[2016-2018] MDI, Gurgaon GD/PI Call Getters

Congrats everyone for getting the coveted MDI Gurgaon GDPI call. We will be helping you out in crossing the next hurdle. Please use this thread for any queries on form filling and further discussions. All the best..!!!!

Could you please provide us with the final selection criteria ?

When and where do we choose our specialisation (PGP,PGM-IM or PGP-HR)?

So guys wat could be the possible WAT GD  issue or topics. .?  related to economis genrealy or smthung else also..  

and if u cn help by tellung how shall i prepare for it

Hi, Link is active but on Login, it is giving me an error that my reg number or mail id is wrong. Will it activate tomorrow only?

Thanks @swatahsiddha for bearing with us and our impatience...:)

@swatahsiddha My MDI interview has clashed with another interview.  Shall I put a request to 

[email protected] 

The application form will open tomorrow but no last date is specified.. Kindly let us know if we have to fill it before any specific date!

Around how many students does MDI call for the GD-WAT-PI round?


got shortlisted for mdi .......MDI ...... 

I have my WAT-GD-Pl process on 14.03.16. Is it a typo or is the interview in march ? Anybody who got calls in March?

What is the weightage given to different parameters for final conversion?

From where can I fill the mentor form?

Anyone got 3rd March, Kolkata? 

Is there any WhatsApp/Facebook group of call getters?

Wat to be expected fr d WAT process??

Cant access my email...can any 1 post the link to check the shorlist on website...cant find the link....was expecting a call???what is the overall and sectinal cutoff this time??

any fb group? Also @swatahsiddha since u r in the hr field, in terms of profiles offered is it at par with top institutes? i have an inclination towards HR.  TIA 😃

Anyone with a sectional percentile

I am trying to open the preference form given at the end of the mail , but it is showing that my reg.no. and email id don't match their records.Is it just me, or is this happening with everyone??