2016-18 [Official] IIM Kozhikode GD/WAT- PI Experiences

Please share you WAT/GD-PI experiences in the following format: Name:CAT %: Category:Graduation stream and percentage:Work-ex sector and no. of years:Date of Interview:Location of interview:GD topic:Duration of GD :GD experience, PI - No of panelists, Duration, Type - (Grill / Smooth), Key question according to you, What went wrong (if any)... Anything else you like to share !!

Hi, would be great if people who had their interviews can broadly describe the experience. Thanks!

Would the work experience certificate from employer be enough as proof of work experience?

IIM KOZKHIKODE interview experience . GD/WAT: Aadhar : Is it panacea for financial inclusion or easier intelligence acquiring. Wrote about the advantage of having a single database , easier governance, curb corruption , illegal immigration etc I mistakenly referred to it as Universal Identification  There were Two panelist. P1: Tell me something interesting about yourself? Me: told them about my internship , cricket and table tennis team , my band etc and the dream of becoming an entrepreneur (no body mention it my request :p) P2: You are multi talented why do you need mba for management ? (Grilled for about ten minutes on this. Me: Told them about the holistic view blah blah didn't seem convinced though . P1: Tell me something about kerala! Me: Onam, malabar coast , leftist state , chief minister (said Onam chandyy but actually ommen chanddy was nervous) panelists laughed a bit. P2: Do you follow politics? Me: (BC yeh kahan se aya?...) Told them yes sir but not avidly. P1: Tell me about the leftist parties Me: Told CPI CPM LDF etc. P2: What is head governing body of CPI? Me : Told (politburo) P1: Asked about the GD ( I was a little bit over proactive :p, can go against me ) P2: Who is prakash karat and also sitaram yechurry? Me: Told but fumbled a bit when it comes to constitution of selection. P1: How TMC came to power in Bengal? Me: Told everything but missed Nandigram -_- P1: So you have done electronics . Tell me what is a radar and how does it work? Me: Told (satisfied)! P2: What will happen if we keep two radar in opposite direction? Me: Got stumped explained the interference effects.(not that satisfactory) P1: Does missed call lead to loss for the telecom company? Me: Wtf? Told them about line congestion and traffic overloading. P1: P2 do you have anything to ask him? P2: Nope! P1: Okay CHAKRABORTY ( :D) thank you that's all from us . Best of luck

IIM KOZKHIKODE interview experience (10th morning, Kolkata):

I entered. 2 panelists were there. They asked for the data form and the record file. After 20-30 seconds, One of them asked - "So, Subhra, What do you want to talk about ?" Told that I want to talk about my extra curriculars, hobbies, interests and my academic record till date (don't know why I add it). They replied - "Ohk tell then". Told about my achievements in extra curricular field.  I highlighted the 3 national level awards on essay writing purposefully. And told other things about interest and all. They started asking abt essay - How do you evaluate a essay ? What is the difference between an essay and article ? Why do you write in Hindi despite being a Bengali ? Answered satisfactorily. Then they asked about what other things I do ? Told them about my interest news stuff specially into geo-politics of India. They asked me to tell 2 recent happenings in politics. Told about - AP president rule and Kerala solar and bar scam. "Kerala" purposely mentioned.. 😛 Asked about chief minister, whats exactly happened in the case and who is the governor. Answered them . By now one of them asked - "Do you remember anything about engineering subjects " :'( I told yes, I remember the basics. One of them said - "Ohk, Tell me what is quadratic equation " Don't know why I messed up there and told equation having two variable (instead of power raised to 2). They said, quote any example. I told x^2 + 4x +2. By now I realized my mistake. one of them asked - Can you find any other variable here ? and started laughing.. I told I got nervous and told correctly the definition. They asked to do the differentiation of the same. Told 2x + 4. 

They smiled and told - Ohk, so you remember concepts but can't recall definition at times. Good. We are done.. Al the best. 

Thank you .. Came out of the room . 😃 Nice experience.

Can someone explain the process? Is there a gd or wat? if both then in what order ? and their respective weightages?

