage the winners here with their world class infrastructure. 

So, NITIE with its strong alum base, strong industrial connect, higher ROI, location, opportunity of weekend projects will definitely stand ahead of IIM Indore and SJMSOM.  Unless and until the aspirant has made up his mind to pursue a career in Marketing or Finance and wants to enjoy an IIM tag, he should definitely consider NITIE over IIM Indore and SJMSOM. 

Final word: NITIE > IIM Indore = SJMSOM  

can metallurgical engg. students apply for nitie or not through gate

CAT Score 2016 

VARC: 81.30,

DILR : 97.48,

QA : 80.73

OA : 91.24

10 th : 95%,

12th : 89%,

Grad : 8.244,

WE : 16 monthsCat : General.

Do I have Any chance to get a call? 

dont hve 5.5 till sem7...waiting for sem 8 results...5.39 till sem 7...PH category... can i apply

Can we still edit the form

gate score of 372 and rank 1665 what are the chances of shortlisting in nitie for gd pi

GATE 2016 score-704, work experience of 1 year in TCS and 3 years in a coaching institute...10th-80.80% and 12th-77.20%, b.tech 77.40%............. r there any chances of getting me selected????

Gate  2017 score 490 me ....what are the chances for GD/PI 

can any body share his gd/pi exp.& questions in pgdie program

GATE score EE general 665; 2 yrs  work experience(infosys); B.tech 70% ; XII - 84%; X- 88%..Should I expect a call for PGDIE?


  1-20 are selected as they mention. Is there any chance of conversion? 

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