[2016-18] Official SCMHRD Pune Admission Queries

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SNAP registration open!

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Last Date to register : 24th November

SCMHRD registration open!

Click on https://siu.ishinfo.com/SCMHRD/Register/Index.aspx to register.

Last Date to register: 19th December

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Hi , this is regarding the achievement column in registration form  , I have participated in many national level fest in my colg (in graduation level)  as a core organizing committee member , and i have received certificate for it as well... but it wont b considered as an award or anything ? can i mention this in the form ??

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Will a rank in iAspire 2015 find an added advantage to admissions ?

Marks wise, how much should one target out of 180 for SCMHRD ?

what is the weightage given to past academic record for final selection at SCMHRD?

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Dear Seniors,

Have paid the fees and completed the form in the website based on the email received. For SIBM Pune, I got a confirmation mail saying that the registration is complete. However received none for SCMHRD, hence I'm doubtful if the process is complete or not.

Please clarify this.



 I have registered for SCMHRD way back. But today i got a mail saying that i have registered for SNAP but not for SCMHRD. Opening the link given in the mail, i land up at the SCMHRD page and I can still see my registeration as completed and fees paid. What is this mail?

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hi, I have filled up the form for SCMHRD and paid while filling SNAP form but I did not get any confirmation mail from SCMHRD regarding registration successful as I get from SIBM.

Do we get any such mails? If yes, then what should I do as the registration on website is showing completed.

Thanks in Advance