[2016 - 2018] IIM Bangalore Final Converts

Congrats friends!! Let's use this discussion to discuss post conversion issues like reporting dates, fees etc and to know our prospective batch mates. Separating the WAT/PI thread from the converts thread will help future aspirants access WAT/PI discussions more easily.

Help the W/L. Please take out 2 mins to fill it up!


Heard there is some preparatory course coming up. Is it mandatory? 

What was the highest wait list number for NC-OBC criteria that got converted for the 2015-2017 batch??

To all the B and C converts who will  be choosing B over C please fill the poll. It will help us to get a rough estimate of C's waitlist movement.

  • Converted B and C. Will choose B
  • Converted B and waitlisted in C (under 50). WIll choose B.
  • Converted B and C. Will choose C.

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Hi Request all IIM B Converts who have also converted to please update the FMS tracker.

Will help waitlisted FMS guys.

Thanks for your time 😃


Guys plz take a moment & fill this tracker for mdi, will help a lot of people.


Hey Guys!!!!

Please update the tracker as FMS is  out.

This will be helpful for the Wait listed candidates.


HI everyone ,request all the converts and waitlisted guys to fill this Tracker for IIM A PGP FABM 2016-18.  It will be of immense help. Thanks.


Can someone please elaborate on the preparatory session? How do I come to know whether I need to attend it?

Guys, Please fill the tracker, it needs inputs from the converts.

Please update your data, there are entries in one sheet of one person but not in other. Make it easier for W/L people.





Will we get an official confirmation from the institute on receipt of the first installment of fee?

Anyone here been called for Preparatory classes?

Please fill FMS tracker..TIA.. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1RL21CQfhoJLstHudzDhZ7ZmVgNRkfQ7mgtFidLDUO20/htmlview#

Guys, I am on waiting list 21, so is it so that the confirmation of admission will be informed to me on 7th may. Or is there any chance that they can inform me even before that day?

i was trying to make online dd, wat should I put in branch code and branch name

Hey final converts, anyone of you got the call for preparatory course? Plz reply.

how much is refundable out of 1 lakh?



hey guys,

i really need your help. i have a waiting of 6 in ST category and i have converted iim K but i have to submit K's fees by 2nd may and bangalore will be releasing next list by 7th may. can anybody please suggest what to do ?? and anyone here has any idea about the number of waitlist cleared in my category ?