[2016-2018] DMS, IIT Delhi Final Converts

Dear Candidates,
Congratulations for your selection to MBA Program 2016-18. We extend a warm welcome to our family and we are sure that you are excited to join us. Please feel free to ask any query relevant to admission process or the program.

Welcome to the DMS Family

We present to you the Placement report for the Class of 2014-16, along with Summer Placement Report for the Class of 2015-17.

You can access the report on the following link : 


Cheers !!!

Hi,We just need to send the two dds right?no other documents to be enclosed?Thank you.

WHen does the upgradation process of the waitlist canditates starts..??..will we get a mail or sumthing if we are upgraded..??

Hopefully the updated wait list gets revealed tomorrow...

Fingers crossed!

@Pawanpreet can you please tell what was the last waitlist number that got through last year in general category???


Just wanted to ask that if there is any other formality that needs to be done for the admission process apart from sending the DDs?

We have to furnish a medical certificate...nothing besides that, right?

What is to be done to secure a seat in the hostel? I have already sent two DDs as mentioned in the Annexure.

How are the hostels at IIT Delhi for MBA students ? How is the food ?

Hi, I read people talking about hostels and thinking they are next to hell 

Haha Just to clear all those doubts I have something to tell you all. Hostels aredecent. There are few which are quite new too so if you get those ones you will enjoy the stay surely. And I guess chances of you all getting the new ones is higher right now.

Secondly, even the old ones were not that bad. As I am staying in one of them and I find it decent enough to stay.

Thirdly, you all must be talking about ACs in the hostels. Obviously it is IIT so you thought it won't be there. I would like to tell you something here. A month back Smriti Irani Ma'am visited our hostel, one of the old ones. She had a discussion with students and she came to know about our problems. Immediately the director was told to send off an official letter to all students stating that from now Air Coolers are allowed in hostel rooms, all common areas would be turned into Centrally Air conditioned like common rooms, Mess etc. (Common rooms, TV Rooms already have ACs though). And in next year hostel rooms will have AC and students can opt for them too. So now we stay in a comfortable environment and not like what people think of as IIT hostel rooms. 

Here is a link for you all to read:


Now I must say one thing, if we have people like her, what is important to us is the solution to our problems and she did solve them. We are happy now as our hostels now are at par with alot of other Management Institutes' hostels and provide similar facilities.

This was important for all of you to know so thought of posting this here. Any doubts feel free to ask here!

Thanks !


Hi Seniors,

Can you please let me know the withdrawal procedure ?

Thanks in Advance !

kindly spend a min of your precious time.. (obc people) 

could you Kindly let me know your status

  • will join if converted
  • will reject if converted
  • already withdrawn
  • withdrawing in the future
  • joining for sure

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What kind of candidates finance companies want during summer placements? Do they focus on acads or extra curric? 

What will be the batch strength for the 2016-2018 MBA batch?

What is the withdrawal process? 

Hi Everyone,

Next list is out, Here is a link for your reference.

Last date to deposit fee: 27th June


For confirming my admission I need to send two drafts of 1,15,300 in favour of registrar IIT Delhi (payable at new Delhi) and second draft of 25,000 in favour of management systems society (this also payable at new Delhi???). Also we don't need to send anything else apart from these two drafts like application form etc ri8???

Can the admission committee try to make this process a little faster ???

For ex If they can try to know interests of people in the waiting list before hand, i.e, even before the admission offers are rolled out. Because almost all colleges have started their session. So, A little effort from the admission committee will help all the aspiring students Even colleges like MDI,IMT etc called up people to ask about their interest in their program before rolling out offers when the commencement date was nearing.Its a good practice followed by most of the colleges.

Thank You

Today converted for Telecom under DA category. Going to join.


Will we be getting free laptop from DMS or we have to buy our own?