[2016-18] NITIE GD/PI Experiences

All the best to everyone for NITIE interviews which will be starting soon. Kindly use this thread to post your experiences . For the benefit of everyone concerned, please keep the format like this:



X -


Undergrad Major -


NIL/Sector -

Number of Months


Topic: Number of Ppl present


Brief Snapshot of Discussion:

Other Salient Details: As whether summary was asked to be written or not, Time given, and other stuff.



Misc.: Any other relevant details like hobbies, etc.

Request: Kindly do not post anything other than your experiences  of NITIE GD-PI.

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1st slot ppl , if done with your gd pi , please share ur experience!

Will there be 2 separate interviews for pgdim and pgdisem??



X - 90.67

XII - 96.4

Undergrad Major - 78.97 ( Mechanical)

Work-Ex: Yes

NIL/Sector - IT Consulting (ERP SCM Consultant)

Number of Months 32


Topic: Should local language be used as medium of instructions in primary schools

Number of Ppl present : 10

Time: 3+15+3 mins

Brief Snapshot of Discussion: I started the GD with introduction and said pros and cons of having it. Everyone got the chance. Made decent entries and gave the direction to the group. When they asked to summarize I said that let us start from corner so that everyone gets chance in order. Everyone agreed and got a chance to summarize.


P1: Young lady Prof 

P2: Male Prof ( Came little later )

P3: Male Prof 

P4: Male Prof


P3: Tell me about yourself ( He took my name and asked the question)

A: As he took my name I started from my hometown. Then P4 stopped. He told me to start with my name, hometown, background and all. I said " I apologize but sir has already taken my name thats the reason I dint say my name"

P4: oh even though you say

A: Then gave my intro

P1: What is innovation?

A: Told

P3: Cross questioned on innovation term

P1: You said you work for an NGO, can I see the proof

A: Showed , looked satisfied. Since then she was looking all my certificates and was showing to P3 in between. ( I dont know which certificate she was showing to P3)

P4: Tell me about your final year project?

A: Told

P3: Your college is located inside the campus itself?

A: Yes sir P3: good

P3: Can you draw a stress strain diagram for Mild Steel?

A: Did that and went forward to show them. P3 asked to explain all points, explained it. 

P3: Do you think the diagram is perfect

A: I am not sure sir, there might be a little deviation.

P3: Yes, there is a minor error but chalega. (Yes ,he said chalega). I will excuse you for that.

P3: Do you know engineering Stress strain diagram: A: No

P3 showed me how it looks and explained me and said you can sit now.

P3: What is Malleability?

A: told the answer of ductility

P4: Then what is Ductility

A: I am sorry sir the one which I said was ductility

P3: Explained both malleability and ductility ( So nice of him, everytime helped me)

P2 entered and P1 was busy in seeing my file.

P1: Tell me what is SCM?

A: told

P2: What changes does an ERP did to SCM?

A: Was saying that without an ERP SCM would look like ....

P2 stopped: I am not asking the advantages of ERP, I have ERP in place but what it helped me for SCM (I could not understand his question)

A: Again was beating around the bush (p2 seems unsatisfied, here where i feel i lost some points)

P2: Ok, what is an ERP?

A: told

P2: What is SAP?

A: Told

P2: Where does an ERP start?

A: Told

P2: Again comes to same question with some little modification

A: tried saying some answer but not satisfied

P4: What is your role in the company

A: Told

P3: Ok we are done, Thank you

A: I felt like not standing up but some how stood up and took the file and said thank you in low voice and came out

Misc.: GD was good, but PI I feel that I could have done better. Hoping for a convert but very less chances

My interview was good and went on for about 10 15 minutes. As I have about 4.5 years of work ex in IT the questions were more work related. There were few questions from mobile communication as I had Telecommunication background. However I was not asked to explain anything in particular or draw anything on board and present any explanation. 

Does this mean that my chances of getting selected are close to NIL??


CAT: 99.3

Category: General


X - 95.8

XII - 84.2

Undergrad Major - 8.43 (CSE)

Work-Ex: HUL

Number of Months - 22

GDPI Date: April 4,2016

Batch 4 (11 a.m.)

GD panel no. 4 (3 panelists)

PI panel no. 4 (3 panelists)


Topic: PSUs are white elephants??

People Present : 11

Time: 2 mins to think and jot down points + 15 mins to discuss + 2 mins to conclude

Brief Snapshot of Discussion

The discussion started off on the wrong foot. Rather than using the metaphor to form a concrete comparison, the discussion turned towards the methods or ways to improve PSUs( at least what I thought) I pitched in quite late and was able to speak for a minute or so(nothing concrete  ). Overall, the discussion was quite haphazard and even the panelists looked disinterested.


M1: Tell me about yourself

me: told

M1: I believe your organization has tie-ups for Executive MBA?

me: told that I need 5 years of work-ex and a particular designation for it.

M1: How many years will it take? 

me: 4.5 approximately.

M1: So you want to do it faster?

me: I would rather say I'm trying to accelerate my career

M1: You mentioned terms like resilience and team management. You already know things You are already a manager. Why an MBA then.

me: I know things means I have been doing my job well. But the my educational background doesn't quite help me understand the business process intricacies.

M1: Your organization recruits heavily from NITIE.

me: I'm already aware of that. In fact, both my mentors are from NITIE.

M1: Who are they? What are their designations in your organization?

me: Told

M1: Where in your current job are you likely to apply the Comp Sci concepts that you learnt?

me: Told a couple of points

M2 and M3 observing me all this while. M2 smiling.

M1: You worked on CMAC protocol. Tell me something about it.

me: Told

M1: One final question. You used the delay in MAC protocol for parallel communication. Tell me why the delay was there. What is the reason that the delay was incorporated in the first place?

me: I don't know Sir.

M2: What subjects do we teach here at NITIE?

me: named 6-7 subjects

M2: How is an MBA from NITIE different from an MBA from other colleges?

me: Told that I was not sure but would take a guess. Told about industrial bias and focus on manufacturing.

M3: Which other calls? 

me: told.

M3: Which one would you choose?

me: Tough question. But I would choose NITIE. Told how my current role involves operations as well as IT management and this would be the best place to groom myself.

M3: How are colleges ranked in various forums and where does NITIE stand

me: Told that NITIE stands somewhere between 7th to 10th. Rankings vary though.

M1 and M3: Thank you.

(PI lasted for ~15 minutes)

@Rd721 @sandesha56 @MihirZinzu 

I have 92.18 - 10th


8.32- Engineering

78 in cat 

category -Obc

work ex- 1.5 year

can I expect call from Nitie?