[2016-18] IIM Calcutta WAT-PI Experiences

Post your wat-pi experiences....

For the New Delhi aspirants, do read the Syrian Migrant Crisis well. There is a panelist very interested in that. 😛 😁

Panel-2 ladies and one male date and slot-10 Feb 2016, 8am... WAT-(almost) How will the focus on FDI under Make in India, help the ordinary Indian? Time-20 minutes PI-asked about: >work ex (family business and my role explained) >some awards, why did I deserve them >2-3 questions from 2nd year core courses (couldn't answer 2 and ek mei vague guesswork)....they said you're a gold medalist from iit and you don't know such stuff! >what's the refugee crisis about? >why not continue current work or go for research? >what makes you unique? (Told...seemed not convinced) >oh so you like travelling...tell me your fav place and 3points to justify (told goa) >you've written cooking as a hobby...any dishes from goa? (told) >any other speciality? (Told about local alcohol breweries...oh god why!?) >what do you mean by the term empathy? How is it different from sympathy?

In short Why mba. Why mba. Why mba. And they bid me good bye. No questions on finance, market, current affairs, G.K., nothing! Interview time - 5 minutes

IIM-C experience:- Feb 12

WAT:- Easy availability of loans has increased the consumerism of materialistic society. This is affecting the morale of the youth, in longer terms. What are your views on this ? I wrote something like this: India has paved the way to the increase in demand of goods and services amongst the citizens of the country. Bank loans are readily available, which is increasing the liquid money in counmer's hand and hence the demand and consumption increases.

Pros: Good for ecommerce giants, that they are able to grow and compete with the global market, so Indian economy is increasing because of the revenue generated by them. Also, the resources are easily accessible to the youth, which can help them to complete the task within a time.

Cons: Due to easy loan availability, and non productive consumption of the resources, the current debt to equity ratio is increasing and has already reached to 0.52 which is bad for the Indian economy. Resources are not getting optimally utilised. The extra liquid money has instead increased the amount of black money, and illegal betting. Youth is getting lazy day by day. That is why we can see the difference in the health and the kind of consumption of resources in today's generation and our forefathers.

In a country like India, which is remembered for its culture, history and tradition, morale values matter more than everything. Movements like startup scheme are a good starts in the direction of developing the nation, so they should be used in a positive way and the kind of startups should be such that it adds up value to the prevailing system. Awareness need to be created for the same. Hence, Technology is good for the society but at the same time, we must ensure that we do not become slave to technology.

(I know, it could have been better)

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Interview panel D-1 (3 male panelist, Morning slot, #6, 20 mins):

P1: Shubham, so I see you brought executive file. Can you tell me the executives of this file ?

Me: Sir, the fle contains my cat scorecard, application form, the certificates for my academic and extra curricular marksheet and marksheets. In way, it defines who I am today and what have I been till now.

P1: So, tell us who are you ?

Me: Sir, I am Shubham, from Udaipur, Rajasthan. I graduated from IIT Gandhinagar in electrical engineering back in 2013. During my final year, I went to US for a research internship. THen, I worked with Cognizant for 2.5 years. Now, I am with Delhivery since last 4 months. My hobbies are to play table tennis, do mathematics problems and puzzles and guide my juniors in their career preparation like IIT-JEE examinations. (I wanted them to go to Maths)

P2(a young techy guy): So, you are interested in Mathematics. Which area of the subject ?

Me: ummm.. Sir, everything.

P2: Okay, so you have 3 circles. How many common tangents can you draw to them

Me: Sir, you mean Direct common tangents ?

P2: You can assume that.

Me: max. 2 if they are planar. Else, it can even have 0,1. So, anything from 0-2. Explained them by making the figures.

P2: What is they are non-planar

Me: Still, the same. (Now, I think it should be infinite, in case of non-planar)

P2: You have 2 n*n matrices. When you multiply them. How many multiplications are actually happening ?

Me: The final matrix will also be of n*n. Now, for each element, we have multiplication because first row of first matrix gets multipled by first column of first matrix to give first element of my output matrix. So, n^2 times

(But, it should be n^3 I think now. Since every element will also have n implicit multiplications.)

P2: can you try to think of a converging sequence, which is converging but the corresponding sequence is diverging.