Please share your WAT topics?


Any clue about when the results are usually declared?

Any idea regarding final cut off in the composite score out of 100 for selection ?

If i am in the morning slot, when can I expect to be free as I need to make travel arrangements accrordingly?

16 Feb 2016, morning slot


Topic for WAT/GD- 'Is cricket killing other sports?'

15 minutes given to write on one side of an A4 sheet. This was immediately followed by a GD of same duration.

PI (Panel 3, 2 people both looking like in 30s)

Questions asked-

>Tell us something about yourself...

>Asked to explain work-ex

>Asked about standalone and consolidated turnover of the comapny's businesses. It's rate of growth over last 5 years and future prospects.

>You're a gold medalist, don't you think you are wasting your talent? Why an mba?

>Tell some types of dams (I graduated in civil engineering)

>What about gravity dam?

>Tell me a civil engineering marvel from the world...(told pyramids)

>Explain how is it a marvel...

>OK. Draw a pyramid.

>Calculate its area.

>How did you get this formula?

>ok. what is accumulated depriciation? (couldn't tell clearly)

>What is this certificate on renewable energy systems you have?

>What did you learn in this short program on renewable energy?

>Any other calls?

>What did they ask in C interview?

That's all. You may go...

I asked them out of curiosity, what is the correct pronunciation- ko-zi-code or ko-hi-code? One of them said, its ko-li-code...like virat 'koli' code!!! 😝

IIM Kozhikode GDPI Experience

17 Feb 2016, Morning slot 8:30 am - Panel 2


Topic for WAT/GD- 'Management Education - For too many and too cheap'

15 minutes given to write on one side of A4 sheet. This was immediately followed by a GD on same topic.

GD was good a discussion session. 8 participants. No fish market scenario. I was able to put in my viewpoint 3 times and twice it was carried on for further discussion. Twice was able to put counter-view on viewpoint of other participants.

Interview - 2 panelists. One was in mid 40s and other was a aged senior professor. First person started my interview while second one went through my profile and certificates.

Questions asked

Interviewer 1 - Tell us something which is not mentioned in your profile. Mentioned some personal experience in life.

Interviewer 1 - You have enough experience- why not executive MBA? Explained my reasons. Seemed convinced.

Interviewer 1- You work in open source technology. Suppose I am customer. Explain me why I should use open source software and not proprietary software? Answered. Not sure if they were convinced. He asked few more counter questions.

Interviewer 2 - Explain difference between Java and .NET technologies. Not able to give convincing reply. Some more questions on work experience followed.

Interviewer 2 - Where do you see yourself 10 years down the line - Rattled off prepared answer. They just nodded.

Interview 1- Tell us about your city. Gave a detailed reply.

Interview 2- What do you know about its IIM K and about city of Kozhikode - Said whatever I had read in my preparations.

Overall Experience

No questions on current affairs.

WAT and GD went well. Must have scored some brownie points. PI was below average performance though questions asked were not tough.

18 Feb 2016, Afternoon Slot 1.30 pm - Panel 3 

Hotel Janpath, Delhi

WAT Topic : Is Terrorism something because of religion or deprivation ? Or is it some people with vested interests want to leverage their personal benefits out of it ? 

15 mins WAT followed by 15 mins GD on same topic

Wrote decently with instances of ISIS & Boko Haram... Was able to convey my viewpoints in the GD and people supported me.

PI (Duration - 10 mins)

There were 2 persons (P1 in mid 40s, P2 in mid 30s)

I was the last candidate in the panel but requested the Prof verifying the documents to shift my slot so that I can catch my flight. 

Entered the room wishing Good Afternoon to both the Panelists.

P1 - Who allowed you to shift ?

Me - Sir, the Prof verifying the documents.

P1 - OK. Have a sit.

P2 - Give me your original certificates.

P1 - Tell me something about yourself.

Me - Spoke about my graduation college and thereafter my job responsibilities for 2mins

P1 - You have done Marketing / Sales support / After-sales support / Promotion / Forecasting / Inventory Management / Pricing etc... You are a superhero !! 