Me: 1/n. Since as n tends to infinity it tends to 0, but 1+1/2+... -->infinity. It can be proved by comparing this series with 1+ 1/2 + (1/4+1/4) + (1/8+1/8+1/8+1/8)+...

P2: By the way, what is the rank of Rajasthan in terms of area ?

Me: Sir, one: It is the largest in terms of area.

P2: And second ?

Me: (A wild guess, while trying to visualize the map tongue emoticon ) Maharashtra (Maharashtra is third in actual, a slightly less than MP)

P1: So, if I did not hear you wrong, you did a foreign internship. Where was it ?

Me: yeah sir, at University of Notre Dame.

P1: What did you do there ?

Me: Developed a web application which uses the concept of probability and collaborative filtering to predict the future disease a patient can have, given his past disease's history coded in ICD-10.

P1: So, did you roam anywhere around ?

Me: Sir, not much. But, I had been to Six Flags

P1: Ohh, that's the roller coaster ride. (Smiling)

Me: Yeah sir (Smiling)

P1: Anywhere else you have been to in or outside India ?

Me: Not exactly sir.(I could sense he has some question on geography coming up in his mind, which I am not good at.)

P1: So, can I say you do not like travelling much ?

Me: Sir, I ahve not explored much of the places. But as you can see, I am from Rajasthan, graduated in Gujarat, interned at US, worked at Kolkata and currently at Gurgaon.

P1: (Smiling) But that's for the job purpose. Anyways, what difference did you find in the US's university and IIT-gandhinagar's educational system?

Me: Sir, since our batch was the second batch of the college. We actually got the chance to ick up the things from its roots and then establish them. We had the freedom to go and explore anything we wish to. There were only 3 core branches, but still I managed to get an internship in CS. So, it is very versatile in the college. But then at university, I was assigned a project on which a PhD student was already working. I was not much asked baout my choice. The topic was also fixed. So, this is one difference. Rest, people are very much friendly there. The city is very clean with no traffic and pollution .

P3: So, what is your tole at Delhivery?

Me: Sir, my job is to interact with the floor's staff at fulfillment centres and get to know the problems they are facing in the process of picking, packing, shipping. And then, using these requirement, we build the apps and softwares for them.

P3: But isn't this irrelevent to your work at Cognizant. From a company like that why Delhivery ?

Me: Not exactly sir. I was working ine commerce sector even at Cognizant. Now, an ecom has 2 sectors: OMS and WMS. I had worked for 2.5 years in OMS. So, wanted to further explore the ecom sector. Hence, joined the WMS department at Delhivery.

P3: But then, you already have the skills and are working in the area where our people after graduating works.

Me: No sir. I want to learn management and I have an inclination towards MBA in Finance. My long term goal is to start a venture of my own.

P3: (interrupting): But, to start a company, you do not need an MBA. Infact, we guys do not even teach you that. See, Dhiru Bhai Ambani. He is not an MBA.

Me: Yeah, that's true sir. But then again, my management will help me gain the structured knowledge, learn about the busines model, and how to sustain in the competitive markets.

P3: But that you can even do without an MBA.

Me: Sir, to make any company successful, the underlying priciple is to minimize risk and maximise the revenue. And, an MBA in Finance will help me get that feeling.

P1, P3: See but you already know that principle.

Me: But, I will also be competing amongst the best minds of the country, so we can then share the skillset and I may get the useful resources for my future goal. And infact sir, the COO of my company: Bhavesh is also an MBA in Fin from IIM-C

P1: Anyways, these days people say that ecommerce is not having a bright future. It runs only on giving lucrative offers and dicsounts on the things. And once, discounts are gone, the company will fall off.

Me: But this is just the one side of the story. While this is true that our ecom-giants are currently incurring losses, like FLipkart, Snapdeal, but in the longer run say 5-10 years down the line, these will grow. These will develop that credibility and reliability for the ecom to work even without discounts. Say, for example: Uber, OLA, and TFS, TFS is a relatively new brand and is giving so many discount coupons these days. We do use them, but now if a girl wants to travel in night, or I want to reach to some place urgently say in next 1 hour, I'll prefer Uber over others. that is because the services have developed the credibility amongst the customers by now.

P3: Okay. Any other call you have ?

Me: Sir, IIM-K,S,I,..

P3: Not Ahmedabad ?

Me: Sir, my sectionals in Verbal were not that great, though the overall was. So...

P3: Okay Shubham, That's all from our side...

How much time IIM C is giving for WAT?

Since IIMs provide General Management diploma, so is it necessary to do any major say in finance, marketing etc? Can I choose any courses? Or is there any credit completion requirement in atleast 1 field?    

WAT - Moderate. Preparation - 1/5, Attempt 4/5

Interview started

Suffered from bad cold, not able to speak properly, Entered, asked to sit, sat, asked to bring original docs, leke aon? marzi hai, I paused for a second, nahi nahi leke aao, went back, came again with docs, offered to sit, didn't greet any of them, sat like an idiot, thank you sir

P1 - So you are a CA
CJ - sir

P1 - why mba
CJ - diversification in other domains blah blah like SEO for marketing etc, want to be fund manager

P1 - you don't need to be jack of all. do you know how to cook food, no, because your mom is doing it for you. when you will be a fund manager, other teams will be doing the work for you. You already are a CA.
CJ - Sir, but a senior must know everything

P1 - I don't think you understand what a fund manager do
CJ - I know. He invests in equities, debt and other securities pooling money from the investors. I also invest in mutual funds

P1 - From where you get the money to invest? You are not working
CJ - Sir, I am not investing huge amount. I am investing not with an intention to make returns but to know. Any other amount I invest, I make enough from my other businesses

P1 - Investing in mutual funds cannot teach you fund management
CJ - Sure it does at some level, I invest in axis bank equity fund managed by jinesh who manages assets worth 5000 crore. I can see where is he investing my money, the equity shares...

P2, P1, P3 - ok? ok? hmm? are we done? yea? ok cj you can go, mmm.. wait (mate, only 1-2 minutes has passed!)

P1 - What other businesses?
CJ - sir, in 2008 in 10th class I started working as IT freelancer for some extra cash, in 2010 I worked as a content creator in music as a hobby and so I turned that hobby into returns by uploading them to youtube making xyz$ a month, in 2013 I became a content writer on finance and still write articles on my own website and my articles are also frequently featured on prominent websites like caclubindia.com etc., in 2014 I imported items from various parts of the world to take the first mover advantage when the mobile business was booming and started selling them on ebay and made lakhs of sales in a few months , in 2016 I became VPS provider providing cloud options for developing and coding at a cost lower than provided by amazon or digital ocean.

P2 - Know about maths?
CJ - nope

P2 - Calculus, integration, differentiation?
CJ - nope

P2 - But it is in 12th class and you had mathematics as your subject
CJ - I hadn't had those chapters in course (lol, itne difficult subject ko haan kaun bole, vo bhi 6-7 saal ho gaye!)

P2 - confused looking at P1, P1 said but it must've been in 12th. Seriously confused
CJ - Poker face

P2 - We have a very intensive usage of mathematics in course, how would you handle it?
CJ - I am a good learner, I have already mentioned what business I have created in the past. But I know maths as far as it is concerned with finance, markets, etc.

P2 - No, core maths
CJ - I can learn

P3 - You have 95% in 12th maths and you scored highest in quant in CAT also as compared to LR and VA, how come you are weak in maths, huh?! (mate, maine maths ke answer nhi dene, finance ki baatein kyun ni krte)
P2 - (Jumped in), asked 2 maths questions, answered 1 semi correct when P1 correct me and I agreed with him. Second one I answered wrong. 3rd one skipped (wtf mate, why don't you consider that I can learn your second year fin syllabus much faster that most)

P1 - Do you have job offers?
CJ - shortlisted by xyz

P1 - xyz? what they do?
CJ - petroleum company

P1 - petroleum company? what in petroleum? manufacturing?
CJ - Poker for 2 sec

P1 - petroleum company? like what?
CJ - poker for 1 second. Sir, I have been shortlisted just a few hours ago and tomorrow is preplacement talk.

P1 - Haven't they told yet?
CJ - No, they will tell about the company and profile offered tomorrow.

P1 -  You won't get posted directly as fund manager even after doing mba from here

CJ - poker smile

P3 - Did you take coaching?
CJ - No, neither for CAT nor for CA. I have done everything self. (I don't purchase books, I completed CA plus I read magazines/newspaper etc. on kindle lol, cost effective)

P1 - what if we don't take you? will you take up a job?
CJ - Yes, I will take up a job and will give CAT again

P1 - Last question, How can you make money with youtube? (Later I came to know that he is a faculty of marketing)
CJ - I am partnered with google for my youtube. Whenever someone watches my video, an ad is shown. The revenue is shared. Google takes 45% and I get 55%. It is all passive income. It has been 2 years since I last uploaded a video but I am generating returns still today.