Me - Actually we didnt have separate Marketing & Product Management dept so I had to cover the functions of both.

P1 - You have rendered brilliant service to L&T. Tell me a situation where you have showed your negotiation skills.

Me - Told a situation wherein I converted an order for L&T.

P1 - Nice !!

P2 - So Sabyasachi, we see that you have left L&T in 2014. What have you been doing for the past 2 years ?

Me - Sir, I was associated with an NGO and also preparing for CAT.

P2 - 2 yrs to prepare for CAT ??

Me - Sir, actually I am currently student in IIM Ranchi pursuing MBA.

P2 - What ? Then why do you want to join here ?

Me - Because, I feel it's a better opportunity and also being a 20year old institute, IIM-K has already established its brand image in the industry. IIM-Ranchi only being a 5year old institute will take time to reach its level. The vast alumni base along with rich peer knowledge here will definitely help me to achieve my goal.

P2 - In which company do you want to work for ?

Me - Sir I want to be in the Consulting domain. I want to work for the Big 4.

P1 - What is your CGPA in IIM Ranchi ?

Me - Told.

P1 - Ok. Nice talking to you.

Me - Thank you sir.

(After hearing IIM-Ranchi, they were simply in the mood that this guy is wasting our time.. Totally devastated 😞 )

Probable Verdict - Royal REJECTION

I forgot to take photocopy of one of the documents and due to some issues, I may not be able to take it. Will they get it photocopied on the centre or sha;; I some how manage to take that??

18 Feb 2016, Afternoon Slot 8.30 pm - Panel 2


WAT Topic : Whither Indian Economy: FDI is up, Exports are down

19th February, Morning Slot

Wat/Gd : Mass Media, a boon or a curse?

Wat was of 15 minutes. It went well.

The Gd was nice, everyone spoke. I pitched in a few points for positives as well as negatives. GD was for only 10 minutes. 

PI : 2 panelists,p1 and p2.

P2: introduce yourself

p2: i see you have been a part of a non profit organisation. what is it?


p2: how did you got the money for the projects.?

told about the various grants won,

p2: why do companies give grants for such activities.?

told about csr

p2: is it mandatory? how much % ? if it wasn't mandatory, in your opinion should companies allocate money for such activites?

yes it is mandatory, 2% of their net profit.

told him yes, one needs to give back to the society. linked it with ethics. 

then he asked you think that if companies that are not giving back to the society are unethical. 

Told him that's my personal opinion and by helping the needy a company could build a good reputation.

meanwhile p1 was reading my form....

p1: i see you are a chemical engineer. what is navier stokes equation?

told him, but i feel i could've said more.

p1: asked about my placement. job profile. and asked why dont you work first and then mba?'

I told him that i want to grab the opportunity i have right now and pursue a management education asap.

p1: what is reynolds number, give formula.

wrote the formula

p1: what if i say it is wrong. how you will you prove that it is correct?

i said i can prove it by dimensional analysis, he told me to show it. 

So i did the dimensional analysis of the equation.

p1 : units of viscosity.


p1: 1 poise equals to?

told 1 gm/cm s

p1 : asked something about british thermal unit (btu)

I said I don't know sir.

p1: write fahrenheit to celcius conversion

I thought for around 30 seconds. 

then he said you don't know?

I told him that i know there is a -32,9 and a 5. I'm just not able to recall their positions :P.

p1: yes good, you may leave now..

Now everyone in my panel had an interview of around 15-20 minutes. Mine lasted for only 10-12 minutes.

Urgently require IIM K helpline number (other than the ones mentioned on website cos it is a holiday today and tomorrow) to postpone my interview due to curfew in Haryana. My interview is scheduled on 22nd of Feb in Delhi and I'll be coming from Shimla. All the rail and road networks are blocked. unsure emoticon

Has somebody postponed his/her interview of kozhikode at Delhi?

Iim kozhikode took interviews in Delhi today ?

Itna sanata kyu hain bhai ? 

Share your PI experience puys.