P1, P2, P3 - ok? ok? hmm? haa? mmm? ok? ok we are done. Thank you.
CJ - Thank you sir

P2 - Take your f file
CJ - Oh, Thank you sir

Time taken - unknown, I was lost. Probably 10 minutes or less.


CAT: 99.34  CGPA: 9.04



WAT TOPIC : Increased levels of consumerism and easy availability of loans..will this have a long term effect on the moral-fiber of Indian youth?

INTERVIEW: Panel- 2 profs P1 & P2 and an alumni A.

Was the first one in my Panel.

Me: (Enters) Good morning (with a smile :)).

All: GM(smile back).

A: M please have a seat.

(The seat was a bit low and I was already feeling a bit dizzy..still somehow managed to sit without landing on the floor :P)

A: Relax.. you need some water or smthng..

M: No sir, I am fine 😃

A: So, M what was your cat percentile?

Me: Told.

A: Tell me smthg about yourself.

Me: Managed to speak for about 45 secs...(they were still looking at me and I ws like..m done)

A: Your family background?

Me: Told..dad is a govt officer..mum's a teacher and how everybody frm my family is in "govt services".

A: Since you are in the final year you must be having a job offer ? Tell me about it...package etc.

Me: Told with the help of an eg..about what the company(xyz) does..or at least what i think the company does( facepalm)

p2: Give me another eg .

Me: Managed to make up something.

p2: not a good eg...but its alright.

A: So, what are your career goals?

Me: Sir, I want to hold a POR in a renowned firm.

A: The xyz company you are telling about is also offering you a por no..?

Me: Not rt now sir. It will take me around 2-3 yrs to reach a position where i have some people working under me (SHIT SHIT SHIT..WTH IS WRONG WITH ME TODAY.!!)

P2: Why do you want to have some people working under you? You can hold a por even when no one is working under you..!!

(this is where i screw it all up...completely)

Me: Because it gives me a sense of superiority..!!(Throw me out now..please)

(everybody was visibly shocked)

P1: M..I dont think you are being who you really are..Why are you so stressed out.?

Me:(Holding my head in my hands) Even i dont know wth i am blabbering.

P1: How did you reach here m?

Me: Like..Cat

P1(interrupting me): No..How did you reach the venue?

Me: By Taxi sir.

P1: And where do you come from..when did you start?

Me: Sir we started at 3am today.

All: Explains why you are so stressed out :)..relax..take a minute..have some water..you need tea or something.

(My respect for them..and emberrasment for myself increased 10 folds)

A: (grinning at me) So about your career goal..

Me: Sir I want to hold a POR because it would give me atleast some autonomy about how i want to work.(better than behaving like a dominating sociopath :P)

P2: so... why not go for IAS..u also mentioned about a family history in govt services.?

Me: Gyaan about how they have to follow orders from politicians..corruption etc etc

P2:So, you prefer mba over ias?

Me: Yes sir..:)

P1: How would you define govt service M ?(with a slight grin)

Me: Sir, if you work for the govt and get paid by govt..and ultimate head of your dept is a minister center or state..then you are in govt services.(proud moment lol)

P1: so if a minister decides to establish an ngo..would all the people working there be govt employees (even bigger grin)?

Me: No sir.

P1: But that is what you just said..:D..no?

Me: (my brains just waved me goodbye)..(but then with a grin) Sir..if your salaries get affected everytime pay commission is implemented then u r a govt employee (nailed it.. no?)

P1: So if i decide to give a raise to my employees every time pay comsn is implemented..would they be govt employees (yeah..nailed it :D)?

Me: (Poker faced smile)

P1:okay..you mentioned your fav book is "wings of fire"( nods) . What if i change it to "wings on fire"? How would it differ in the context of the book?

Me: Gyaan about AGNI how it ws related to wings of FIRE...and wings on fire would be something like an ipharcus flying too close to the sun.

P1:But it could increase its speed as well ?

Me: Sir if you set somebody's wings on fire..they are ultimately gonna get destroyed.

P2: Okay.. I see you are good at acads (how???:() any extra curric achievements?

Me: Told (national level prize in poetry..and intercollege debating)

P2: M; we have really less women at iim c. Why do you think it is so? How can we improve it?

Me: Ultimate Gyaan..about marriage responsibility..etc etc etc..and telling parents about the benefits of mba to the personality of an individual blah blah blah. (p1 listening intently nodding his head in b/w).

P1: M i really like your watch..(smiles) but why does it have no calibration.

Me: sir that does not matter (what!!).

P1:So it does not matter if its 10:30 or 11:30?

(P2 coming to my rescue(maybe he ws done tolerating me))

P2: I think she means she can make it out whether its 10.30 or 11.30

(i merely nod).

P2: Okay so m, I have a little piece of advice for you..next time you have an interview..try reaching the venue (city) a day before..that is why you were so stressed out.

(i merely nod and smile)

All: Thank you so much(smiling)

Me:Thankyou :).

PI LASTED FOR AROUND: 35 minutes...yet i managed to screw it up..:P

P.S.: Feel free to laugh...I knw it ws ridiculous

Do we need to carry parents income proof also?

Is there any GEM who said he had an interest in finance and has finished with his IIMC interview??

My experience.

11th Feb.

Topic was something - IIM/IIT pay package dilutes the importance of academics of these institutions (something on these lines)

20 Minutes time. Wrote whatever came to mind, in paragraph sequence.


Background - I had my interview in noon, had to wait for long and didn't have lunch. So was looking for a quick interview and I made a point to give crisp and point to point answers. 

Two professors and a lady (alumni), she left just when I entered the room ( I cursed my self as it is more difficult to charm professors!)

I could not sit properly (small room and chair was really bad) had to make adjustments through out the interview just to project a good body language.

P1- Asked for the form, while he was going through the form, P-2 Tell me something about yourself?

Me- Just gave the standard reply, also restricted my interest to cricket. ( I was tempted to say Indian politics, but that would be risky when two Bengali professors are sitting in front of you!)

P-1 So what are doing right now?

Me- Told about my work. As they already knew about the company and since the field, I am working in, is very niche I was not able able to make them understand the technicalities, finally they just asked me to summarize the work.   

P-2 So you are into Analytics. What kind of analytics? Questions on clustering, blah blah

Me- No idea sir, my JD says I am into analytics, but it is mere analysis of data etc.

P-2 Asked meaning of some weird terms. Consumer analytics stuff

Me- Answered and made guesses for things I didn't know.

P-2 Oh that is good you do this (another term)

Me- Yes

P-2 Do you understand the meaning (term that he just used)

Me- Face palm

P-1- Questions on philosophy and what I recon is the best.

Had a 5 min discussion on Philosophy

I handled this part easily, in the meantime P-2 was going through my form, looking at me and smiling ( In fact he was smiling from the time I entered the room and maintained same look through out). Might be my causal dress or the way I was sitting. 

P-1 Questions on AI and Automation

Me- Handled with ease. Gave good examples

P-2 Give me the definition of another term

Me- Tried

P-2 What other calls

Me- No A&B

P-2 Why not B

Me- Grad %

P-1 & P-2 - A 3 min discussions on why some universities give liberal marks.

Me- I had to defend why my marks are good (66%)

P-1&2- Reluctantly agreed

P-2 A simple math problem

Me- Screwed that, he gave hint and then I solved and fought that I already did that and in excitement just put the notepad in front on him to prove my point

P-2 Cheeky smile and told you take credit, you did it on your own!

Me- Shit 

P-1&P-2 We are done.

Me- Thank you sir.

Key takeaways-

1.If have work ex, just know the grad basics like definition and relate it to current times. 

2. You don't have much to prepare for these interviews unless you are a fresher as they were grilling freshers like hell.

3. Don't try to be smart, I tried and in the second line of questioning they showed there smartness and I was like - sir you are awesome and then we all had a great laugh.


Any idea when is the last day of interviews for IIM C? They began on 10th Feb

My experience:

Caution: This is going to be a long rant, so read at your own risk.


10th: 91.4%

12th: 88.4%

B.Tech (IIT Madras): 8.02/10

Work ex: 16 months (have been preparing for Civil Service Exam since one year, so no job :D)

CAT 2015: 99.76%ile

17th February/Hyderabad/8:00 am slot

WAT: Nowadays in urban areas we see a lot of people glued to their smartphones everywhere. How would this affect individuals and society?

Wrote decently. Talked about Indians' argumentative and debating skills and how we may lose that talent if we use smartphones excessively.

Interview Experience (total time: 20 minutes):

TL;DR - Got Screwed.

Long Answer:

Three panelists, two ladies (L1 and L2) and one gent (very old prof, M1) greeted me as soon as I entered. The order in which they were sitting was L1, M1 and L2. So as soon as I enter, I greet them and hand over my application form to L1.

M1 to me: I was sitting in the middle facing the door, why did you hand over your file to L1?

Me: Sir, I held the file in my left hand so it was kind of instinctive of me to hand over my file to L1.

L1: No, it was because I had held out my hand for the file.

M1: So you are one of the  last persons to get interviewed. Is it good or bad?

Me: Doesn't matter. Me being the last person wouldn't affect my candidature I hope.

M1: Maybe, but how do you utilize your time? You must have been waiting outside for 2.5 hours.

Me (like an idiot): Sir, I was asking people the feedback on their interview experience.

M1: So what questions are we asking?

Me: Mathematics and Current Affairs.

M1: Okay, So you tell what each of us should ask you.

Me (looking towards L1): Ma'am please ask me questions on Mathematics.

Me (looking towards M1): Ask me current affairs, politics or whatever is going on in our country right now.

Me (realizing that there is L2 as well): Ask me about my career goals and such questions as where I see myself in the future etc.

L1 (suddenly): Surya, I see you don't have any extracurricular achievements. There are many activities which go on in IIT Madras. Didn't you do anything?

Me: Spoke about some events in which I volunteered in the campus in the cultural and technical festivals. Somewhere made the mistake of uttering the words "handled crowd well".

L2: So you say you have handled crowd. What did you do for that?

L1 (sarcastically): Must've employed bouncers.

Me: Spoke vaguely about how the event was organized. They were not convinced.

L1: So I see you haven't been working for last one year. Reason?

Me: Was preparing for civil services.

L1 (don't know whether she was being sarcastic or not, while checking something in her cell phone): That might not have worked out, is it?

Me: Yes. Gave two attempts. Qualified for mains only in one.

L1: What was your optional?

Me: History

L1: So, IIM Calcutta is your Plan B.

Me: Trying to explain something, but L1 cuts me.

L1: Let us be frank, okay. Plan B or not?

Me (sheepishly): Yes, ma'am. That's correct. I cannot risk another attempt.

M1: So , is there any specific sector you would like to work on as an IAS officer?

Me: Agriculture. Wanted to say something about how primary sector is not much developed but was not given the opportunity to speak.

M1: How do you think an IAS officer works? As an officer what would you do for agriculture sector?

Me: Told about how an officer gets the opportunity to work at grassroot level. Spoke about how I would directly interact with the farmers to get first hand knowledge of their problems. M1 interrupts.

M1: I have never known an officer who has directly interacted with farmers. You have a poor knowledge of how these officers work.

Me: Spoke about how Dr. Jayaprakash Narayan (IAS officer who now heads Lok Satta Party) worked for the welfare of the farmers. M1 interrupts again.

M1: I have spoken to Jayaprakash Narayan many times. There are many constraints that these officers face. What you can do is work with credit lending institutions and coerce them into giving credit to the farmers. Direct interaction is foolish. There is nothing positive that will come out of watching farmers' tears.

Me: I nod silently.

M1: So, you said you wanted to be questioned about Mathematics. What topic do you want us to ask you?

Me (wondering when I said that): Sir, calculus.

M1: Why?

L1 (tauntingly): Because he got a feedback that Calculus is what we have been asking everyone.

M1: Do you know about regression?

Me (sheepishly): Sir, Statistics? I am not well conversant with that subject.

M1 (not paying attention to what I said): Do you know mean, median and mode?

Me: Yes, sir.

M1: What is Mode?

Me: Told.

M1: What is the difference between median and mean? Are they same?

Me: Told.

M1: When are median and mean same?

Me: Told.

M1: Spoke something about first movement, second movement, don't remember. Asked me difference between variable and random variable.

Me: Sir, I am not aware of what that is. Told what variable is. Clueless about what random variable is.

M1: Started lecturing me about how statistics  is a great subject and how it is useful even for IAS officers. Spoke something about poverty and how statistics would be useful in understanding problems related to it.

Me: Silently nod.

M1: Why don't you know all this?

Me: Sir, I did not have statistics during my engineering and I did not need it in my job. That is why my knowledge is basic, limited to whatever I learnt in school.

L1 (sarcastically): Or maybe he has been reading History since the last 2 years so he has lost touch.

L1: So, what other calls do you have?

Me: C,L,I and K

L1: Why not A and B?

Me: Told about how A this time might have emphasized upon academic diversity and, like an idiot, how Bangalore gives excessive emphasis on academics.

L1: So you think we don't lay emphasis on academics?

Me: No, I did not mean that. My CGPA is 8.02. My friends who have gone there have high CG. Maybe if I had 8.5 instead of 8, I would have got a call (realized that I should have pointed out Bangalore's low insistence on CAT score).

L1: Any questions?

Me (already exhausted): No ma'am.

L1: Okay, your interview is over. You may leave.

Me: Thank them and leave. I forget to close the door. L2 calls me and asks me to close the door. I leave feeling even worse. 

A total screw up in my opinion. Would be surprised if I get a convert.

date for pi/wat in iim calcutta

Feb 19th, morning slot. Long post.                                                                                        

WAT : Regarding Make in India, a well known journalist said that "there are no proper labour rules and no infrastructure and proper approach from authorities side " asses this. (I don't remember exact lines). Something which everybody could write on.          

I was with panel-2 ,3rd one in the list. F1(50-60yrs), M(45-50yrs), F2(45-50yrs). At least thats how they looked.

D: Good morning, mam. (Twice).

F2:So what do you do? (Assumed about work)


F1: You do yoga and cooking, you must have prepared well then I won't ask anything on that.

D: 😞

F2: So do you know about opportunity cost?

D: I dint hear about that before.

F2 : explained and gave a problem statement

D : answered.

F1,F2 : Dint seem convinced. M enters.

F2: If you are going for MBA today, what would your opportunity cost be?

D : Tried an approach.

F1: gave me certain values , 20/year fee and etc

D : Gave an approach.

F2: But that is not what I asked

D : do you need an exact answer mam?

F2 : Then what? Inexact answer?

D : *facepalm*

M : can you explain the procedure again?

D : Told.

F1: So what Is that you did as a treasurer? What was your approach in deciding which areas to spend more on.

D :(I handled my college fest), answered And few follow up questions on that.

M : Why are you interested in consumer goods?

D : gave an answer explaining why I am inclined towards marketing.

M : But why consumer goods? D : Sir it is challenging and stuff. M : what changes in consumer goods? It's the same thing you do.

D : Gave some olay example.

M : So do you believe fairness is something we should promote?

D : presented my defense.

F1: Then why would work for a company against your principles?

D: gave an answer.(stating I wouldn't)

F1: So should anybody compromise on their principles?

D : No.

F2: what are your principles?

D: started of with a junk answer, but then took a break and told.

M : so you don't want to enter entrepreneurship? Everybody seems to be interested in it?

D : Told them why not (the only answer they were convinced about)

F2: Can you name a heroine who is campaigning against fairness creams?

D : mam kangana ranaut.

F1 : No there is somebody else.

D : I don't know mam.

F2 : It's nanditha das.

M : Tell me which brand is fair and lovely from ?

D : Am not sure but I could take a guess.

F1: yeah ?

D : Mam Unilever? HINDUSTAN Unilever?

F1 stares for a moment at F2.(Noticebly)

F1: do you have any questions for us?

D : (of all the questions I could have asked) I asked about choreo club in IIM C. *facepalm*

F2: What about it? They do nothing but dance around and break legs.

We are done. *ultimate facepalm* tried to pull a door that says "slide".

M : It's a slide door

D : poker face.

It was lonnnnggg! For 35 min. Just like this post. But they were friendly even if I screwed it up. I might have missed and skipped few questions.

Suggestions: None, cause you'll never know how your interview might go, just be confident.

when can we expect the final list of converts?

What is the duration for WAT?

Freshers, uploading only the final year certificate as per the cat website right? And not the transcript?

How many calls have been given this year for PGP? Does anybody have an idea? And how many seats are there?